XSF Discussion - 2014-01-23

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  59. ralphm Alex: I noticed that I don't have a blurb on the Board page. In fact only Bear has one. Can you add mine? The council one I had can be viewed here: https://web.archive.org/web/20130928005539/http://xmpp.org/about-xmpp/xsf/xmpp-council/
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  61. Alex check: http://xmpp.org/about-xmpp/xsf/the-xsf-board-of-directors/
  62. Kev ralphm: You should have access to add that yourself, I think?
  63. Kev Heh, or Alex is just that fast.
  64. ralphm Kev: I do?
  65. Kev Do you not have an xmpp.org account?
  66. ralphm Kev: I actually don't know
  67. Alex didn't know that you work for Rackspace now, do they XMPP stuff?
  68. ralphm Alex: not as far as I am aware
  69. ralphm Alex: I work on the Mailgun team.
  70. Alex ah, OK
  71. Alex there is an account for Ralph, but only as Subscriber
  72. ralphm I'm not sure I know what that means
  73. Alex but he's on board now, so can delegate this stuff ;-)
  74. ralphm I think I had an account on athena long, long time ago
  75. ralphm hmm, my .ssh/known_keys knows hades, zeus and atlas
  76. intosi edwinm@athena:~$ id ralphm id: ralphm: No such user
  77. intosi same on atlas.
  78. Alex ralphm: can give you higher role I think if you want
  79. ralphm Alex: again, I don't know what roles there are and what they are for, exactly.
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  81. Alex Admin, Editor, Subscriber. Most are admin, I think you also need to be an admin to edit content which you have not created in wordpress
  82. Kev You don't have to have an account if you don't want one, I think.
  83. Kev Was just surprised :)
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  88. dwd My answer seems slightly longer than Evgeny's. :-)
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  92. Lloyd Hi all, if Surevine wanted to pay for a bunch of our developers to attend the meal is that allowable?
  93. Kev I think sponsors get non-XSF seats.
  94. dwd Lloyd, Sure - XSF Dinner sponsors are allowed to attend.
  95. dwd Lloyd, In fact, that's one of the ideas behind it.
  96. Lloyd Right, who would I organise that with?
  97. dwd Lloyd, Me.
  98. simon 1. send money to Simon's private account. 2. ??? 3. $$Profit
  99. Lloyd Cool, just confirming some details and I'll get someone to contact you.
  100. simon dwd beat me.
  101. Lloyd dwd damn you ! :)
  102. intosi dwd is buying rounds this FOSDEM ;)
  103. dwd intosi, I was serious - I'm handling XSF Dinner sponsorship. :-)
  104. intosi I know.
  105. dwd intosi, So yeah, I guess I *am* buying rounds. And dinner. :-)
  106. intosi For he's a jolly good fellow!
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  147. king.war Bonjour
  148. SouL Hello.
  149. ralphm Goede dag!
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  152. dwd Noswaith dda.
  153. dwd (Probably. I'm never sure about the mutation there)
  154. intosi Hoi
  155. Alex Prost here now ;-)
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  167. bear i'm working on getting email address for those who are attending the summit (a cisco wifi requirement) - work in progress will be here:
  168. bear http://piratepad.net/pTntae03tn
  169. MattJ tries to see how many he can remember by memory, just for fun
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  171. bear haha
  172. bear i'm cheating - searching thunderbird
  173. Kev This may be a question I regret asking, but ...
  174. bear :)
  175. Kev The vegetarians have to have sandwiches.
  176. Kev This is presumably because it's impossible to have pizzas without meat on?
  177. bear no - just wanted to give options
  178. bear i've run across a couple gluten-free vegetarians
  179. Kev Which makes bread a problem, I guess.
  180. bear yea
  181. Kev Thus sandwiches as their alternative.
  182. bear clarification (I hope) emailed
  183. Kev This is not something I'm making a big deal about.
  184. Kev I was just somewhat amused.
  185. bear understood
  186. Kev Particularly by "There may be people who can't eat pizza because it's got bread in it. So let's get them sandwiches" :D
  187. bear I just wanted to be clear in my communication - food is one of those things that can really upset folks who have tighter requirements than others
  188. bear ah - *now* I get it
  189. bear *sigh*
  190. bear i'm not going to email another clarification since I don't seem to be doing a very clear job ...
  191. Kev You'll have to forgive me, I've had a long week, I'm going to get my giggles where I can.
  192. bear hehe - no worries - I am also giggling at that
  193. bear it's a classic bear'ism - I'm trying to be clear and helpful and end up just adding more to the mix
  194. MattJ count me as confused, especially as bread is something I can eat
  195. Kev MattJ: You /do/ know that bread is made from pig, right?
  196. MattJ I shan't answer that one
  197. bear offers up another email to delight and amuse the crowds
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  208. dwd Sorry. Couldn't resist.
  209. Zash What did you do!
  210. dwd Mail to the list.
  211. Zash Ah, the slow list.
  212. Zash o/
  213. Zash I approve of this post.
  214. dwd It's fast for me. But you're way down there in the 'Z's.
  215. Zash Received: from atlas.jabber.org (atlas.jabber.org []) by mail.zash.se (Postfix) with ESMTP id 72D3C6097A for <zash@zash.se>; Thu, 23 Jan 2014 22:59:18 +0100 (CET)
  216. Zash So, who should I bother about TLS?
  217. dwd IPv6, too.
  218. dwd It's something to raise to the iteam, I suppose. I'd be happier if there was a useful way to do TLS auth, though, in SMTP.
  219. Zash Authenticated email? Good luck.
  220. dwd Authenticated transport for email.
  221. Zash Authentication anywhere near email?
  222. Zash I'm sure I heard someone who were going to do email over XMPP not long ago
  223. dwd Silent Circle.
  224. Zash Mmmmm
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  235. intosi Bother iteam, they will delegate it to me, and I will probably look at it before FOSDEM ;)
  236. intosi Or rather, let someone pick it up, which might very well be me.
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