XSF Discussion - 2015-11-09

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  112. goffi hi
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  145. xnyhps Is there a plan for draft-cridland-xmpp-session-01?
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  147. dwd Ah. No, but there should be; I think there was consensus on it already.
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  163. Zash Also spam
  164. Zash Yet another ejabberd with open registration
  165. Zash Spam about datacenters that allow spammers ...
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  175. Ge0rG there is also a prosody allowing open registration on some domain I own...
  176. Zash None of the recent spam sources have been anything but ejabberds with open registration
  177. Zash That I have seen at least.
  178. Ge0rG So why is it only ejabberd?
  179. Holger "ejabberd -- the spammer's server of choice!"
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  182. intosi Ge0rG: perhaps because there's a large install base.
  183. Ge0rG I'm still waiting for the day when I wake up and have a gazillion of spam abuse messages in my inbox
  184. Ge0rG ..and I can't do nothing about ot
  185. Zash Large install base. Preferences of people who aim to have one billion users. Default config?
  186. Ge0rG ..and I can't do nithing about ot
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  189. intosi The attacks on jabber.org two years back all came from ejabberd servers with open reg as well.
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  193. FOSS81405971 And what of Jappix, in discussion of spam & abuse?
  194. Tobias Lance, http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0358.html can work with MUC, right?
  195. Lance yes
  196. Holger Lance: How's that meant to work? My client subscribes the PEP nodes of the other participants?
  197. Lance You could. Or the room has an associated pubsub node for files that these are published to
  198. Lance or you include the jinglepub in a message and just send it
  199. Tobias for MUC1 it'd probably best to just put it in a message and send it
  200. Tobias for MUC2 a dedicated node would probably be the way to go
  201. Holger I think that really ends up being too complex a solution for sharing cat pics.
  202. intosi No effort is too much for cat pics.
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  213. dwd looks about.
  214. dwd That's almost a Board, there.
  215. Will almost
  216. Laura Hola
  217. Laura Who do we have today then? I know adam isn't around
  218. SamWhited What's almost a board? A log that's sitting in the lumber yard next to the planer?
  219. Laura I see Will - how about simon or ralph?
  220. Zash Yell "Timber!" and see if anyone shows up?
  221. simon here.
  222. Will SamWhited, we're an unfinished board. Although actually we're almost a finished board.
  223. Laura *bangs gavel* Let’s start the meeting!
  224. Laura Following g on from our email about the structure of these meetings, our agenda looks as follows:
  225. Laura Agenda for today 1. Roll call and agenda agreement 2. Review website commitment list 3. Review commitment list from last time 4. Review items for discussion 5. AOB 6. Time and date of next
  226. Laura #1 has happened (adam and ralphm both absent)
  227. Laura #2 website. This could get interesting without adam… Simon, can you provide an update?
  228. simon we have the following tasks that need to be done for the launch: https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/milestones/Launch
  229. simon and actually I see two on there that can be wiped off.
  230. Laura Do we have people doing them, or do we need help?
  231. simon They all have assignees.
  232. Laura Lovely stuff. Do we have an idea on go-live?
  233. simon imho, we should just set a date for a dns switch over and then deal with the consequences.
  234. Will +1
  235. Laura +1
  236. simon I’d feel comfortable for this time next week.
  237. Laura Let's aim for it! Simon, can you update and talk to adam about this?
  238. simon then we play “they that complain, submit pull requests”
  239. simon ok - I’ll email Adam and cc’ board@
  240. Laura Thanks
  241. Laura #3 Review commitment list from last time
  242. Laura First task is mine, and I honestly can't remember if I nudged dwd about the Council reviewing the website before launch?
  243. Laura I ask, hoping he is paying attention
  244. simon We did.
  245. simon There was no response.
  246. simon (paraphrasing DWD)
  247. Laura Ok, it was more a courtesy thing than anything - I just wanted to make sure they had an opportunity
  248. Laura The nmext action was you Simon - following up on treasurer role?
  249. simon I think we’re close enough that any changes can be rolled in right away.
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  251. Laura Great
  252. dwd I'd suggest putting it through a last call, and requiring comments to come in with PRs.
  253. simon re treasurer… no good excuses on my end… I’ll ping him now too.
  254. fippo simon: well, there was at least one PR as a result of this review
  255. simon DWD: I like it.
  256. Laura Dwd - can you bring this up at the Council meeting?
  257. simon fippo: thanks. They have been useful and I’ve been trying to process them as quick as they come in.
  258. Laura Simon, thanks. I know you have been busy with the website
  259. stpeter sorry I'm late
  260. Laura No worries stpeter
  261. Laura #4 Review items for discussion
  262. Laura Starting with the 2 items that might have been discussed post-Board last week
  263. Laura Was anyone around with ralphm who talked summit/FOSDEM ?
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  265. dwd Laura, No more Council meetings until next term.
  266. Laura Ah, ok - I will email
  267. Laura I will also take that silence as no one had a post-Board chat (which is totally fine, it was an open thing)
  268. Laura I wonder if simon / adam managed to work out what to do about the website strapline (the other dicussion topic)?
  269. stpeter I had a suggestion for the strapline (if a strapline is what I think it is...)
  270. simon No new strapline comments. I’m also happy for a flurry of “pull requests to fix that” or at least a discussion thread opening up when it’s live.
  271. stpeter nods to Simon
  272. simon Peter - could you start a new strapline issue on GH and then we can keep this there (and Laura happy with a short meeting)?
