XSF Discussion - 2014-01-29

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  20. Kev

    Yes, Remko has such a thing I believe.

  21. Kev

    He'll be at the summit tomorrow.

  22. Simon

    thanks Kev. Will ping him

  23. Simon

    looks like Lloyd Watkin made some progress on the XEP last night too. https://twitter.com/lloydwatkin/status/428349135578595328

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  54. dwd


  55. intosi

    Indeed, it is.

  56. dwd

    I don't suppose anyone's heard from Florian, have they?

  57. intosi

    Not a single stanza.

  58. dwd


  59. Simon

    How long ago did you order the über?

  60. Simon

    sometimes it can take a little longer for them to turn up.

  61. dwd

    The problem is that on Monday, he said he's sort the menu and coach for Saturday night. But I've not heard from him since.

  62. dwd

    I've sent him a text or two, and tried calling.

  63. dwd

    That was bad typing. "He said he's sorting". In fact, would sort on Monday.

  64. Simon

    Nothing on his Twatter feed either.

  65. dwd

    I'd stress that I am entirely confident in his abilities and dedication to The Cause. But I'm quite nervous.

  66. Simon

    Is he at the Summit?

  67. dwd is somewhere between Reading and Paddington.

  68. dwd

    No... He said he'd booked a flight coming in on Friday evening.

  69. Simon

    I know he like his non-federated social networks: You could try twitter DMing him. /me goes to wash.

  70. dwd

    I'm tempted to call him from a different mobile number in case he's seriously in hiding. :-)

  71. dwd

    Simon, I don't know how.

  72. Tobias


  73. Simon

    Let me see if I have Twatter installed.

  74. Simon

    I'll ping him to ping you.

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  76. dwd

    That'd be good.

  77. dwd

    Not that I have anything but total confidence in him, you understand.

  78. intosi

    We understand. It's the Deus ex Machina part you don't like.

  79. Simon

    Pinged. I'll let you know know if I see any movements online from him

  80. intosi

    Simon: ta

  81. dwd

    The only other alternative I can see is to contact the restaurant directly; I'd need to beg help from a Dutch-speaker for that I think. (Their website is in Dutch, at least).

  82. dwd

    And as for the coach, I assume that we could source one.

  83. intosi

    dwd: give him a while to see if he responds to the DM.

  84. intosi

    I'm sure one of the Dutch speaking guys in the XSF can make a few phone calls if need should arise (say, tonight.)

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  86. intosi

    Both ralphm and I are quite busy packing things for BRU.

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  88. bear

    ugh, I know I shouldn't take a nap... but that falafal we had for lunch is really making me drowsy

  89. bear sets *two* alarms

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  92. Ashley Ward

    Hmm Adium doesn't work too well on flakey 3G! Just lost my message!

  93. Ashley Ward

    Was saying is anyone around earlier tonight and fancies grabbing dinner somewhere?

  94. Ashley Ward

    Laura and I are getting in on the Eurostar at about 6pm

  95. Simon

    We're only leaving here at 3am. :(

  96. Ashley Ward


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  104. hildjj follows ralphm's directions

  105. hildjj

    is there a plan for tonight? I'm trying not to sleep until it's a more reasonable time.

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  110. ralphm

    hildjj: hehe

  111. ralphm

    hildjj: we (intosi and I) are still packing, waiting for the bean bags to be delivered

  112. ralphm

    hopefully we'll be in Brussels at a reasonable time

  113. ralphm

    (it is not more than 1.5h drive)

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  115. hildjj

    I'll try to wait patiently.

  116. Lance

    same here

  117. Lance in zombie state

  118. fippo

    lance/hildjj: did you reinvent xmpp on the plane :-)

  119. Lance

    hildjj I'm going to head downstairs and find some coffee. need a caffeine infusion for any hope of staying awake till a decent time

  120. hildjj

    fippo: no. but, CBOR.

  121. Lance

    fippo when do you arrive?

  122. hildjj

    Lance: i'm in a different hotel. but let me know when you're ready to go the other way.

  123. fippo

    hildjj: linuxwolf predicted that (-:

  124. fippo

    lance: my flight leaves munich at 3pm so i think 7pm

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  127. Dave Cridland

    I'm waiting for Eurostar. Nobody else here yet as far as I know.

  128. Dave Cridland

    MattJ's on his way, though. I stop to look under every hat.

  129. hildjj

    Dave, were we supposed to meet you at St. Pancras?

  130. ralphm

    Hmm, Brussels has a large park near the University

  131. ralphm

    Maybe we should tag MattJ

  132. Simon

    dwd: rather than lifting everyone's hats, just look for a dad.

  133. Dave Cridland

    Ian's not coming.

  134. Simon

    That's it. I'm cancelling.

  135. Dave Cridland

    It has, I feel, rather spoilt the point.

