XSF Discussion - 2016-01-05

  1. Kev

    dwd: Does 'interesting idea' mean 'Board will discuss' or 'this is likely to get forgotten'?

  2. Kev

    I'm not tied to that idea at all, but I do think we should put some effort into getting minutes for this summit sorted out.

  3. Tobias

    get anything out at all...communication around xmpp.org and XSF seems dead for months

  4. dwd

    Tobias, I can't argue with that.

  5. dwd

    Kev, I'll raise it tomorrow.

  6. Kev


  7. ralphm

    Unfortunately I have been taking time to offline stuff (mainly around the new house that's being built) and apparently the dates were not clear. I hope the e-mail I sent out yesterday helps in that regard. I'm right back on things now.

  8. Kev

    I think the dates are clear now, thanks Ralph.

  9. dwd

    ralphm, Have you touched base with Chris Deering? M&M mentioned he should be able to help with Cisco office space./

  10. ralphm

    I was about to do that, indeed

  11. dwd

    ralphm, Also, Lance told me he had no plans to attend, so it might end up being me putting together a technical agenda, depending on whether PSA's coming.

  12. ralphm

    Kev's also not coming, right?

  13. ralphm

    Or did I mis-remember this

  14. dwd

    ralphm, Well, Kev's not Council anymore. Which isn't to say he couldn't run it, but I assumed that wasn't ideal.

  15. ralphm

    there's that, sure

  16. edhelas

    hello everyone, I'll join you during the FOSDEM on Saturday, I can do a little presentation of Movim to the XSF guys and/or the public if you want :)

  17. dwd

    edhelas, I think that'd be great.

  18. edhelas

    do you know if I can put my name somewhere, do we have a quiet room or some place to do such thing ?

  19. edhelas

    15-30min could be enough, I'm not planning to prepare somepthing in particular, just show the project and answer any questions :) so if it's with XSF members it can go technical

  20. dwd

    We'll have the Lounge area, and you can talk to Ralph about that.

  21. edhelas

    looks like I can put my name here http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/FOSDEM_2016#Realtime_Lounge

  22. dwd

    edhelas, Sure, but also talk to ralphm.

  23. Kev

    I don't believe I've said I'm not coming.

  24. Zash

    I believe you.

  25. Kev

    And FWIW, I'm reasonably sure Peter has run plenty of things when not Council - but equally I've got no objection to not having to stand for two days.

  26. dwd

    Peter has always had a formal role within the XSF, though - Executive Director or Beloved Leader or whatever.

  27. ralphm

    Kev: so are you coming?

  28. ralphm

    Kev: also, standing is optional

  29. Kev

    ralphm: Haven't confirmed any of the Isode folks are coming yet, but I'm expecting to.

  30. ralphm

    dwd: got a provisional yes from Chris

  31. ralphm

    dwd: so yay