  273. simon is curious…
  274. Laura I like this approach Simon. I suggest we give the site being live a few days before we try to generate new views etc (tweets etc) anyway, give people time to do their requests
  275. stpeter Simon: sure thing
  276. Laura Great!
  277. Laura #5 AOB
  278. Laura There are 2, both of which have my name on
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  280. Laura Number 1 - Request from Florian for a contribution towards his GSoC mentor costs - $418
  281. Laura stpeter - just to double check, we haven't done this before have we? And that's not me saying we shouldn't, just checking history
  282. Will have we done that before.... oh
  283. stpeter Laura: I do not recall that we have ever done that, no
  284. Laura Board - thoughts?
  285. dwd We have paid for people to go to things, assuming that's what this is.
  286. Will if we do it for one we really have to offer to do it for all
  287. Laura That's my thinking Will
  288. Will all mentors that is
  289. simon Do we have an idea of what these costs were?
  290. Will do we have a breakdown of what the costs were?
  291. Laura Travel and accomodation
  292. stpeter We've never sent anyone to the mentor summit before
  293. dwd This is the travel to Google, then?
  294. Laura Not travel sorry, that was covered
  295. stpeter yes
  296. Laura Words: The 1100 USD seem to cover my travel expenses, incl. the transfer from airport to the hotel and back. I plan to stay from Sep 5. - Sep 9, the summit is from Sep. 6. - Sep. 8., so I've to pay 2 nights out of my own Pocket, around 400 USD. Given that my financial situation is not solid yet (student), and that the mentoring organization receives 500 USD per student, could the XSF imagine to cover (a part of) this?
  297. dwd The XSF gets paid by Google for the GSoC, so I imagine we would still make a profit if we did.
  298. simon Not sure that profit is the right word… but I’m with dwd on this one.
  299. simon +1 for payment and big thank-you to the mentors for their efforts.
  300. Laura So, Simon & Will - happy in this instance to cover the 418 USD for Florian, using the money received from Google?
  301. Laura +1 from me
  302. Will if it's a legitimate GSOC expense then we can pay but we really ought to canvas the other mentors to see if they have similar claims (they may assume no money was available)
  303. Will so, +0.5 from me
  304. Laura We only sent 2 people, so I can speak to Joachim and check?
  305. Laura We can decide once I have checked with him?
  306. Will I think that sounds sensible
  307. Laura Taken.
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  310. Laura My last AOB (there may be more) - when is our last Board meeting, as current Board?
  311. Will next week I think
  312. stpeter yes
  313. Laura Monday 16th Nov?
  314. Laura Great. Any other AOBs?
  315. Will yup
  316. Will I mean "yes" to Mon 16, not to AOB
  317. Laura :)
  318. Laura Any AOB simon?
  319. simon I’m good - emailed about the launch (next Monday).
  320. Laura #6 Time and date of next
  321. Laura Same time, next week - for the final meeting!
  322. stpeter yay :-)
  323. Laura *bangs gavel* Thanks all
  324. Laura It will be awesome to go live with the website on the same day as out last meeting
  325. simon +1
  326. SamWhited Nice; well done!
  327. Will my last day on the board will see the website I took on as my first board assignment (way back when) replaced :-)
  328. stpeter indeed!
  329. stpeter haha
  330. Laura It's like the circle of Will's life in the XSF
  331. Will hopefully just my life in the XSF, rather than the whole thing!
  332. FOSS81405971 "Final meeting"? What is happening to the XSF?
  333. Zash Board election.
  334. Will out with the old, in with the new (partly)
  335. FOSS81405971 Oh, I see. And you're not seeking consideration, Will .
  336. simon already feels old without being labelled by will.
  337. FOSS81405971 nods.
  338. Will correct
  339. stpeter Simon: shall we send a note to the members@ list asking for website review and feedback (issues & PRs) in the run-up to launch?
  340. simon peter: leave it with me.
  341. stpeter OK!
  342. FOSS81405971 Thanks for answering my question.
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  345. Ge0rG what's the best way to handle typos on new.x.o? one pull request per typo? per document?
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  347. simon Georg: just keep the pull requests coming with as many or as few corrections as you like.
  348. Ge0rG simon: just made #76; need to run now, however...
  349. Ge0rG will read on later / tomorrow.
  350. stpeter simon: https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/80
  351. stpeter I'll make an effort to provide updates throughout the week, but now I need to get back to day job tasks :-)
  352. simon merged your [rewriting] history changes.
  353. simon ;)
  354. stpeter hehehe
  355. stpeter the CI stuff is nice :-)
  356. stpeter oh we already seem to have content for http://new.xmpp.org/about/standards-process so perhaps we can close https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/issues/40
  357. stpeter aha, it's already closed
  358. stpeter if only GitHub would update pages automatically
  359. simon peter: github wikis? ;)
  360. stpeter it seems that I can still work on http://new.xmpp.org/uses/instant-messaging though
  361. simon oh yes please!
  362. SamWhited If you include "Fixes #40" in the commit somewhere, it will auto close it :)
  363. stpeter I think it would also be good to have a "uses" page about machine-to-machine comms
  364. stpeter SamWhited: yep :-)
  365. stpeter or maybe m2m falls under IoT
  366. stpeter I'll make a start on that, too
  367. stpeter http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/InternetOfThings has some content we can re-use :-)
  368. stpeter something for me to work on tonight, anyway...
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  410. SamWhited That's a new one... 'To unsubscribe, send "!StopSpam" jabber:jid@bin.vc' somehow I don't think I'll be trying that...
  411. SamWhited maybe with a fake JID.
  412. SamWhited Just to see how much more I get afterwards.
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