XSF Discussion - 2017-10-14

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  154. Syndace Can a client respond with an internal-server-error if something internal goes wrong when handling a request? The "server" part makes me unsure.
  155. MattJ Heh
  156. MattJ Do you have a specific case in mind?
  157. MattJ or is this just a "is it possible"?
  158. Syndace Im currently coding a client for fun and I have a situation where something internal may fail and I'm wondering what to respond in that case. To make it more specific: Before I send a stanza as response I validate it using the XML schema files and some additional logic. What do I do if the validation fails? I have to anwser something to iq request..
  159. Syndace Now that I think about it, maybe I should only validate incoming stanzas and not outgoing ones. The receiving entity can't expect valid stanzas anyway and has to validate itself.
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  161. Syndace I just thought it would be cool to make sure what I'm sending is valid.
  162. MattJ Isn't that bad-request?
  163. MattJ Oh, sorry, I see what you're saying
  164. MattJ Maybe undefined-condition with a custom error would be appropriate here
  165. MattJ There's not much the remote party can do about it in any case
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  168. Syndace Hmm the undefined-condition should be used in application-specific cases
  169. Syndace I mean, should is not must but it does not feel clean either
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  171. Syndace I think I'll use my internal validation to display warnings/errors and send the invalid stanza anyway. At least this way finding and debugging invalid stanzas is easy.
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  211. Flow Syndace, whatever you do, it's often a good idea to include a human readable english text into the error response which provides more information about what whent wrong. But only if that information does not cause some sort of security leak
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  216. Syndace Flow, most of the errors are self explanatory, aren't they? Often the XEPs define semantics for error conditions. I like to avoid decisions that might cause security leaks.
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  246. Flow Syndace, In my experience it's quite the opposite. For example internal-server-error: It's often usefull to know the cause of the error
  247. Syndace Why does the client have to know which internal server error occured?
  248. Syndace Nevermind, there are probably cases where additional info makes a lot of sense. I'll overthink which of my generated errors could benifit from additional info.
  249. Flow Syndace, so that it can report the error condition back to the server operator
  250. Syndace The server operator should really log internal errors himself..
  251. Flow and he will very likely do that
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  257. zinid Syndace: sometimes a user sees an error and don't bother support, because the error is temporary, for example, database failure
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  292. pep. jonasw, in your last email to the XHTML-IM thread, I fail to see how having a protocol break from xml to xml would fix OP's issue. I'd like to keep XML as well but if you do that you're still open to the same vulnerabilities
  293. jonasw pep., yes, I’m not convinced that XML helps, which is what I wrote I think?
  294. pep. let me reread
  295. jonasw actually I’m even posting an example of how this might be exploited
  296. jonasw yeah, I probably should’ve added something like "I *think* that […], but I’m not convinced that clients will do the right thing by default, which is why we’re trying to get rid ofXHTML-IM in the first place." will clarify on-list
  297. pep. :)
  298. pep. But,
  299. pep. hmm, yes
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  301. pep. yeah, saying "We are now using this NS instead" won'T fix the problem of people not validating
  302. pep. So if people want a change, XML is a no-no
  303. pep. And so is markdown because some implementation (most?) accept html
  304. jonasw markdown is out even if only because it’s not extensible
  305. pep. Right
  306. pep. But I would go further and say, for XML, it's a no-no for web clients at all.
  307. pep. Because people are putting stuff everywhere without validating and that creates vulnerabilities :)
  308. pep. Not just in <body>
  309. pep. Even if it's the most obvious
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  336. goffi pep.: that is issue with client dev, validating untrusted input is the first thing to learn when you do web dev (even not web actually)
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  338. goffi pep.: (disclaimer: I'm not claming that my web software are failproof, security issue can and will happen to most software)
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  340. pep. goffi, yeah, look at my last email on the list
  341. Zash Can't have nice things!
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  346. pep. I should have put something like "unlike OP suggests" at the end of that sentence
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  505. goffi jonasw: thanks for your last message, I kind of feel alone when I don't even understand while people are still talking about markdown after the debate we had.
