XSF Discussion - 2016-05-25

  1. Guus

    stpeter, you available for a quick chat?

  2. dwd

    For those that (sensibly) don't follow my Twitter: https://medium.com/@dwdbah/open-standards-monocultures-and-diversity-ed82bb81a9a7

  3. Tobias

    or follow you on other startups from the twitter founder :P

  4. Zash

    dwd, what happend to your normal blog?

  5. Tobias

    or follow you on the twitter founder's other startups :P

  6. Tobias

    Zash, how would you view that? there's no standardized federated protocol to view medium blog posts?

  7. Zash

    with gopher of course

  8. Tobias

    ah..there's a medium gopher gateway...didn't know. must be as feature full as Slack's XMPP gateway

  9. dwd

    Zash, I really ought to sort out my own blog, yes.

  10. dwd

    But I'm waiting, because I want to do something insane that I'm lacking time on.

  11. bear

    dwd - the Indieweb folks really like your article - they are wondering if you want to come to the IndieWebSummit

  12. dwd

    That'd be fun. And ironic, given where I published. Where/when?