XSF Discussion - 2015-02-20

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  145. Kev

    Flow: I'm going to remove that comment you added, as it's not a 'join project' in any official sense.

  146. Kev


  147. Kev

    And I don't want Carol et al. to think we don't understand GSoC when they judge our ideas page.

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  159. Kev

    If anyone has the ability to work out what our number of students was in 2007, please do so. Also, if anyone has the ability to work out our success rates for 2005-2007, please do so. I haven't been able to work out these numbers myself.

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  162. MattJ

    Hmm, that was my year as a student :)

  163. MattJ

    Kev, we had 6 students in 2007

  164. Kev

    Excellent, application updated, thans.

  165. Flow

    Kev: Well, if you think it's better to have the comment removed. My idea was to point out the importance of the project.

  166. Kev

    All orgs think all their projects are important :)

  167. MattJ

    Kev, I think 100% passed that year, but I can't find anything official

  168. MattJ

    except that all 6 students uploaded their code here: http://code.google.com/p/google-summer-of-code-2007-xmpp/downloads/list

  169. Kev


  170. Kev

    I think that answers it, then, ta.

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  173. Kev

    I've just edited the page to add difficulties (how did I forget that this year?) - please review.

  174. Kev

    I'm glad I asked Carol to review it this year; I usually don't.

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  187. Kev

    Looking at those OF tasks, I wonder if they aren't both too small to be worth a project on their own. Maybe merging them would make sense.

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  189. MattJ

    Kev, I had similar thoughts

  190. MattJ

    191 in Prosody would take an afternoon, maybe two for someone who had never written Lua before

  191. MattJ

    Maybe a few weeks for someone totally new to programming :)

  192. Kev

    MAM is pretty Noddy if you don't do search, and you already have a storage backend, too.

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  198. Kev ponders just how vital extensive C++ knowledge and TLS implementation is to a project to map MUC onto Buddycloud.

  199. Kev

    Anyone Buddycloudish around who wants to suggest better prereqs for that project?

  200. Kev makes something up.

  201. Kev

    Just done yet another pass over the page.

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  213. Flow

    Hmm, maybe we could bundle the xep191 openfire task with xep198 acking-only

  214. Flow

    but mam alone should be enough for a gsoc project, even if openfire has already the archiviing backend

  215. Flow

    but it's up to dwd to decide

  216. Flow

    I don't do much openfire development any more

  217. Kev

    MAM's fairly straightforward on the server, other than efficient storage, and searching. Actually harder on the client.

  218. Kev

    But sure, adding sensible 198 support might be a reasonable pairing for 191.

  219. Flow

    daniel: do you think the axolotl conversations project could also produce a rough draft how to embed axolotl in XMPP?

  220. Flow

    someting like a pre-draft-spec-xep

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  222. Flow

    I hope that axoltol is able to solve all the issue we have with otr in xmpp

  223. Flow

    until then i use openpg

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  225. Kev

    I was wondering about an axalotl project for Swift, but it wasn't obvious to me that there was a C or C++ library.

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  229. Kev

    BTW - please no-one edit the wiki page from now on.

  230. Kev vanishes

  231. Kev

    Application is in, ideas page is up, nothing to do but wait, and spend the evening fretting that I messed something up.

  232. MattJ

    It'll be just fine :)

  233. MattJ

    Thanks for putting it all together

  234. Flow

    yeah, thanks Kev for setting the page and uplication up

  235. Flow

    Hope we'll get accepted

  236. Flow

    In that context: Was there a year where an XSF application was not accepted?

  237. daniel

    Flow: to extend the project? or you afraid that the project is too small?

  238. Flow

    daniel: No, to improve interoperability between an axolotl enabled conversations and another xmpp client

  239. daniel

    Flow: I mean in the end this is of course the expected outcome. but I was more or less going to write this myself with maybe some other people who are interested

  240. Flow

    and to have some written up for other dev who want to implement

  241. Flow

    something that eventually ends in an xep

  242. daniel

    Flow: yes an xep is of course what I'm trying to accomplish

  243. Flow

    allright :)

  244. daniel

    but I was afraid this might be too much for gsoc

  245. Flow


  246. Flow

    uh, that's why I said, rough draft, pre-spec, just something written up that is not source code

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  263. Kev

    GSoC shouldn't involve writing specs, it's specifically summer of /code/, not documentation. It's fine to do a little spec work in there, but a XEP shouldn't be a significant part.

  264. Kev

    Well, we're past the deadline now. So I hope everything went ok.

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  268. Kev

    And to the earlier question - there hasn't /yet/ been a year that we've applied and not been accepted, that I can remember. But rather than treating that as a good sign that we should be accepted, I'm afraid it's more of a sign that we're due a year where we don't make the cut.

  269. Kev

    Also - I wonder why the room is kicking me out.

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  275. MattJ

    Kev, your leaving didn't include a message from the server, so I'm inclined to think it wasn't "kicking" (if that helps)

  276. Kev

    Hmm. Well' it wasn't triggered by my client at least. I'm not entirely sure what my server might be doing to make me leave the room.

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