XSF Discussion - 2016-01-16

  1. daniel

    Is there an office hashtag for the summit?

  2. daniel


  3. bear

    @daniel i'll start that discussion over in the summit muc and also on the mailing list

  4. SamWhited

    "Official hashtag" — the world has become a strange place :)

  5. bear

    become? ;)

  6. SamWhited


  7. Zash

    So what's the official AOL keyword?

  8. bear sighs and reaches for something pointy to toss at zash

  9. daniel

    SamWhited: it's a all about marketing

  10. daniel

    Nobody cares if you have a good product. You have to sell it.

  11. Zash

    And that's why we can't have nice things