  506. goffi s/while/why/
  507. jonasw I’m assuming some good faith (i.e. too long other thread and people didn’t read)
  508. goffi it's possible, I've had the same thing during OMEMO flamewar, hard to follow when you arrive after the battle.
  509. Zash I kinda wanna pin the entire xhtml-im problem on whoever invented .innerHTML
  510. jonasw Zash, .innerHTML isn’t the issue with XHTML-IM
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  512. jonasw XHTML-IM breaks not only if you use .innerHTML, it also breaks if you use appendChild
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  514. Zash Blame the web!
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  516. edhelas Mardown in XMPP, seriously ?!
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  518. edhelas i'm not against Markdown, but looks like we are trying to solve a problem by changing it
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  520. Zash No, Markdown being defined as a superset of HTML rules it out
  521. jonasw dwd gave a proper definition of what he thinks should be markdown for IM.
  522. jonasw more or less proper.
  523. jonasw I’m tired of asking how to emphasize "Trainer*Innen" with that though.
  524. Zash \bold{Trainer*Innen}
  525. jonasw uhhh
  526. jonasw TeX in IM
  527. goffi one of the problem is that people always thing about their own use case
  528. jonasw that’s execellent
  529. jonasw it’s even turing complete!
  530. Zash (I don't actually know TeX, wild guess)
  531. jonasw it’d be \emph{} or \textbf{}, depending on whether you want emphasis (italics) or actual boldface
  532. Zash Is this Creole? http://www.wikicreole.org/wiki/Creole1.0
  533. goffi XMPP message can also be "normal" with a subject and potentially long, not necessarily a line in a MUC/MIX, and embedded images can be useful there (think about email gateway)
  534. jonasw goffi, agreed
  535. jonasw Zash, yes
  536. goffi I'll take a break on standard@ for tonight, I have written enough there today :)
  537. Zash Ok, me, a naive web developer does a simple string replace and puts the result as .innerHTML
  538. waqas You are doing a simple string replace? That's naive web developer lvl3
  539. edhelas I append my HTML like I append my variables in my SQL requests, using concatenation
  540. goffi why we don't use mirc colors in <body>? Looks like a good idea (as good as using markdown)
  541. jonasw goffi, those use control codes in the 0x00..0x1f range right? you can’t send those over XML
  542. goffi jonasw: easy, we just have to add \uxxxx
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  544. goffi we can even use ANSI escape code like this, will be great
  545. dwd goffi, Note that I'm explicitly suggesting we *keep* XHTML embedding, but just avoid it being the go-to way of adding bold and italics in IM messages.
  546. jonasw dwd, I’m not convinced that this is a good thing.
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  548. jonasw this just introduces fragmentation we can avoid.
  549. Zash Is it bold and italics and other *styling* people want?
  550. dwd jonasw, I don't really want to specify a whole new document definition.
  551. Zash If so, bringing back <font> could work
  552. jonasw dwd, why not?
  553. dwd Zash, For IM, you mean? I think people want emphasis (mostly just *bold*) and preformat is handy, mostly because code-like stuff is about the only time you use * and / in IMs.
  554. Zash XFONT-IM, you get <font> with a bunch of attributes that map roughtyl to CSS properties
  555. jonasw dwd, as I said. Trainer*Innen is a legit german word
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  558. goffi dwd: for <message> ? I didn't got that, I though you were suggesting the separate XHTML XEP (which is a good idea) only for blogging
  559. Zash ~$ pandoc <<< '*Trainer*Innen*' <p><em>Trainer</em>Innen*</p>
  560. Zash Palm -> face
  561. goffi but sorry, movie time, will read updates later
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  563. Zash jonasw: You type ^B Trainer*Innen ^B in your client. The client translates the input into protocol and sends it.
  564. Zash Or click the [B] button
  565. jonasw Zash, sure, but if the protocol doesn’t support it, because it’s mardown?
