XSF Discussion - 2014-03-18

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  50. ralphm oh, Google Talk / Hangouts are seriously broken.
  51. ralphm I got a subscription request on my Mailgun's Google Apps domain account from a user at the same domain. The JID the request is from looks like user-at-mailgun.com--[hash]@public.talk.google.com.
  52. Ge0rG yay for google talk!
  53. ralphm (for those who don't understand what's going on, it should of course been from user@mailgun.com)
  54. xnyhps Maybe Google isn't interpreting it as a GAfYD account, but a Google-accout-with-your-own-email.
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  56. ralphm xnyhps: yeah, but that's superweird, because *my* account is at the same domain
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  86. fippo ralphm: adobe has nice people who care about standards. (and has utterly failed to fight webrtc despite having a better horse but...)
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  88. Ge0rG what about adobe and competent people?
  89. Tobias fippo, what was their better horse?
  90. fippo tobias: rtmfp
  91. fippo but they decided to keep it closed and even the RFC is pretty useless unless you happen to know the secret key
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  98. dwd fippo, I feel Adobe could have done better if I didn't constantly misread their protocol as RTFMP.
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  101. stpeter dwd: excellent
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  109. Kev Oh. We've got a dnssec grant, and *now* we need to create proposals about what to do with it? Life is confusing for poor little Kevins.
  110. Simon :)
  111. Kev How did we get the second grant?
  112. Kev I thought the plan was that there'd be proposals, and then we'd ask for one.
  113. bear is there a testing account for gtalk that anyone knows of? I'm thinking the anwer is no, but wanted to double check
  114. fippo guru@googlelabs.com something?
  115. m&m ^ that ^
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  117. stpeter Kev: we have not received a grant for work on DNSSEC - the previous gift was simply support for all the good work we're doing in general
  118. Kev I knew the first gift wasn't for dnssec.
  119. stpeter ok
  120. Kev There was then discussion about applying for a grant for dnssec work
  121. Kev Then Simon posted yesterday that we'd got a grant for dnssec work, so ...
  122. stpeter right
  123. stpeter oh
  124. Kev You can see how I'd get confused.
  125. stpeter no we haven't gotten a grant
  126. stpeter perhaps I miscommunicated with Simon during our video chat yesterday
  127. Kev OK. Someone slap the Board around until they know what's going on please :)
  128. stpeter your understanding is correct
  129. stpeter now we can if desired create a proposal for a more focused grant to work on XMPP and DNSSEC
  130. Kev Right.
  131. Kev There was some discussion that we might want to do this.
  132. stpeter there was
  133. Kev But that we'd need to work out what such a proposal would look like.
  134. stpeter indeed
  135. Kev I do keep up with Board meetings sometimes ;)
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  137. stpeter and I appreciate that
  138. Simon Apologies about the text kev - I should have made it more clear that it's a potential grant. Peter did make that clear to me in the call.
  139. Kev A grant in potentia.
  140. stpeter :)
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