XSF Discussion - 2014-02-06

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  15. bear has anyone created a google summer of code profile yet? I'm filling in the org profile and they now require a backup admin
  16. bear sends the question to the members list
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  24. Kev I have not, but can easily do so.
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  68. ralphm Which client and server implementations do MAM in a reasonably fashion at the moment? (Knowing it is still experimental)
  69. Tobias prosody & otalk?
  70. Tobias maybe gajim too
  71. Tobias and possibly yaxim
  72. dwd I don't think either. I could be wrong, though.
  73. dwd Ge0rG, ?
  74. Tobias https://www.zash.se/mam.html should give an overview
  75. simon we do lots of MAM on buddycloud but that's for messages from your channel - not <message> :)
  76. ralphm https://twitter.com/gkatsev/statuses/431462993545945088
  77. simon Ralphm: I agree. It's a hard problem and one of the best solutions is IMAP. Short of that, storing a timestamp of the last read message seems like a decent way to solve it (not the best, but a good start).
  78. ralphm Except IMAP is horrible in a bunch of ways. I hope MAM will up the ante.
  79. dwd IMAP is also quite nice in a number of ways. Very badly misunderstood, though.
  80. Kev I'm not sure I've got to the really horrible bits yet.
  81. simon The IMAP spec isn't descriptive enough on some cases. But it does what it promises across a range of servers and clients.
  82. ralphm dwd: I wasn't necessarily talking about the protocol only. Many things are implementation flaws.
  83. dwd Kev, Esoteric bits of the LIST command, some of the legacy gunk, most of the mailbox heirarchy stuff.
  84. simon leaving the door to marking individual posts read in MAM would be nice.
  85. ralphm Also, I'm wondering why you have to have multiple connections for IDLE to get updates on multiple folders
  86. Kev Lance and I (and others) were discussing this in hallways (this being message sync in XMPP), and I think there's a chance one or other of us will finish my multi-client thing at some point with some suggestions of how to do it.
  87. Kev ralphm: Well, yes, that bit is a little suboptimal.
  88. dwd ralphm, That too. And why you need IDLE at all (you shouldn't, according to the spec)
  89. ralphm I have had to tell our IMAP server to have a gazillion possible connections
  90. ralphm 'cause I have many folders
  91. dwd ralphm, And some clients do two connections per folder (IDLE + read), plus another for appending.
  92. ralphm yeah
  93. ralphm Aaaand we're back talking about e-mail
  94. dwd Mail's where all the trendy people are these days.
  95. simon I heard it can do push
  96. dwd Really - and mostly because it's an open federated network, so anyone can jump in with a new entrant.
  97. Kev Synonyms superficial, shallow, materialistic
  98. Kev Thanks wikipedia :)
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  103. dwd stpeter, Any chance you could mail that invoice template you had to board@?
  104. Ge0rG ralphm: no MAM in yaxim yet
  105. ralphm Ge0rG: ok, but that's Zash' page
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  107. Ge0rG ralphm: "reported issues" does not look like a promise of support to me ;)
  108. Ge0rG ralphm: btw, what was the name of that ribs place again?
  109. ralphm Aux Paves de Bruxelles
  110. Ge0rG thanks very much
  111. ralphm going to B again?
  112. Ge0rG no, logging my expenses
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  119. bear hmm, I wonder if Kev has the answers we used from a prior gsoc app (I am searching my side now)
  120. Kev Quite probably.
  121. Kev Saying that, I can't find it.
  122. Kev Maybe I usually rewrite it each year.
  123. bear yea, I couldn't find it either
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