XSF Discussion - 2015-10-16

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  76. Zash Ge0rG: inline signing, s/in/on/ ?
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  80. Zash Haven't seen inline before in this context, but it sounds like you mean online signing
  81. xnyhps Zash: Well the BIND feature really appears to be called "inline-signing"
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  86. Zash I think PowerDNS calls it online signing
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  88. dwd Ge0rG, That blog post looks good. I might have to try it all out; there's a free DNSSEC anycast slave service run by a guy I know that I've been meaning to use.
  89. Kevish "I know a guy"
  90. dwd Exactly.
  91. intosi I have been using inline signing in BIND for quite a while now. Very useful.
  92. Zash I do offline signing, in which the signatures are embedded in the zone file. Almost like they are inlined. Imagine my confusion.
  93. dwd Kevish, Been thinking about PEP, MUC2/MIX, and MAM, BTW - I think we need a way to distinguish between ephemeral and whatever-the-opposite-of-that-is events. I think MAM currently distinguishes these purely on the basis of containing a <body/>, but I think the reality is more complex than that.
  94. Zash Not sure how you would use a slave server with online signing
  95. Zash dwd: Stanza profiles?
  96. dwd Possibly, but I think it might need per-event processing. If MUC2/MIX sends real message stanzas (as opposed to pubsub events) it's simpler, but otherwise non of those will be captured by MAM.
  97. Kevish dwd: Could be.
  98. Zash I kinda wanted to use type == chat or has body
  99. dwd Zash, I would prefer as simple a rule as possible, as well.
  100. Zash Currently enjoying my archive being 90% chat states
  101. ralphm hehe
  102. Kevish But isn't that useful?
  103. Kevish I'd have thought it'd be important to know that before they sent am essage, your contact started typing it.
  104. Kevish Useful detection that your contact isn't a bot, for example.
  105. Zash I'd like to say in the mam query 'only messages with a body, please'
  106. Kevish Zash: Nothing stops your server offering such a thing.
  107. Kevish Given the data forms.
  108. dwd Zash, Well, that's another issue - filtered MAM queries, since you want to have clients pull, say, geoloc events as well as chat.
  109. Kevish Yeah, we've got that already.
  110. Kevish Just shove whatever you want in a data form.
  111. Zash Kevish: my laziness and desire for a simple implementation does
  112. Kevish And then, if necessary, standardise the form fields.
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  114. dwd Kevish, I'm not claiming it's difficult to do.
  115. dwd Kevish, Just claiming that we'll need to address these things.
  116. Kevish Right, I was saying that we have addressed 'these things' as much as we need to generally.
  117. Kevish And it's just a case of speccing (or not) each individual thing that needs handling.
  118. ralphm what about things like pubsub notifications with body elements for clients dat don't support pubsub?
  119. ralphm I've seen useful applications of that, using type=chat, too, by the way.
  120. Kevish ralphm: I think that in this day and age that's a bad thing, because it's going to mess with so much.
  121. ralphm (I suppose I'm not opposed to MAMing pubsub, but hey, I wanted to bring it up)
  122. Kevish (Outside closed systems that can do whatever they want)
  123. Zash ralphm: PubSub has stuff for configuring that right ?
  124. ralphm Zash: the protocol might have. Implementations, I don't know.
  125. dwd There is, of course, the <no-store/> hint.
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  229. Ge0rG Zash: re DNSSEC online/inline signing, you can also run a hidden primary that does the signing...
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  232. Zash Ge0rG: I could, I have two slaves.
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  234. Ge0rG Zash: sex slaves, I hope.
  235. Kevish Inappropriate.
  236. Zash I'm sorry. I'll guess it's my head when the robot revolution comes
  237. Ge0rG Kevish: sorry. I tried hard to come up with a good SJW argument and failed.
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  239. Zash The menu on new.xmpp.org doesn't appear to work on my phone
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  245. Ge0rG Dear HN sock puppets, ehrm... I mean, dear proponents of XMPP on HN, please contribute to https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10400184 / http://op-co.de/blog/posts/yax_im_dnssec/
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  252. SamWhited 'dat HN title...
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  255. Ge0rG SamWhited: it's the post title, and HN policy is not to edit titles.
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  257. SamWhited Is it? I feel like most HN posts have a descriptive title... interesting.
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  260. Ge0rG SamWhited: probably because the original titles are descriptive as well.
  261. intosi Looks like people are playing techno buzz bingo on HN
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  263. Ge0rG intosi : yes they are.
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  267. ralphm Given that the article has 'I' in there, who wrote it? Why isn't the author's name visible near the post?
  268. ralphm Ge0rG: (I assume it was you)
  269. Ge0rG ralphm: I did. It's on my personal blog, which is based on ikiwiki, which is rather arcane.
  270. ralphm Ge0rG: you can't get an author's name in there anywhere, but have funky titles with mixed markup?
  271. Ge0rG ralphm: there is no mixed markup in the title. the long version of the title is merely bold text.
  272. ralphm Oh, I thought the subtitle was a separate thing
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  311. SamWhited Just submitted a new protoxep for something at work; if anyone's an XML schema expert, would you mind reviewing? I just copy/pasted from another spec and changed the namespaces/element names; no clue if it's remotely correct: https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/110
  312. SamWhited more direct link: https://github.com/hipchat/xeps/blob/attach_to/inbox/attachto.xml#L156
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  314. Kev Schemas for Experimental are optional.
  315. SamWhited Oh, that makes sense; shouldn't have bothered. Oh well.
  316. Kev Saves you time later.
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