XSF Discussion - 2014-02-09

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  19. ralphm \
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  21. Wojtek hi
  22. Wojtek not sure which room would be better - jdev or this one but given it's related to rfcs and xeps I'm asking here
  23. Wojtek for XEPs it's possible to download pdf (and xml) of the documents (v. "This document in other formats: XML PDF"), however it's not possible for RFC162(0|1|2) - is it intentional? Could pdf be made available? (i.m referring to versions available at xmpp.org, not ietf)
  24. fippo should be possible, but i doubt the result is going to look any different from the version you get on tools.ietf.org
  25. Wojtek actually, judging from XEPs, it's a bit better (IMHO) - not using proportinal font and better formatting
  26. fippo the tool used for the xeps is better... but i don't think it can handle the rfcs (which would be using xml2rfc)
  27. fippo pokes Tobias
  28. Tobias currently the workflow only supports the XML format of XEPs
  29. Wojtek ok, thanks
  30. Wojtek any plans to make it work with RFC as well?
  31. Neustradamus Note: Before the new generation of PDF, we need to update XEPs (with new year...)
  32. Tobias Wojtek, personally no....my next plan is support images in the PDF generation, since some of the new XEPs are using those
  33. Wojtek ok, cool
  34. Tobias the IETF has the strange requirement ot be able to still print teletype machines from the 70s....so they are quite *special*
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  48. dwd Neustradamus, If you mean the copyright year, then no, not really. That only should change when the XEP is changed.
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  57. Neustradamus http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0001.html 2013 :)
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  60. Neustradamus and in the same time all http://www.xmpp.org/ will be http://xmpp.org/ normaly, Peter has changed this.
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  63. dwd Neustradamus, Right, and I'd expect that XEPs would change as an when they're updated.
  64. dwd Moroever, I'd hope the new Editorial Team would (once formed) handle this kind of thing.
  65. Zash ET solves all problems!
  66. dwd And of course both Neustradamus and Zash volunteered, right?
  67. Neustradamus of course.
  68. Neustradamus I have sent a lot of points like missing redirections in http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/.
  69. Zash .
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