  566. Zash ~$ pandoc -f html -t markdown <<< '<b>Trainer*Innen</b>' **Trainer\*Innen**
  567. jonasw nice
  568. jonasw at this point we can simply use a proper format, because nobody will learn that syntax for themselves.
  569. dwd jonasw: Either (a) you can't. (b) We define bold toggle as being on a word break. (c) We use doubled asterisks as an escape.
  570. jonasw dwd, see above
  571. jonasw "you can’t" is a terrible answer
  572. intosi has joined
  573. Zash dwd: Should we really demand end-users learn some syntax?
  574. jonasw "bold toggle on word breaks" moves the "you can’t" answer to other cases
  575. jonasw "doubled asterisks as an escape", see what Zash says
  576. dwd No, it's not. You also cannot embed images. This is OK. There are lots of edge cases. Imagine how many there's going to be on a complete document markup language.
  577. Zash ~$ pandoc <<< '**Trainer*Innen**' <p>**Trainer*Innen**</p>
  578. Zash scratches head
  579. jonasw dwd, of course. which is why I suggest to have a language we can easily extend instead of some markdown-ish markup.
  580. jonasw that easily allows us to take care of edge-cases and new use-cases later
  581. jonasw without breaking everything again
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  584. uc Don't forget S̶t̶r̶i̶k̶e̶ t̶h̶r̶o̶u̶g̶h̶
  585. zinid lol, guys, you will never come to agreement :)
  586. zinid is reading another round of xhtml-im ranting
  587. Zash I see. Then there can only ever be conflict between us.
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  593. remko i shall refrain from suggesting to use docbook markup
  594. jonasw remko, how about groff?
  595. Zash I actually went to look through a bunch of existing XML formats yesterday
  596. Zash There's a bunch
  597. remko for the subset that i think we want (bold, italic, code), i don't think it matters really.
  598. jonasw remko, depends on who "we" includes, "bold, italic, code" doesn’t cut it.
  599. remko 'we' => '99% of the use cases' ;-)
  600. Zash But I'm not sure any XML format will make it difficult enough to do the wrong thing
  601. jonasw Zash, I can see people not sanitising attributes and simply changing local names, unfortunately.
  602. Zash Yup
  603. remko jonasw: looking at all the IM clients out there, bold, italic, and underline are the only thing they seem to support. I haven't heard people complaining about this limitation.
  604. Zash Don't forget iChat users with colors
  605. remko it'll boil down to whether we want a structured format or a non-structured format. Personally, I'm torn. I used to lean one way, but am now leaning the other.
  606. jonasw remko, you haven’t heard me then ;-)
  607. jonasw remko, at least there’s also blockquote
  608. remko jonasw: I like blockquote. But there is a case to be made that this should be replaced by a snippet payload.
  609. Zash remko: semantics vs style, xml vs not xml, structured vs not
  610. Zash Any more considerations?
  611. remko Zash: Messages doesn't even support markup i just noticed.
  612. jonasw remko, and how’d you encode those in snippets?
  613. jonasw do we want full-blown HTML snippets, with all the vulnerabilities that has?
  614. remko nope. Just <pre>.
  615. jonasw do you confuse blockquote with code?
  616. remko i.e. a snippet is just rendered as a <pre>, no markup.
  617. jonasw https://d2k1ftgv7pobq7.cloudfront.net/meta/u/res/images/db8a72d486e14d6fe249b6a80962b69b/slack-webdesign-cropped.jpg
  618. remko jonasw: i did confuse both
  619. jonasw here’s one example of inline images, links, something like headings in an IM client
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  622. Zash jonasw: Isn't that more like a referece?
  623. remko jonasw: for blockquote, the question is whether this is really a part of the message or not. Could be a reference to something that you happen to render this way.
  624. jonasw Zash, sure, it should be a reference in addition, and ideally the markup should reference the reference to make things super-clear
  625. jonasw but having every client support every type of reference isn’t a good idea I think
  626. Zash jonasw: {xep attaching} maybe?
  627. Bunneh jonasw: XEP-0367: Message Attaching (Standards Track, Deferred, 2017-09-11) See: https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0367.html
  628. jonasw wouldn’t it make more sense to have references in addition rather than instead of content?
