XSF Discussion - 2014-02-24

  1. jabberjocke tobias: thanks for info, sad it would have been a perfect to get more IoT done.
  2. Tobias yeah...would have been interesting to get more IoT explosure
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  67. ralphm “Unfederated chat systems are a single point of failure. And not just technically. Consider centralized e-mail going down. #xmpp” – ralphm (https://twitter.com/ralphm/status/437897021693771777)
  68. ralphm Maybe I should write a longer text on this.
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  70. ralphm But my feeling is that recent events, with DDoS attacks against WhatsApp and Telegram, but also jabber.org, highlight this.
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  81. fippo realtime messaging all started with erlang?
  82. fippo http://blog.process-one.net/whatsapp-facebook-erlang-and-realtime-messaging-it-all-started-with-ejabberd/
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  85. Simon Facebook uses Erlang for their messaging platform (but not ejabberd). WhatsApp uses FunXMPP for their server (but not ejabberd). And I'll take a sip of whatever the author of that post is drinking.
  86. ralphm Simon: this is no longer true
  87. ralphm https://twitter.com/mickael/status/437663361325883392
  88. Simon ralphm: I did some research on the Facebook claim. Not buying it.
  89. ralphm Simon: which claim exactly? That ejabberd was the bases for Facebook's initial XMPP stuff (I think this is true) or that they no longer use Erlang (I trust Bob on this)
  90. fippo next its google talk using ejabberd (-:
  91. ralphm I do agree with your stance on the hyperbole.
  92. fippo (i suspect they do java based on some tls bugs)
  93. Simon WhatApp definitely doesn't use Ejabberd https://github.com/ottolin/whatspoke/blob/master/doc/funxmpp.txt
  94. ralphm Simon: what's being claimed is that WhatsApp was originally based on ejabberd and still probably is a highly modified version of it
  95. Simon Could well be - seems a rather tall claim imho.
  96. ralphm https://pdincau.wordpress.com/tag/whatsapp/
  97. ralphm Simon: ^
  98. ralphm "Paolo - How long has Whatsapp been using Erlang? Did the company switch from a different language or did you decided to start the project in Erlang from the beginning? Eugene - WhatsApp server has started from ejabberd – famous open source Jabber server written in Erlang. It was originally chosen because of a group of reasons, including openness, great reviews by developers, ease of start and the promise of Erlang’s long term suitability for large communication system. We started from ejabberd and made just few extensions and changes to get WhatsApp service up and running. We have spent next few years re-writing and modifying quite a few parts of ejabberd, including switching from XMPP to internally developed protocol, restructuring the code base and redesigning some core components, and making lots of important modifications to Erlang VM to optimize server performance."
  99. Simon I stand corrected.
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  111. ralphm http://techcrunch.com/2014/02/24/messaging-giant-whatsapp-with-465m-users-will-add-voice-services-in-q2-of-this-year/
  112. ralphm wonder how their mangled jingle looks like
  113. Lloyd :)
  114. ralphm also: https://twitter.com/rikardstrid/status/437024405299150849
  115. ralphm wants
  116. Ge0rG there is a new kid in town... http://tox.im/
  117. Simon nice UI. Looks a bit like oTalk
  118. fippo ralphm: they'll just use SOX :-)
  119. xnyhps Their crypto docs are still quite lacking.
  120. fippo the av part of tox looks like mediastreamer / linphone 12 years ago... :-)
  121. Ge0rG "For more info on the nospam see: Spam Prevention (page does not exist)"
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  176. fippo jitsi just got accepted for GSOC
  177. Tobias great
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  182. Kev emcho: Congrats.
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  184. emcho Kev: thanks!
  185. fippo kev: basically that means emcho volunteers to do the same for the XSF next year, right?
  186. Kev We haven't had an issue with getting accepted yet in the years we've applied :)
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  189. emcho XSF actually parented Jitsi in 2011
  190. emcho no 2012
  191. Kev I remember.
  192. stpeter emcho: that's great news!
  193. fippo jitsi might even be the only project doing webrtc-related stuff
  194. emcho stpeter: yup, that's good news indeed :) ... especially since they started rejecting us a couple of years ago :)
  195. stpeter heh
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