  136. Dave Cridland

    There is someone who looks almost exactly like PSA here.

  137. Dave Cridland

    By which I mean, he's bald.

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  140. hildjj

    That's Brian Cranston.

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  151. ralphm


  152. ralphm


  153. Zash


  154. Zash

    Feel my envy!

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  166. bear

    reading the above, I still have no idea where we are meeting tonight :)

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  168. Link Mauve

    Hello, I’d like to attend the summit this year, I’m not a member and it’s a bit late, but I hope it will be possible. :)

  169. stpeter

    bear: isn't there a summit@ room?

  170. stpeter

    Link Mauve: that shouldn't be a problem, we're flexible and not members-only for sure!

  171. Link Mauve


  172. stpeter

    however I need to log off right now, but I assume that bear can help you

  173. stpeter

    or ralphm

  174. stpeter

    I'll be back in ~30 minutes

  175. Link Mauve

    Thank you. :)

  176. stpeter

    Link Mauve: unfortunately I won't be at the Summit this year so I won't get the chance to meet you :(

  177. stpeter

    anyway bbiab

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  180. bear

    there is a summit@ room but for some reason others have been pointing folks to this room for discussions

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  186. stpeter

    Link Mauve: did we add you to the list?

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  188. hildjj

    ok. I'm ready for a beer. http://www.poechenellekelder.be/

  189. Kev

    You'r downstairs?

  190. Kev


  191. hildjj

    no, i'm staying at the Méridien.

  192. hildjj

    I'll buy a beer for the first one that finds me.

  193. Kev


  194. hildjj

    The poech is right across from the Mannekin Pis. Very easy to find.

  195. hildjj

    and lots of food options nearby.

  196. hildjj

    If something else happens, someone please ping me.

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  200. Link Mauve

    stpeter, not yet.

  201. Link Mauve

    (I’m at the German family of my sister’s penpal, it was time to socialize. ^^)

  202. stpeter

    Link Mauve: that's good :-)

  203. stpeter logs into wiki.xmpp.org

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  205. stpeter

    step 1, change my password :-)

  206. stpeter

    Link Mauve: what information shall I put down for http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Summit_15#Participants ?

  207. waqas


  208. stpeter

    waqas: I try to change all my passwords at least once a year

  209. Link Mauve

    stpeter, I already have a place to stay at, from today to sunday.

  210. stpeter

    Link Mauve: great

  211. stpeter

    Link Mauve: I'll need your real name (which might be Link Mauve I suppose) so that you can have a name badge to access the Cisco building

  212. Link Mauve

    Ah, I’m Emmanuel Gil Peyrot.

  213. stpeter

    ok :-)

  214. stpeter

    will you need / want Internet access?

  215. Link Mauve

    I have nothing against getting called Link Mauve IRL. ^^

  216. stpeter

    if so, let me know your email address (you can send it via PM if you prefer)

  217. Link Mauve

    I don’t *need* it, but it’d be nice during the time of the event. :)

  218. stpeter

    right :-)

  219. Link Mauve

    It’s ok, linkmauve@linkmauve.fr.

  220. Link Mauve

    It’s public anyway.

  221. stpeter

    ok, thanks

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  223. stpeter

    Link Mauve: OK, I have added you to the wiki page and also forwarded your information for WiFi access

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  226. Link Mauve

    I haven’t received any information yet.

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  230. stpeter

    Link Mauve: I don't know exactly when the wifi credentials will be set up

  231. Link Mauve

    Ok, no problem. ^^

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  270. zooldk

    Anybody at the hotel or bar at the moment? I'm arriving in half an hour or so.. Plane was really delayed

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  273. Kev

    zooldk: I believe there are some people downstairs now.

  274. Kev

    While the antisocial among us went back to our rooms to bed.

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  276. zooldk

    Ok thanks kev

  277. zooldk

    Just need to check in and then have a single beer afterwards

  278. MattJ

    Just stand in the bar and shout "XMPP"

  279. zooldk

    Ha ha! I think I know most of you

  280. zooldk

    You down there Matt?

  281. MattJ

    Nah, I'm anti-social

  282. MattJ

    or tired

  283. zooldk

    Ha ha

  284. zooldk

    Do federate :-)

  285. jabberjocke

    I arrive at airport 09.20

  286. zooldk

    Tired as well.. Bit a single night cap can't hurt

  287. zooldk

    Jabberjocke: cool! It will be nice talking to you again.. I have more IoT stuff in my head we have to talk about

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  290. jabberjocke

    just unboxed another thing from Tasmania Australia

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  303. MattJ

    Has anyone else tried closing the curtains...?

  304. MattJ

    It's like they intentionally designed them to not close

  305. Simon

    He can write an XMPP server but not close curtains. Sigh!

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  307. MattJ

    Oh, I managed in the end

  308. MattJ

    Despite their best efforts to stop me

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