XSF Discussion - 2014-02-13

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  35. dwd


  36. dwd

    I've had a response form Phil Adcock on Domicilium.

  37. dwd

    From. And Of. Clearly I'm so excited that I can't type.

  38. simon


  39. ralphm

    dwd: and?

  40. ralphm

    What's the response?

  41. dwd

    Oh, nothing much of any substance. He claims to have been on the road, and that my last to him got caught in a spam trap.

  42. dwd

    Neither of which I necessarily believe, but he's responding which is what matters.

  43. ralphm


  44. dwd

    By which I mean: they're both possibly empty, but polite, excuses for not having replied because he has more important things to do. But he is now responding, and has acknowledged my last, meaning he's taking us seriously.

  45. simon

    dwd: For most people, Valentines day is tomorrow.

  46. dwd

    simon, Yes, indeed. But in Wales, is was a few weeks ago.

  47. Kev

    Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.

  48. Kev

    Cath has big plans.

  49. Kev

    Obviously, they don't involve me.

  50. dwd

    simon, We have a St Unpronounceable whose saints day is sometime toward the end of January.

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  52. Lloyd

    same day as Burn's night

  53. dwd


  54. dwd

    When the Scottish are celebrating a poet who wrote all his work in English, the Welsh celebrate St Dwywyywwn. Unless their other halves point out they have to pick only one of Dywywwyywywywyn and Valentine.

  55. Zash

    dwd: Hahah

  56. Lloyd

    dwd, have you read any Burns? I don't think its written in any intelligible language

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  58. simon

    dwd: to me, most things in Wales are unpronouncable.

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  60. dwd

    BTW, does anyone know of a Standards SIG participant from ipcortex?

  61. simon

    dwd: no

  62. simon

    I was travelling during the last test day - which muc was used for coordinating discussions (/me is writing the blog post now)

  63. dwd

    I'm not sure. I hung about in operators@, but given I can't remember which domain that's on...

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  85. dwd

    Ash, Lloyd - since Laura isn't about, maybe you can help - what time do you want the room at MozSpace for the Meetup?

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  87. dwd

    Oh, NVM.

  88. dwd

    Laura's about.

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  107. bear

    simon - jdev@ was the most active room as well as operators@

  108. bear

    oh poo - forgot to do the minutes last night

  109. bear adds that to todays list

  110. Simon


  111. Simon


  112. Simon

    jdev it is

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  128. fippo

    ralphm: how close are you to amsterdam? http://www.meetup.com/Amsterdam-WebRTC-Meetup

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  132. ralphm

    2h door-to-door, by train

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  152. beboo.


  153. stpeter

    beboo.: can we help you?

  154. beboo.

    No tnx stpeter

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  156. stpeter

    ok, be good :-)

  157. beboo.

    How are you?

  158. stpeter

    working on a deadline :-)

  159. beboo.

    I am a Syrian

  160. stpeter

    yes we have many Syrian visitors recently

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  175. beboo.


  176. beboo.

    Where I

  177. beboo.

    You are from any country?

  178. beboo.

    Is there one here

  179. ralphm

    beboo.: sorry, this is not a general chat room. We use this exclusively to discuss XMPP Standards Foundation matters and XMPP protocols.

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  182. beboo.


  183. beboo.

    :THUMBS UP: @}->--

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  185. Zash

    ... what's with the ascii roses?!

  186. xnyhps

    You know what day it is?

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  190. Tobias

    xnyhps, otter union celebration day?

  191. xnyhps

    Something like that.

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  195. ralphm

    xnyhps: it doesn't feel like Friday yet

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  197. ralphm

    that said, gotta sleep

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