XSF Discussion - 2014-03-13

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  68. dwd


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  72. fippo

    m&m: morning. have you seen ben langfelds request for publication of rayo on standards@?

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  77. m&m

    I did, and I need to respond, because I'm not sure I still have those patches /-:

  78. m&m

    oh, he sent hints of where his patches are actually located

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  89. fippo

    thanks m&m ;-)

  90. Tobias

    any xslt pro here? :) need to have an incrementing counter in an xsl:template

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  93. intosi

    Tobias: position() isn't good enough?

  94. Tobias

    position somehow always gives the same number

  95. Tobias

    for the first <img> tag being matched i want 0, for the next 1 and so on

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  97. Tobias

    or starting at 1

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  99. intosi

    The main problem is that "variables" are in fact constants. The usual way of fixing it is either using recursion, or walk over the elements with an xsl:for-each

  100. intosi

    position should work for the latter.

  101. Tobias

    the for each would be without a <xsl:template>, right?

  102. m&m

    the for-each can call a template

  103. Tobias

    <xsl:for-each select="img"> <cmd name="includegraphics"><xsl:value-of select="position()" /></cmd> </xsl:for-each>

  104. Tobias

    so this would replace all <img/> with a <cmd name...>0...n</cmd>?

  105. m&m

    I think so, but it's been a long while since I've done XSLT, but that feels right

  106. intosi

    Sorry, wandered off. That should work. My XSLT is a bit rusty as well, though.

  107. Tobias

    element for-each only allowed within a template, variable or param compilation error: file xep2texml.xsl line 408 element value-of element value-of only allowed within a template, variable or param compilation error: file xep2texml.xsl line 407 element for-each xsltParseStylesheetTop: unknown for-each element

  108. Tobias

    probably that's more for when you want to put all <img>s at one place

  109. Tobias

    but i basically want to replace the tag in place

  110. intosi

    But those <img/>s must have a parent element.

  111. intosi

    Just run a template on that element.

  112. Tobias

    usually in a <p>

  113. Tobias


  114. Tobias

    however i need that counter being global

  115. m&m

    you could also select the count of <img/> elements that precede the current one

  116. intosi


  117. Tobias

    m&m, that sounds useful, how?

  118. Tobias

    it would essentially be counter i'm looking for

  119. m&m

    IIRC, count is a function, and preceding:<path> is the selector within the count()

  120. m&m

    but it's been a long time

  121. Tobias


  122. m&m grumbles about authors not updating their <revision> lists

  123. intosi


  124. m&m

    stackoverflow to the rescue

  125. Tobias

    yes..works ....thanks :)

  126. Tobias

    soon we'll have images in our PDFs :)

  127. m&m


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  129. Tobias

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/14672346/xmpp/extensions/xep-0324.pdf not perfect yet, but a good start i think

  130. simon

    Nice sequence diagrams!

  131. Tobias

    well...at least now we *can* use something else than ascii art :D

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  133. fippo

    16:41 < xmpp:xsf@muc.xmpp.org/Tobias> soon we'll have images in our PDFs :)

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  135. Tobias


  136. fippo


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  138. Tobias

    well..it's pushed...as soon as someone hits a rebuild of all XEPs, the images should be included

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  141. m&m

    thanks Tobias

  142. m&m

    I'm a little hesitant to run all.sh at the moment

  143. m&m

    maybe we can do that this weekend

  144. m&m

    or someone else with rights can do it (-:

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  148. Tobias

    xsf@athena:~/xmpp-hg/extensions$ ./gen.py -a ./gen.py:79: Warning: 'with' will become a reserved keyword in Python 2.6 File "./gen.py", line 79 with open(output_dir + '/' + 'inlineimage-' + str(no) + '.' + file_ext, 'wb') as f: ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax

  149. Tobias

    what's wrong with thatß

  150. Tobias

    what's wrong with that?

  151. Tobias

    worked on osx with Python 2.7.5

  152. Tobias

    ah..athena has Python 2.5.2

  153. fippo

    i think the whole "with" is pretty new

  154. stpeter

    Tobias: is "?" close to "ß" on your keyboard?

  155. Tobias

    stpeter, same key on german keyboard :) just a shift between them :)

  156. Tobias

    fippo, so just write f = open(...) ?

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  159. intosi

    Tobias: from future import with_statement?

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  161. Tobias

    yeah..need to add a latex package too..since it's also not present on athena

  162. intosi

    Well, from __future__ import with_statement, obviously

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  167. Tobias

    cp -r deps /tmp/xepbuilder/ <--- how do i write this so it copies files from deps to xepbuilder folder, not creating the deps folder in the xepbuilder folder?

  168. intosi

    cp -r deps/* /tmp/xepbuilder/ ?

  169. Tobias

    wouldn't the * require a shell?

  170. intosi

    Or (cd debs; cp -r . /tmp/xepbuilder) if you're worried about the number of files.

  171. intosi

    Both require a shell.

  172. intosi

    Are you running this from a shell script?

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  174. dwd

    Oh, Python?

  175. Tobias


  176. Tobias


  177. intosi


  178. intosi

    shutil.copytree might be of interest.

  179. Tobias

    i'll try the * thing

  180. intosi

    getstatusoutput actually spawns a shell, IIRC

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  186. Tobias

    so..rebuilding xeps

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  194. fippo

    https://twitter.com/lisamarienyc/status/444162578642513920 -- this looks like the next xmpp summit should be near fluentconf

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  196. ralphm


  197. ralphm

    there is a good supply of bacon on Tenerife, too

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  210. Tobias

    fippo, better than http://i.imgur.com/TuBI68M.jpg :)

  211. dwd

    I can't decide if that sounds awesome or awful.

  212. Zash

    I can't decide if I should run to the store and see if they have any ... or walk.

  213. m&m


  214. m&m

    that is not bacon

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  226. Neustradamus

    I have found this tweet: https://twitter.com/betamax65/status/441124379318321152/photo/1

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  229. fippo

    neustradamus: "June 25, 2013: We have temporarily disabled account registration"

  230. fippo

    but telling the iteam might help

  231. Kev

    iteam aren't responsible for jabber.org

  232. Neustradamus

    yes I know this, maybe a person can reply ;)

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  234. Neustradamus

    Tobias: https://twitter.com/Neustradamus/status/422532965583687680 some months ago ;)

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  236. Tobias

    yeah..wonder if they are cool enough to use twitter as support input

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  239. fippo

    neustradamus: simon and I were in contact with some marketing guy via the FSFE -- not much of a response

  240. fippo

    let's break it for them, then watch them struggle to fix it.

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  259. Zash

    Break all the things!

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