XSF Discussion - 2014-02-08

  1. ralphm

    Interesting that Justin Uberti refers to non-WebRTC endpoints as 'legacy'.

  2. Simon

    what does he define as an endpoint?

  3. ralphm

    Simon: this is on the rtcweb mailing list. I assume a participant in an audio/video session.

  4. Simon

    ralphm: this list http://www.ietf.org/mail-archive/web/rtcweb/current/maillist.html ?

  5. ralphm


  6. fippo

    ralphm: they've had ample time to upgrade to modern voip ;-)

  7. ralphm


  8. ralphm

    I think part of this is the confusion about what WebRTC is

  9. ralphm

    on the one hand it is the set of protocols and features on the wire

  10. ralphm

    on the other hand it is the stuff available through JS APIs in browsers

  11. ralphm

    hmm, it seens Xabber is surpressing messages by your own nick and only shows what you type in that client. That's not great for nick-sharing.

  12. Zash

    Did that one also supress messages with duplicated ids?

  13. ralphm

    don't remember

  14. ralphm

    and the devs are pretty much non-responsive

  15. ralphm

    I wish somebody made an awesome, modern client with MUC support.

  16. intosi

    ralphm: +1

  17. Zash

    So, you can't run an mailing list without paying someone anymore?

  18. intosi

    Zash: not if you want to deliver to MS or AOL and have more than a very low amount of traffic.

  19. intosi

    Note that in the past, even a small site like ik.nu was hit by this, with only a few mailing lists and a few users on those lists at Hotmail.

  20. intosi

    They throttle after a number of messages per hour / per day, and they don't disclose numbers. This is partially because the numbers are based on a number of factors, and I have a feeling they don't want to give spammers any clue in how to circumvent them.

  21. intosi

    This clearly sucks royally.

  22. Zash

    And mail I sent to gmail accounts used (probably still do) to end up in the spam folder :(

  23. Simon

    I was trying to run my own mailing lists for Buddycloud bits. It started sucking really bad (even with DKMS etc and SPF settings). I gave up and now use google groups. Not ideal, but messages get through and I'm not dealing with a bunch of admin.

  24. ralphm

    So, yeah, this stuff is really hard and while good for companies like Mailgun, I hope that XMPP doesn't have to go in that direction.

  25. ralphm

    Also, for relatively low volume but spiky traffic, these services are usually free of cost. In our case, <=10000 outbound msg/month.

  26. fippo

    ralphm: I think xmpp servers are in a better position. e.g. you can tap into roster data for increasing karma limits

  27. ralphm

    fippo: I hope so

  28. ralphm

    In any case, I've asked intosi how many msg/m we currently send out

  29. ralphm

    ok great

  30. bear