XSF Discussion - 2014-02-02

  1. Ge0rG_

    meh. planet.jabber.org is down

  2. Kev

    Thanks for the notes, Bear.

  3. bear

    I hope they are enough detail to be useful and I didn't mess up too many conversations :/

  4. Kev

    I haven't tried reading them yet, that's a treat for when I'm home.

  5. Kev

    Just saw the mail.

  6. Kev

    I'm sure they'll be great.

  7. bear

    and it is a wiki - so others can add more detail if I missed something

  8. Steffen Larsen

    yes. I have some notes locally as well, I might add something, if anything is missing

  9. bear

    please do!

  10. intosi


  11. Kev

    Right. Time for Kev to begin his trip home, starting with a checkout. See everyone soon.

  12. intosi

    Good travels.

  13. Ge0rG_

    btw. wiki, bear: is XSF interested in maintaining other, non-XSF, GSoC projects related to XMPP?

  14. Ge0rG_

    maintaining a list of, of course

  15. Steffen Larsen

    Kev:cheers and have a nice trip home. thanks for a good summit

  16. Ge0rG_


  17. MattJ also, see you folks

  18. Steffen Larsen

    MattJ: see you!. have a save trip home. What happend to you yesterday. Did not see you to the dinner

  19. zeank

    MattJ: leaving? have a good trip and cya!

  20. Steffen Larsen

    zeank: and where were you this morning? sleeping?

  21. zeank

    MattJ: uhm, I'm at Fosdem, where are you?

  22. zeank


  23. zeank

    Steffen Larsen: I'm at FOSDEM

  24. Steffen Larsen

    zeak: me too!. watching the new features in elastic search

  25. Steffen Larsen

    zeank: we took a taxi.. and it WORKED!?

  26. zeank


  27. Steffen Larsen

    it was at the hotel before time

  28. Steffen Larsen

    the driver was prob. new.. ;-)

  29. zeank

    hard to believe ;)

  30. intosi

    MattJ: good trip

  31. Ge0rG_

    hm. I wonder how long my zombie alter ego is going to stay in this room, after jcd was rebooted.

  32. zeank


  33. zeank

    Link Mauve: why didn't you show up the second day of the summit?

  34. Ge0rG_

    zeank: jabber.ccc.de

  35. zeank


  36. Ge0rG_

    anyway, I'm heading home.... read you later

  37. zeank