XSF Discussion - 2014-02-18

  1. Kev

    WG is Tuesday 3th March, and meetup is the same evening, and both are definite, right?

  2. xnyhps

    Tuesday is the 4th.

  3. Kev

    Very true.

  4. Kev

    The 3 was a typo (as you probably guessed from 3th rather than 3rd :)).

  5. Kev

    WG is Tuesday 4th March, and meetup is the same evening, and both are definite, right?

  6. Kev

    Laura: Evening of the 4th is definite for the meetup?

  7. Kev

    I'm trying to work out how long I need to be in the London area.

  8. Laura

    It is ineed - room confirmed and I am going to be sharing the meetup details today

  9. Kev


  10. Kev

    Can anyone think of an XMPP reason for me to be in London for days other than Tuesday for the WG and Tuesday evening for the meetup?

  11. xnyhps

    Kev: TLS WG? (right after XMPP WG, same room) Precis? (before XMPP WG)

  12. Kev

    Ta - do you mean those are both the Tuesday?

  13. xnyhps


  14. xnyhps

    Full agenda: https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/89/agenda.html

  15. Kev

    That fits in with my plans. I'm mostly checking that I'm not going to book to be there for Tuesday, and someone then announce an XMPP event on the Saturday or something :)

  16. Kev


  17. intosi

    That would be .. annoying ;)

  18. Zash

    Was the XSF going to look into block-booking hotels for London?

  19. fippo

    http://www.blue-mind.net/produits/breve/bluemind-3-0-est-disponible <-- now that xmpp is "dead" everybody starts using it :-)

  20. fippo

    http://www.blue-mind.net/products/breve/bluemind-3-0-is-available (for people who don't understand french)

  21. Tobias

    fippo, surely a minority

  22. Alex

    just seen here as well: http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/Goupware-Bluemind-3-0-mit-Elastic-Search-und-XMPP-2117306.html

  23. fippo

    alex: actually that's where I saw it as well (-:

  24. fippo

    ralphm... didn't you mention that the jabber flag was missing some time ago?

  25. fippo

    I saw http://www.meetup.com/Berlin-WebRTC-Meetup/ and "Ulrich, it in finance" sounded familiar...

  26. ralphm

    Yeah, Ulrich is the last person known to have it.

  27. fippo

    i'll ask him if I meet him there

  28. ralphm


  29. ralphm

    He was very disenchanted with us (the Jabber community).

  30. ralphm


  31. fippo

    ah, I recall that email. Made plans to send him an envelope and capture the flag (-:

  32. ralphm

    Seven and a half rotation around the sun later, I'm not sure if he still has it and whether or not that matters.

  33. ralphm


  34. ralphm

    I can easily have a new one made. It was from the same company that now did the bean bags.

  35. fippo

    it's a matter of principle (-:

  36. ralphm

    fippo: in that case, good luck!

  37. simon

    more concerning is who this character is: http://photo.ik.nu/v/fosdem/fosdem_2005/img_0713.jpg.html ?

  38. ralphm

    Dunno, he has hair