XSF Discussion - 2014-02-14

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  69. Laura Just to update on my Board action, Bear posted the ISOC thank you blog for me
  70. bear thanks Laura
  71. ralphm Laura: you should also gain the creds for @xmppfoundation from bear so you can post there
  72. bear yes, I need to get my gpg keylist refeshed with folks so I can pass around the credentials
  73. ralphm I explained a bit about gpg to Laura, but I am assuming she doesn't have a key, yet
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  75. Laura I can post to the blog, if that is what you are talking about? But Bear helped while I got set up
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  77. bear no - we created a new twitter account: xmppstandards
  78. bear to use until simon can get the owners of either xsf or xmpp to turn them over
  79. Laura ooooh!
  80. dwd bear, No need for PGP. Just do a DH exchange on paper.
  81. bear :P
  82. bear oh yea, i'll start on the eliptical curve calculations now
  83. dwd Oh, gosh, no.
  84. dwd Just DH is fine.
  85. dwd Diffie-Hellman - the best use for mayonaise.
  86. bear hmm, according to the internets... rot-13 is equivilent to DH
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  90. Tobias bear, yeah..just get your pencil and ruler and get starting :)
  91. bear knowing my maths ... I'll be done by next summit
  92. Tobias come..it can all be calculated by drawing :)
  93. bear s/maths/art skills/
  94. Tobias i guess you'll need a beer based key exchange protocol
  95. bear last time I used a protractor most of you were in diapers
  96. dwd bear, I suspect I wasn't.
  97. bear hehe - true
  98. dwd bear, Further, the last time *I* used a protractor, a lot of people here weren't even *born*, which is much more depressing.
  99. bear late 80's
  100. bear well, I was going to say that, but went for the less depressing version
  101. dwd Yeah, I *might* have used one as late as the early '90's. But I suspect I didn't use one that late.
  102. bear well, if you count the one time I used one as an ice scraper...
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  108. dwd Actually, I've used one while helping my children with their homework, I suppose.
  109. intosi Protractors can be useful when building things. I used one quite recently.
  110. Zash Beer based key agreement protocol?
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  157. ralphm fippo: link?
  158. fippo ralphm: https://code.google.com/p/webrtc/issues/detail?id=2923
  159. fippo zash: I just read "bear based key agreement protocol" :-)
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  162. ralphm fippo: hehe
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