XSF Discussion - 2016-05-18

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  152. moparisthebest if only we could make XMPP use this new cipher "We created a cipher that is 6,000,000 times stronger than current data security, as proven by algorithmic mathematics." https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/datagatekeeper/datagatekeeper-the-first-impenetrable-anti-hacking
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  154. moparisthebest yikes, can anyone read that without cringing? :P
  155. Zash Not even gonna try
  156. Ge0rG is it my copy&paste-fu, or is that link a 404?
  157. Ge0rG oh, it's the former.
  158. moparisthebest you know you want to read it Zash haha
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  160. Ge0rG moparisthebest: I wonder if the icon is supposed to represent a trojan horse or my little pony.
  161. edhelas Ge0rG, both
  162. Ge0rG This is the Total Data Protection! /:=O
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  165. dwd That one is so hyperbolic.
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  172. edhelas XMPP Compliance Suites 2016 <3
  173. edhelas would be really nice to have the validation system to promote the apps that are compatibles
  174. SamWhited Just updated to add a mobile compliance suite as well; suggestions for what should go in it are welcome: https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/185
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  176. SamWhited Probably going to add stream compression, EXI, and push notifications at least at various levels.
  177. edhelas For Movim it's a bit weird actually, because I'm not really a web client, but not a "IM" client as well
  178. SamWhited Is movim that social networking thing?
  179. Zash SamWhited: Don't we consider stream compression horribly insecure nowdays?
  180. edhelas SamWhited, yup
  181. edhelas basically it's a "webmail" but for XMPP
  182. SamWhited Zash: probably, I don't buy it though as long as you do a full flush on stanza boundaries
  183. SamWhited I don't buy that it's a problem, that is.
  184. SamWhited I guess that will probably come up when the discussion about moving it forward happens though, so good to start thinking about.
  185. Zash Well it's gone from the next Prosody fwiw
  186. Holger SamWhited: I don't know whether or not it's a problem, but it doesn't sound essential for interop/UX to me.
  187. SamWhited Holger: It helps a lot on mobile when you have a X000 person roster.
  188. Holger You have too many friends.
  189. Zash SamWhited: Even with various CSI optimizations?
  190. Link Mauve edhelas, Movim definitely is both a web client and an IM client.
  191. SamWhited Coworkers, but yah, we (Atlassian) aren't even one of our (HipChat's) bigger groups.
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  194. SamWhited Zash: Not sure about that; wish I could convince them to let me deploy my implementation.
  195. edhelas Link Mauve, yeah but all the XMPP part is done server side, with a stable and good Internet connection
  196. SamWhited edhelas: Does Movim not make an XMPP connection to the server?
  197. edhelas Holger, I have ~300 contacts in my roster, some clients really have issues to process it :p
  198. edhelas SamWhited, it does but server side, basically you have
  199. edhelas User Browser <- HTML + Websocket -> Web Server <- Pure XMPP TCP/TLS -> XMPP Server
  200. Holger edhelas: I guess compression won't help those clients though :-)
  201. SamWhited edhelas: Yah, if it makes an XMPP connection to the server, I'd say that means it fits in the web compliance category (in the sense that you'll need either BOSH or websockets to connect, and you'll have to implement the XMPP subprotocol of one or the other presumably)
  202. Link Mauve 315 here, and my main client is really slow at processing their presence. ^^'
  203. SamWhited Unless your HTML+Websocket connection isn't XMPP? I'm still confused.
  204. Holger Everyone has more friends than me.
  205. edhelas no it's pure "web" websocket, there is no XMPP at all browser side
  206. edhelas as I said, Movim is a "webmail" for XMPP
  207. SamWhited Oh yah, wouldn't apply then I guess
  208. dwd FWIW, compression is fine and perfectly safe in some cases; but they're oddball ones.
  209. edhelas ok :p
  210. edhelas Link Mauve, roster + presence processing need to be really well doneif you have a huge roster. It took me some time to have nice performance on Movim, now it process the ~500 stanza of the login in less than 1sec. All in pure PHP :)
  211. edhelas the roster is actually read in one time and saved in one request in the DB
  212. SamWhited As it should be. If you ever find yourself writing "for whatever { dbcall }" you're probably doing it wrong.
  213. SamWhited Build the query, then execute, or you're going to have scaling problems later :)
  214. Link Mauve edhelas, I expect your parsing to be way less heavy than slixmpp’s. :)
  215. Link Mauve Also, Python is slow.
  216. mathieui :D
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  229. Flow I still consider stream compression essential for mobile connections
  230. Flow Also I've been working on Smack droping the compression dict state, not only stanza boundary, but on channel change. Where "channel change" means that the recipient bare jid has changed. I believe that this is the best trade-off between security and efficiency
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  232. Flow Happy to be proven otherwhise and told if this still would be a security issue
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  235. SamWhited What Flow said ⤴
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  237. Flow s/not only stanza boundary/not on stanza boundaries/
  238. Flow the idea is that you can keep the compression dict state as long as you are sending stanzas to the same entity
  239. Link Mauve I’d be interested in having that in Prosody.
  240. Link Mauve Especially for s2s, since broadcasting a stanza to many people is very slow on ADSL.
  241. Link Mauve And very often you send many stanzas to the same server in a row.
  242. Link Mauve Even better, many similar stanzas.
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  249. xnyhps Compressing single stanzas could allow attackers to discover your real JID to others in semi-anonymous rooms if they can observe the encrypted stanza size.
  250. xnyhps s/to others/
  251. xnyhps But that's very little payoff for how much access you need.
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  253. Flow xnyhps: So no big worries with having compression this way from your side?
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  256. xnyhps You can't easily detect if the server is doing the same, so I still think it's a bad idea.
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  261. Flow well we coud register a new compression algo like 'zlib-secure'
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  264. xnyhps I still think you can win a lot more (and actually reduce processing time and information leakage) by making sure stanzas that are sent simultaneously get into the same TLS record.
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  266. xnyhps With any relatively modern ciphersuite there's at least 41 bytes of overhead per record, the maximum would be ~85 bytes with AES-CBC + SHA384.
  267. SamWhited Agree about sticking stanzas in the same TLS record, but I very much doubt you can convince most clients (or servers, for that matter) to try and optimize at that level. Would love to be proven wrong though (hint, hint, client/server developers)
  268. SamWhited I'm not sure a zlib-secure algo is needed; just require it in the spec in general and if you implement that version of the spec assume it's being done.
  269. SamWhited (if it's not being done, that's a bug but it could equally not actually be happening if they advertised zlib-secure or something)
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  316. Tobias stpeter, what are the plans for https://github.com/stpeter/xmppdotnet/ ? expanding the team that processes those PRs?
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