  629. remko i don't think the bulk of 'modern' (non-XMPP) IM clients out there put images and links in their messages. They use autolinking and unicode replacement object, and attach the immage as an external object.
  630. edhelas the issue with XHTML-IM are also things like images
  631. jonasw remko, sure, you need to mark up where the image goes though
  632. Zash Do modern messagers even do actual in-line images?
  633. remko jonasw: hence the unicode replacement object
  634. jonasw which is again some kind of markup
  635. Zash As opposed to messages that consist only of an image
  636. remko Zash: i wonder about that. I have seen them use the unicode replacement object, but am not sure if they actually use it for placement.
  637. remko (talking about Messages concretely)
  638. remko if you look in the Messages DB, i see messages that came with an image as { "text": "\uFFFC Hi there", "attachments": [ { "image": "..."}]} (or some sorts)
  639. remko but as i said, i'm not sure if they actually use this, or just always render the image at the front/back of the message.
  640. jonasw remko, that looks like something which grew historically because they don’t have proper markup.
  641. remko might be
  642. remko in any case, i would rather not have any markup for images than <img> tags.
  643. jonasw what’s wrong wtih <img/> tags or their equivalent in any other markup?
  644. remko it's a slippery slope to too complex document. It's also ambiguous how text should flow around this stuff etc. If you don't allow it, it's less ambiguous
  645. remko just render is at a separate image. That's also how people feel IM should work i think.
  646. Zash remko: Like a separate type of message box?
  647. remko yes
  648. jonasw I think there’s a lot of value for that type of rich messages.
  649. Zash Yeah I think most things I've seen do that
  650. jonasw possibly not images, but other semantic markup
  651. remko jonasw: i'm not saying there's no use case in XMPP for rich messages with full document markup. IM is just not one IMO.
  652. jonasw talking about IM.
  653. jonasw not necessarily human-generated messages though
  654. remko those should perhaps be a different thing then.
  655. jonasw why make it a different thing?
  656. remko slack also distinguishes between bot messages and human-written messages.
  657. remko you can't do anything beyond bold, italic, and underline as a person.
  658. jonasw but why does the transport need to be different?
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  660. jonasw sharing the transport format for whatever markup we’re doing leads to better interoperability
  661. Zash https://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/content-types.html
  662. jonasw oh god
  663. jonasw type='text/xml'
  664. jonasw I’m in pain now.
  665. remko haven't read the XEP, but saw that pass the mailing list. That sounded like pandora's box to me :)
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  670. jonasw that specific implementation feels bad
  671. jonasw and I’m still not convinced that it’s a good thing to have in any case. This will fragment implementations.
  672. Zash I think someone (could be me) suggested <body>markdown markup here</body><body-content type='markdown'/>
  673. zinid Zash: that's exactly Example 1 from the ProtoXEP
  674. zinid <message from='person1@example.org/34892374' to='person2@example.org/938089023' type='chat'> <body>**Note:** This message is very important.</body> <content type='text/markdown' xmlns='urn:xmpp:content'/> </message>
  675. Zash zinid: ah, must have scrolled past that
  676. jonasw zinid, yes, but an empty <content/> has a different meaning than a <content> with text content, which is super awkward.
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  678. zinid jonasw: yep, I don't think we need this crap
  679. nyco has joined
  680. Zash I actually think it's awkward with <body/><xhtml-im/>
  681. zinid still, it's unclear what should a client render if it doesn't support the content type?
  682. zinid in the case of markdown it's obvious, but with another formats/
  683. zinid ?
  684. Zash zinid: if you do this only with formats that are still readable when treated as plain text, it's probably fine
  685. zinid Zash: yes
  686. Zash You probably also wanna have explicit features for formats you understand
  687. jonasw feature discovery doesn’t work in modern IM though.
  688. Zash As in, disco#info features and the whole caps dance
  689. Zash Oh right, we're moving away from the end-to-end thing :/
  690. jonasw let the server handle translation to the different markup types understood by the client!
