XSF Discussion - 2014-03-23

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  10. Laura

    Working on the website text, who can help by giving me some examples of who is currently using XMPP? Ideally, I want recognisable users - this is a little snapshot on the homepage so it's marketing. Who uses XMPP that people will recognise?

  11. Simon

    Facebook, Google GTalk (we'll ignore hangouts for the moment), WhatsApp.

  12. Tobias

    and Android's Push service, even if it's just for the server interface

  13. Zash

    and Apples

  14. Simon

    true. Didn't P1 do something for Major League Baseball too.

  15. fippo

    probably worth poking linuxwolf or hildjj if webex uses it

  16. Simon

    Cisco's Jabber product range.

  17. Kev

    Simon: I don't think that's true.

  18. Kev

    Cisco's Jabber isn't XMPP, AFAIK

  19. fippo

    nah, "cisco jabber" is the old tandberg stuff

  20. fippo


  21. Simon

    The Cisco system I'm using at $DayJob let's me use Pidgin to access the system.

  22. Kev

    They sell a gateway to XMPP, I think.

  23. Simon

    Microsoft Lync?

  24. Kev

    At least, that was the impression I got from their webpage. I don't have inside information here.

  25. Simon

    since they switched from SIP to XMPP.

  26. Kev

    Sure? I thought Lync was through a gateway as well.

  27. fippo

    oh right, microsoft lync also includes an xmpp gateway (but is based on sth like sip internally)

  28. Simon

    Fippo - I think it's all integrated now - no more gateways needed - just a big mush of SIP and XMPP tangled up.

  29. fippo

    simon: well, the gateway is no longer a separate entity/role. but it's still doing sip<->xmpp i think

  30. Simon

    So pleased I don't have to deal with the hassle of buying "Client Access Licenses" to use prosody (http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/lync/en-US/7a959a90-b999-4e75-b217-fd412184525f/lync-2013-xmpp)

  31. fippo

    mattj: consider the business potential!!!

  32. Kev

    To be fair, I don't know of any XMPP server that uses CAL.

  33. fippo

    concurrent users is much easier to implement ;-)

  34. Simon

    Laura: might be worth mentioning Isode's use of XMPP for military messaging too. That way we have a range of customer, business and govt + millitary uses of XMPP covered.

  35. Simon

    fippo - but not nearly as appealing for sales team. Imagine all the licenses you can sell to people who will never login!

  36. Laura

    Thanks! Will start my list now

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