XSF Discussion - 2015-11-23

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  144. goffi hi
  145. Ge0rG hi goffi
  146. dwd Does anyone know how much XEP-0090, XEP-0091, and for that matter XEP-0078 is actually used in the field?
  147. mathieui I don’t think I’ve ever seen 0078 used
  148. Kevish I would assume that 90 and 91 must have mostly gone away by now. But I could be wrong.
  149. Kevish 78, no clue.
  150. dwd Reason I'm asking is because I've a PR to remove the first two, and a suggestion to remove '78.
  151. Kevish I'd be inclined to accept the PR. I'm much less sure about 78.
  152. mathieui last time I have needed to care about 90/91 was like 4 years ago, but I have no clue about real-world usage
  153. goffi think a caniuse like site for XMPP would be nice
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  158. Flow dwd: I've removed support for xep78 in Smack a few months ago. As of xep90: Smack understands it, i.e. there is a compatibility layer, but does not "speak" it. xep91 is fully supported.
  159. Flow dwd: I'm all for removing obsolete stuff
  160. Flow You don't want to carry this around for long in open source projects with limited man power.
  161. Flow Especially for xep78: Removing it made the Smack code so much more readable.
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  164. Ge0rG I was recently asked to recommend end-to-end secure chat clients... is there something besides of conversations? Does Swift support OTR?
  165. Tobias it does not
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  167. goffi We do support OTR
  168. goffi and planning to add OMEMO at some point
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  170. Ge0rG goffi: who is "we"?
  171. goffi Ge0rG: http://salut-a-toi.org
  172. goffi but kind of use is it for ? Desktop ? Mobile ? Web ?
  173. Ge0rG yet another android client... :>
  174. Ge0rG goffi: I was asked by somebody preparing info material for normal people.
  175. goffi planed but not started yet
  176. Ge0rG I had to say there is no decent XMPP client for iOS....
  177. goffi ok, it's still a bit a early for general audience
  178. goffi we need to stabilise before
  179. goffi but we are soon. And we can do iOS too, we are more blocked by Apple policy than by technical reasons
  180. goffi s/but we are soon/but we are close/
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  186. arune goffi: the link to the campaign does not work?
  187. goffi hum, it should, I check that
  188. arune I end up here: https://www.arizuka.com/en-gb/projects/libervia/
  189. arune "Désolé, cette page n'existe pas !"
  190. goffi it's working here
  191. goffi en-gb ???
  192. goffi should be /en/
  193. goffi where did you get that link ?
  194. intosi I received the same one from salut-a-toi.org
  195. goffi ouch, I'll check that, thanks for the report
  196. intosi It's using the preferred browser language in the URL.
  197. dwd en-cy-like
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  210. goffi intosi: arune: campain link should be fixed now
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  213. intosi Looks like it works.
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  217. goffi cool
  218. Ge0rG winfried: FYI: I've got an okay from my boss to dedicate some time to the capptain thing...
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  223. Flow Ge0rG: capptain thing?
  224. Ge0rG Flow: https://xmpp.net/result.php?id=36460 - I noticed a connection to that server from one of the android apps I have installed
  225. Flow Ahh, so you want to investigate on their security?
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  227. Ge0rG Flow: actually I want to see what kind of data they are sniffing out of me
  228. Ge0rG Flow: the goal is to make a security analysis report
  229. Flow Ge0rG: What's you approach? Hooking into Android via e.g. Xposed?
  230. Ge0rG Flow: Nah, too sophisticated. I'll do a MitM and eat my hat if they check certificates.
  231. Flow Pics or it didn't happen
  232. Flow And Xposed ain't that sophisticated :)
  233. Flow In the news "Security researcher eats own hat after discovering an app which verifies certificates"
  234. Ge0rG haha
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  243. Zash Ge0rG: You have hats?
  244. Ge0rG Zash: I've got one.
  245. Ge0rG and it's black! MUHAHAHAHAA!
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  258. Laura Hey folks, online ready for the first Board meeting with the new Board
  259. stpeter hi Laura!