  691. Zash Ohgod
  692. zinid jonasw: OMEMO guys will not approve :D
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  694. jonasw zinid, right
  695. zinid feature discovery won't help in MUCs
  696. jonasw that, too
  697. jonasw or MIXes
  698. Zash or when you switch client and fetch stuff from MAM
  699. Zash or if you use carbons
  700. Zash or ...
  701. jonasw yes, so, that’s not really gonna work.
  702. Zash Can we even do things at all then?
  703. jonasw sure
  704. jonasw like we’ve been doing it with <xhtml-im/>
  705. Zash multipart/alternative basically
  706. jonasw yupp
  707. Zash Do everything at once and let the recipient do what they want :)
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  711. zinid do I understand correctly: the only concern about xhtml-im is security issues?
  712. jonasw zinid, the "only", yes
  713. jonasw for me at least.
  714. remko no, i don't think that's true
  715. Zash That's why SamWhited wants it dead, no?
  716. remko that's what initially triggered the discussion, yes. And it's important, because xhtml-im is very hard to sanitize.
  717. Zash It's too easy to just stick the incoming XML tree into a browser DOM
  718. remko but i think other people don't want XHTML-IM, because it's very unpredictable to render in a chat log.
  719. zinid can we provide testing vectors?
  720. Zash User studies needed
  721. SamWhited I hadn't actually considered the difference between text style and layout before, it was just security for me at first, but now I agree that we need something that's purely style, not layout.
  722. jonasw SamWhited, I think we need something for semantics, not for style.
  723. jonasw (neither for layout by the way)
  724. Zash I actually think normal people will want style rather than semantics
  725. remko semantics for things that don't need layout :)
  726. jonasw emphasis, blockquote, strong emphasis, lists and enumerations, and code at the very least.
  727. remko yes, zash is right
  728. SamWhited jonasw: yes, that's fair, I think I agree with that. I can imagine certain clients render "emphasis" as italics and other bold or something similar.
  729. jonasw SamWhited, that, and also accessibility tools
  730. jonasw like screen readers
  731. jonasw they benefit a lot from semantics.
  732. remko i actually agree with Zash, people don't care about semantics in IM, they care about style.
  733. SamWhited Yes, I think for the most part you'll find they're the same for anything simple though.
  734. jonasw Zash, they think they want style, but they actually want semantics.
  735. remko they want something to be bold, not 'emphasized'
  736. Zash jonasw: That's probably true.
  737. jonasw remko, they want something to be bold to emphasize it
  738. jonasw they don’t think in terms of semantics, but that’s what they want
  739. remko different people have different interpretations of emphasis.
  740. remko if i want something emphasized, i don't want it in italic (even though that's the standard way to emphasize things)
  741. jonasw remko, you’re free to chose strong emphasis then, people make that kind of mistakes all the time.
  742. jonasw it’s still emphasis, and that’s the meaning which is wanted to be conveyed and which is conveyed
  743. SamWhited Although, if I'm a client author I'm going to put a "Bold" button, not an "Emphasis" button and it would be confusing if on one of my other clients the "Bold" button turns out to be italics.
  744. jonasw SamWhited, when you’re saying "purely style", I’m afraid that use-cases like enumerations are excluded though.
  745. Zash has left
  746. remko SamWhited: exactly
  747. jonasw SamWhited, yes of course you wouldn’t label it emphasis ;-). and it should be made clear which defaults apply for the two kinds of emphasis people have (render weak -> italic, strong -> bold; people will choose strong in 99.9% of the cases, that doesn’t matter)
  748. SamWhited yah, nevermind, I juts changed my mind again. Conveying semantics might be nice in some cases, but all I want is the most dead simple thing we can do.
  749. jonasw will all due respect, I wonder whether you might maybe want to consider not only what you want ;-)
  750. remko jonasw: so you're saying that you're offering a bold and italic button, but insist they're using semantics? It has to render the same way on the other side, so i don't think it's semantics anymore.
