XSF Discussion - 2017-09-19

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  109. Guus Anyone interested in attending T-DOSE (November 18/19, Eindhoven, NL)? Timothée and myself are going. I'm thinking of asking for an XMPP stand.
  110. Guus It's pretty reachable by public transportation. Trainstation nearby, and Eindhoven has an airport.
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  128. ralphm A bit far for me.
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  131. ralphm I'd need at least 20 minutes by bus, and then the walking.
  132. edhelas 🚲
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  135. Guus Yeah, the walking. That's aweful.
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  137. Guus although you could take a bus to the trainstation, and do 15 minutes walking from there.
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  140. Guus (you might actually be faster on a bicycle?)
  141. Ge0rG Can't you take a bicycle on the train?
  142. Zash Why would they let you do something smart like that?
  143. Guus Ge0rG: yes, but not during rush hour.
  144. Guus Zash - it's pretty common over here. We love our bikes.
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  146. Ge0rG I love my bike too, this is why I'm never using it.
  147. Guus note that this country is flatter than most mirrors.
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  150. Guus I once tried to take my bike on a train in Sweden. Found out the annoying way that I had to ship it as cargo...
  151. SouL It helps when the country is amazinlgy flat :)
  152. Zash Our bike lanes do barrel rolls around the roads
  153. Zash Tunnels and bridges everywhere
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  155. Ge0rG Sounds like my LAN.
  156. edhelas :p
  157. Guus so, I'm going to ask for a two-day stand at T-Dose. Who wants to join me there?
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  174. ralphm I mostly use a Kickbike for commuting these days.
  175. intosi Which isn't a bike at all, according to the NS, right? #nowthatshackingtherules
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  184. SouL I never heard of Kickbikes before... Do they have any benefit compared to bikes?
  185. edhelas compatible with NS trains :p
  186. SouL Ohh
  187. edhelas i had a foldable bike for a while for that reason as well
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  190. jonasw NS?
  191. SouL jonasw, I hope I'm not wrong: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nederlandse_Spoorwegen
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  193. edhelas SouL you're not :)
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  197. jonasw ah I see
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  203. Guus people, I've created a FOSDEM and Summit 22 wiki page, to get organisation started. I'm assuming that we're going to do those? Does Board formally have to schedule the summit?
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  206. Guus I'm hopign that people that were involved in its organization last time will again be availble to help out (if only because I don't know what I'm doing ;) )
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  221. tux Will XSF be on 34c3?
  222. mimi89999 When is it?
  223. Ge0rG tux: some members will
  224. tux Ge0rG: at least one, I know this much %)
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  226. tux mimi89999: End of December in Leipzig/Germany
  227. Ge0rG tux: I think there were also plans to organize an assembly, check members archive from August, "SCAM: 34C3"
  228. tux ack
  229. Ge0rG cont'd in September
  230. mathieui tux, some members and board members will
  231. mathieui (reminder that I’ve still got early 34C3 coupons for XMPP people)
  232. Guus mathieui: could you create a quick page on the wiki for this? I've just done t-dose, fosdem and summit - really must get back to work
  233. mathieui yes
  234. Guus thanks. I'll not be attending, but am happy to faciilitate from a SCAM perspective (having a wiki page helps me remind of that)
  235. mathieui Hu, I don’t have a wiki account anymore
  236. tux (Why does the archive not list message IDs?)
  237. tux (or a re-send to me feature)
  238. Ge0rG mathieui: you could ask a wiki admin (me) if you provide your user name and email address via PM.
  239. jonasw tux, I think you can download mbox files
  240. jonasw hmm, aybe not
  241. jonasw we should see if there’s a way to enable that, that’d be a useful thing
  242. tux Ge0rG provided me with the message ID
  243. Ge0rG maybe we should also ask Board if the members archives are supposed to be public
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  247. mathieui I don’t see why not
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  250. mathieui https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/34C3 there, created (Guus, tux)
  251. edhelas damn, looks like I'm coming to the 34c3 :D
  252. mathieui I thought you already had a ticket :o
  253. Guus tx
  254. Ge0rG mathieui: [[Category:SCAM]] might be useful
  255. Guus yeah, I was just thinking of that
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  257. Guus I didn't do that for the other events, but I should've
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  259. mathieui done
  260. Ge0rG I'm sure Daniel will go as well.
  261. Guus I did the other pages, tx
  262. mathieui Ge0rG, well, I added only people I already heard from
  263. mathieui I’m sure there are other people
  264. Ge0rG mathieui: Daniel was the one to ask on members@
  265. mathieui right
  266. Guus I've added it to 'upcoming events' on the main wiki page.
  267. mathieui (I added daniel)
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  269. Ge0rG I made stupid remarks.
  270. Ge0rG As always.
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  272. mathieui Also, we (JabberFR) will probably end up having a booth at Capitole du Libre, a french event, can we request some SCAM material for this?
  273. Ge0rG mathieui: like stickers with overlapping archs?
  274. mathieui like that, yes
  275. Ge0rG I'd still love to see a sticker design with bear arms.
  276. Ge0rG Bruno the Bear hugging Zimpie the XMPP.
  277. Ge0rG Or is it Zimpy?
  278. tux Narf, sorry for the (now reverted) edit on the SCAM page. Computers are hard.
  279. Guus mathieui: yes, you can.
  280. mathieui We’ll get on it once our presence is confirmed then
  281. Guus kk
  282. tux same here
  283. Guus poke me personally, if the SCAM themed commchannels have not been established by then
  284. mathieui no problem
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  322. tux oh...building psi-plus 1.2.71 packages for current Debian Stable was too easy ...
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  348. moparisthebest dwd, didn't you say you implemented '368 in a server? and which one?
  349. moparisthebest the s2s part I mean
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  351. daniel moparisthebest: metre
  352. Ge0rG I never can remember that name.
  353. daniel github.com/surevine/metre
  354. moparisthebest thanks daniel
  355. moparisthebest anyone know of any other s2s '368 implementations?
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  360. moparisthebest ah jonasw so it looks like you mix weight/priority among both types of SRV records too, if I can still read python
  361. moparisthebest which is great, metre does too, and conversations
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  363. jonasw it’s a SHOULD
  364. jonasw and yes, you still can
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  367. moparisthebest yea it was a MUST but someone, I think it was ralphm, said a client might want to simply try '368 records first, and since a server can't tell anyway, changed it to SHOULD
  368. moparisthebest I was just curious if anyone implemented it without mixing
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  372. daniel The slight problem I have with mixing is that it gives too much power to stupid server admins
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  374. moparisthebest so far I've only seen non-stupid admins implement it, but yes I can see what you mean
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  395. mimi89999 daniel: Visit Conversations MUC please...
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  408. Guus I LOL'd: https://pastebin.com/yRZgX5TP
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  483. SouL Guus: haha, super funny
  484. SouL 😸
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  494. mimi89999 Guus: Where was it?
  495. mimi89999 Why not JID? 😂
  496. Guus That was in the Ignite Realtime community chat room
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  552. edhelas call for participation for the 34c3 https://events.ccc.de/2017/09/19/34c3-call-for-participation-and-submission-guidelines/
  553. mathieui added it to the wiki page
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