XSF Discussion - 2014-03-14

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  55. ralphm anyone planning to go to Decentralize Camp (Duesseldorf, May 21)?
  56. fippo ralphm: lloyd, simon and I have submitted talk proposals even ;-)
  57. Lloyd Can't talk for you fippo but simon and I haven't heard anything.
  58. fippo neither have I :-/
  59. Lloyd Also struggling to see where 3 of 4 of their speakers will help with decentralise message
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  62. Lloyd Friday morning track: https://soundcloud.com/a-skillz/a-skillz-beatvandals-beat-dont
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  64. ralphm Lloyd: hah
  65. ralphm There, registered.
  66. ralphm Ddorf is about as far as a'dam for me
  67. Lloyd I plan on being there, its where my girlfriend is from so makes a nice trip home for her
  68. Lloyd — bit off topic but I've found some fraudulent activity on my card from payments in the US. Apparently the payments were made from a cloned card (rather than stolen online details). The only time I've been in the US recently was for realtimeconf / XSF summit. Therefore it might be worth checking statements to see if anything unauth'd has been going on for you.
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  70. Kev Lloyd: I'm assuming everyone checks all the transactions on their card as a matter of course!
  71. Lloyd + " extra closely" :)
  72. Kev I may be more anal than most. I check off every transaction that goes off a card or account against my list of expected transactions.
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  81. dwd Kev, In fairness, you spent a while working in credit card fraud.
  82. dwd Erm.
  83. dwd ~ detection and prevention.
  84. Kev That may have coloured my thinking.
  85. Kev Although the lengths of my tracking go somewhat beyond just card transactions. I even track cash transactions. My budgets are things of great beauty (www.ynab.com is really rather nice for this).
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  89. Ge0rG never had the discipline to track cash spendings
  90. Kev I don't get it perfectly right, because I forget sometimes. It's usually within a pound or two.
  91. Ge0rG mhm... `dig -t NAPTR +short eff.org | sort`
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  122. dwd http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/shouts/2014/03/good-meeting.html
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