  751. SamWhited I just gave you the reason why client developers want it.
  752. SamWhited (probably)
  753. jonasw SamWhited, as a client developer, I want to have one markup which covers all things my users are likely to encounter. This includes more complex messages (possibly generated by automated systems, similar to slack integrations or something). And I don’t want to have to support three different tiers of markdown dialects to achieve that.
  754. jonasw I may not offer my users the tools to create, e.g., a three-level nested enumerated list in the interface, because this ain’t a word processor.
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  756. Zash People can't use a comma?
  757. SamWhited Wait, what? Who said anything about multiple tiers of markdown dialects?
  758. jonasw Zash, context?
  759. Zash jonasw: lists
  760. jonasw SamWhited, that’s what happens if we go down the route of "we’ll start with some simple text-based markup and oops, then we’ll find out two years later that we also need something to do lists or whatever, so let’s bump the namespace"
  761. jonasw Zash, bullet points, if you will
  762. zinid Zash: lists are easier to read I guess
  763. jonasw much easier
  764. Zash Do peopel use this when talking?
  765. zinid I do sometimes
  766. jonasw Zash, I do ;-). but also, "possibly generated by automated systems"
  767. SamWhited I think that: 1. That's probably not a problem 2. It already works fine
  768. zinid Zash: for example to tell my wife what to buy in a shop ;)
  769. Zash I have found a 𝐁𝐎𝐋𝐃 solution!
  770. jonasw it works fine until you have multiple lines in a bullet (e.g. due to word-wrap) and then it is unreadable, SamWhited,
  771. jonasw it works fine until you have multiple lines in a bullet (e.g. due to word-wrap) and then it is unreadable, SamWhited.
  772. jonasw I would like to quote a few things from the Zen of Python which have been in my mind during this whole "the new markup for XMPP" discussion: Beautiful is better than ugly. Explicit is better than implicit. Simple is better than complex. Complex is better than complicated. […] In the face of ambiguity, refuse the temptation to guess.
  773. jonasw and also, especially since people are now suggesting that they’re creating precedents by implementing things in a wide-spread client: Now is better than never. Although never is often better than *right* now.
  774. Zash dwd: btw, *bold* in markdown isn't bold, but italics :P
  775. jonasw (that, too)
  776. jonasw SamWhited, I really, really don’t understand what the issue is with creating an extensible, very simple markup or re-using one instead of restricting us to a very small set of things.
  777. SamWhited I never said there was a problem with it
  778. jonasw fair.
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  780. jonasw I somehow felt you did, but that wasn’t true.
  781. jonasw maybe I mixed up an email somewhere and had that lingering thought somewhere, I apologize.
  782. Zash SamWhited: Do you think any XML based format will be too easy to do the wrong thing with?
  783. SamWhited Zash: I'm not sure, I suspect so, but I have no idea.
  784. zinid Zash: only when you put unescaped cdata into DOM?
  785. SamWhited XMPP doesn't allow CDATA, no?
  786. Zash Question is, where's the cutoff where people will prefer the right thing?
  787. jonasw SamWhited, cdata is any text, actually
  788. zinid SamWhited: well I mean the content of <body/> for example
  789. SamWhited *unescaped CDATA
  790. Zash SamWhited: You are thinking of <![CDATA[ ]]>?
  791. Zash Whatever that's called
  792. SamWhited yah, that
  793. Zash Do we disallow it tho?
  794. zinid no, I meant a text within tags in general
  795. zinid I see no other way how to screw up
  796. jonasw zinid, I have one: let’s say we have a tag <emph/> for emphasis
  797. zinid we can assume that you can screw up during transforming layout element into DOM, but you can screw up this way with any formats
  798. jonasw a client may simply do a translation mapping the emph local name to em for XHTML.
  799. Zash Also wtf unicode has all sorts of 𝗯𝗼𝗹𝗱 𝘁𝗲𝘅𝘁
  800. jonasw and then fail to remove attributes such as onclick="alert('fnord')"
  801. zinid jonasw: yes, but you can do the same with other formats, no?