  260. stpeter I'm not sure that we told the new board that we're meeting
  261. stpeter and I need to add Arc Riley to the board@xmpp.org list
  262. stpeter so let me do that
  263. stpeter (and remove Adam)
  264. Laura Also add Bear, and remove Simon
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  266. Laura And that is a very good point.
  267. Laura We may have to postpone our first meeting, unless the power of my mind summons everyone needed to this space…
  268. Laura I wonder if we have any Board folk here
  269. intosi Lots of bystanders ;)
  270. Laura Watching me make a total mess of our first meeting…
  271. ralphm I am here
  272. ralphm Watching, too, of course
  273. Laura Thanks Ralphm!
  274. stpeter nod
  275. ralphm seriously, though, I didn't really expect the meeting to happen
  276. ralphm I was about to ask if the board list had been updated
  277. Laura Then lets leave it for today - stpeter when the list is updated can you confirm, and I will email a meeting request?
  278. Laura I am useless… can't believe people didn't just guess the right time/date...
  279. dwd Laura, Emerging from under a warm dog - it'd be worthwhile putting out a call for minute-taking volunteers, too.
  280. Laura Yup yup, will do. Will draft an email when the Board list is ready, and get ready Trello etc updated and ready for handover to new Board / Chair
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  283. stpeter sorry about that, I was on a bizdev call
  284. ralphm Laura: what do you mean handover
  285. stpeter I've updated the roster for the board@ list - removed Adam, Will, Simon, and Kev (as Council chair) and added Arc, Bear, and Dave
  286. intosi stpeter: make sure to add Dave twice.
  287. ralphm stpeter: thanks!
  288. stpeter intosi: from work and home addresses?
  289. stpeter intosi: or also to Council?
  290. ralphm intosi: has the Council made Dave chair then? Missed that.
  291. intosi Not as far as I'm aware.
  292. Laura I think the point was to add Dave to both, as he is on both. We will need to add Council Chair when one has been elected
  293. stpeter right exactly
  294. stpeter first Council meeting is next Wednesday, December 1st
  295. Laura Thanks stpeter - I will get the email sent out
  296. stpeter you're the best!
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  299. Kevish "You have been unsubscribed from the Board mailing list" Sadface.
  300. dwd ralphm, Gosh, I hope not.
  301. Kevish (I think I'm technically still the Council Chair until a new one is elected, but it probably doesn't matter much)
  302. ralphm Kevish: there there
  303. dwd Kevish, I don't know actually. I know that's true for Board, where the Chair needn't be an elected Board member. Not so sure it works the same way for Council.
  304. Kevish I'll resist the temptation to check :)
  305. ralphm I read the bylaws, and it only says: “The individuals elected to the XMPP Council shall, by an affirmative majority vote of those present and voting, appoint the chair of such Council.”
  306. ralphm And that all participants must be members.
  307. ralphm So I am willing to go with Kevish' version
  308. Kevish On the topic of scribing, I'm not sure it makes a huge difference (other than to the individual's workload) whether the chair scribes, or it gets farmed out (for either Board or Council).
  309. Kevish It's easier to scribe by going through the logs in your own time than trying to keep up during a meeting anyway, and at that point it makes little difference.
  310. Kevish A significant advantage of using MUCs for this stuff, rather than unlogged comms.
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  313. ralphm Kevish: definitely
  314. ralphm Kevish: I just had a great new use case that should be nice to handle in MUC2: incident alerting rendered in a side bar
  315. ralphm Kevish: so it does not disturb the conversation, but is still highly visible
  316. Kevish It's just another node :)
  317. Kevish So I think it slips nicelyand naturally into the model.
  318. Kevish stpeter: On that, I *think* I'm waiting for your thoughts on me updating your update to my update to MUC2.
  319. Kevish We could just submit as-is, but some of the changes seem to be significant enough that we wouldn't want to encourage implementation testing of the current doc when we know the changes that're on the way.
  320. stpeter Kevish: yes I remembered that over the weekend.
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