  802. jonasw not with non-XML formats
  803. jonasw you’d have to actively put attributes in the result
  804. Zash I think non-XML formats may be to easy to just run trough a regex and allow HTML trough
  805. jonasw Zash, depends
  806. jonasw think: [{"text": "some text", "emphasis": "strong"}, {"text": " and now without emphasis"}] -> '<strong>some text</strong> and now without emphasis'
  807. jonasw you can’t regex that in any reasonable way.
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  809. jonasw anything in ["text"] will have to be htmlescaped, but otherwise it should be safe.
  810. zinid jonasw: other formats can also posses kinda "attributes" and you can also copy their contents into so evil DOM element blindly, no?
  811. jonasw (now I officially did it. I proposed a JSON-transport for things.)
  812. jonasw zinid, not if none of those attributes reasonably map to any DOM element which is evil
  813. Flow has left
  814. jonasw we shouldn’t be needing any attributes at all, I think
  815. jonasw except maybe class if we do that palette thing
  816. jonasw (okay, href too)
  817. Zash [{"c":[{"c":"bold","t":"Str"}],"t":"Strong"},{"t":"Space"},{"c":"text","t":"Str"}]
  818. jonasw but attributes should be rather rare
  819. Zash ^ actual JSON "markup" format.
  820. jonasw Zash, not sure if that’s some serious markup you found somewhere or if you’re trolli... oh dear
  821. jonasw I don’t know what that does
  822. Zash jonasw: pandoc -t json
  823. jonasw but does it work?
  824. jonasw ah, t is type.
  825. Zash jonasw: It's a JSON dump of the internal parse tree
  826. jonasw right
  827. jonasw probably not a good choice since probably underspecified
  828. jonasw but yeah, that’s the idea
  829. Zash <Strong><Str>bold</Str></Strong><Space/><Str>text</Str>
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  831. Zash ~$ pandoc -t native <<< '**bold** text' [Para [Strong [Str "bold"],Space,Str "text"]]
  832. zinid jonasw: if we can map attributes reasonably, can't we do the same for xhtml-im? and then forbid unknown attributes/elements
  833. jonasw zinid, the difference is that one requires action to fail, the other requires inaction.
  834. zinid I don't understand
  835. jonasw of course, XHTML-IM already defines that some attributes are evil and you need to remove them.
  836. jonasw that doesn’t magically make developers do that.
  837. SamWhited Even if they do it, any trivial mistake in the white list logic results in a vulnerability.
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  839. zinid XML schema?
  840. zinid hides
  841. jonasw zinid, sure, nobody does that.
  842. jonasw it requires action to do that
  843. jonasw getting developers to take action is what’s tricky
  844. zinid yeah, I know
  845. jonasw (if it was only about trivial mistakes, we could provide an audited reference implementation)
  846. jonasw (either based on XML schemas or whatever works in JavaScript)
  847. zinid ok, we refuse xhtml-im, then what?
  848. zinid there are 100500 formats and we can invent others
  849. zinid how to choose?
  850. zinid ah, and we need to make sure there are no potential vulnerabilities, hell yeah
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  855. zinid regarding markdown: if we don't choose it, then developers will blame us even harder that we don't use "modern" technologies like json or markdown, or rest :)
  856. jonasw zinid, I’m all in for a JSON-based markup
  857. zinid for example, I heard "xmpp is dead if they don't switch to json" and seems like people tend to agree with that
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  923. Zash I note that PEP examples doesn't include the 'http://jabber.org/protocol/pubsub' feature. Is that supposed to be implied by <identity category='pubsub' type='pep'/>?
  924. Zash And the last version of PEP changed that section from being to=host to to=account and /some/ unnamed implementations still advertise stuff on the host
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  948. moparisthebest Why hasn't anyone taken my bbcode suggestion seriously?
  949. moparisthebest On an actual serious note, there are markdown standards, we could just pick one
  950. moparisthebest http://commonmark.org/ is the best I know of
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