XSF Discussion - 2017-10-30

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  232. thomas_ Hi guys, while reading the MIX spec, I'm wondering how the roster item for the MIX channel is added to the user joining the channel if it's an external MIX server? Is the user's server supposed to scan the MIX join/leave stanzas in order to determine if the user successfully joined the channel?
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  243. jonasw thomas_, yes
  244. jonasw the server needs MIX support
  245. jonasw (that is, the users server)
  246. jonasw you may note that the join is a command sent to the users account, not to the channel the user wants to join
  247. jonasw see Example 22
  248. thomas_ jonasw, oh okay, I missed that bit of information
  249. thomas_ jonasw, thanks for clarifying this!
  250. jonasw you’re welcome!
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  402. moparisthebest Is there a xep for, probably wording this wrong, a client sending messages to itself and other resources (mam/carbons) from other domains?
  403. moparisthebest Basically spoofing from, but only to itself
  404. Zash Forwarding?
  405. jonasw moparisthebest, why would you do that?
  406. moparisthebest Ok so jmp.chat gives you a phone number for sending/receiving sms with xmpp
  407. moparisthebest Basically thinking the same thing as a conversations plugin
  408. jonasw i.e. a local transport for SMS <-> XMPP?
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  410. jonasw I don’t think there’s a XEP for that, but I think that’s not the worst idea.
  411. Zash Why not treat it as another account?
  412. jonasw Zash, replication to other devices
  413. jonasw moparisthebest, question though: how would you intercept messages sent to those SMS JIDs?
  414. jonasw essentially you want a component, but only for the account.
  415. moparisthebest Ie my phone gets SMS from 5555, I see it in conversations and all my other xmpp clients as from 5555@some.specific.fake.domain
  416. moparisthebest If I respond in conversations it sends it over sms, if I respond in other clients conversations sends sms when it gets the carbon?
  417. Zash Oh dear, is this leading to an argument for uploading into your archive?
  418. Zash ... like 136 hasq
  419. Zash ... like 136 has?
  420. moparisthebest So this would need a server plugin too
  421. jonasw moparisthebest, that carbons trick there would kindof work, but it would also create some strain on the server for error handling of stanzas it doesn’t even need to s2s-route
  422. moparisthebest Basically to allow a client to spoof from for a certain domain but only for that account
  423. Zash But, there's the forwarding xep (used for encapsulation by carbons and mam)
  424. moparisthebest That might work have a xep number handy?
  425. Zash 297 maybe? (wild guess)
  426. jonasw 297
  427. jonasw https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0297.html
  428. Zash Bunneh: xep forwarding
  429. Bunneh Zash: XEP-0297: Stanza Forwarding (Standards Track, Draft, 2013-10-02) See: https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0297.html
  430. jonasw it doesn’t magically give you the kind of handling you want though
  431. moparisthebest Because yea I'd want carbons and mam etc
  432. jonasw it only defines an encapsulation protocol (as re-used by carbons etc.)
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  435. moparisthebest This would work as a separate component of course but that had issues like this
  436. moparisthebest Not encrypted, different connection, separate component for each account etc etc
  437. Zash The architecture with transports as server components kinda breaks down when clients are also transports
  438. jonasw to have things well defined, you have to use this on one account only anyways
  439. moparisthebest Yes
  440. jonasw so user components are an interesting concept
  441. jonasw like a component, but the domain is only visible to the user
  442. jonasw (and other users may have the same domain)
  443. moparisthebest Yes that
  444. jonasw but that’s not specified yet
  445. moparisthebest Forwarding wouldn't work I think
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  447. moparisthebest No real great way to respond and such I think
  448. moparisthebest Can clients send carbons to other resources?
  449. jonasw yes, but those must ignore them
  450. moparisthebest Bunneh: xep carbons
  451. Bunneh moparisthebest: XEP-0280: Message Carbons (Standards Track, Proposed, 2017-02-16) See: https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0280.html
  452. Zash You probably want to invent some new protocol
  453. Zash There /was/ that {xep remote control}
  454. Bunneh Zash: XEP-0146: Remote Controlling Clients (Informational, Active, 2006-03-23) See: https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0146.html
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  456. moparisthebest I'll have to abuse gajims XML console later and play around
  457. moparisthebest I feel like maybe carbons from other resources would be safe right?
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  459. Zash Broadcast is the kind of thing you want your server to help you with
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  462. moparisthebest I think jonasw 's description is closest to what I'm looking for, user or client components
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  464. moparisthebest True Zash
  465. moparisthebest Hmm then you could use the phone's dialer to jingle call through it too...
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  467. moparisthebest Leave your cell at home and sms/call through it wherever you have an xmpp client and internet
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  469. moparisthebest Anyone interested in working with me on something like that? :)
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  479. thomas_ moparisthebest, maybe I didn't get your idea but why not using a transport with <phonenumber>@transport for each phone contact?
  480. moparisthebest I think it could be as simple as the server advertising that the client can send messages to itself from *@*.somedomain then the server not doing s2s for *. somedomain and allowing that
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  482. moparisthebest thomas_: the transport is per user account and runs on one of their clients is why
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  484. thomas_ moparisthebest, why does the transport run on a client?
  485. Zash It's a phone?
  486. moparisthebest thomas_: conversations on your phone is the only thing with access to send/recieve sms
  487. Zash You wanna pretend that the native SMS functionality is a component
  488. thomas_ Oh, I though you have a device with your SIM card somewhere and want to connect via XMPP
  489. jonasw thomas_, the component protocol is insecure
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  491. jonasw that’s one reason why you don’t want to run that $somewhere
  492. jonasw second, if you don’t run your own server / the server is shared with multiple entities, you don’t want them to access your transport
  493. moparisthebest Plus it's per server not per account
  494. jonasw that’s what I mean, essentially
  495. thomas_ ah okay
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  498. moparisthebest Hmm you could run a component that you register with and send arbitrary messages to your own account through...
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  502. moparisthebest Then no server changes needed
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  509. jonasw simj
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  511. jonasw kind of an echo component?
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  514. jonasw that would work.
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  516. moparisthebest Essentially yes
  517. jonasw a meta-component
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  519. moparisthebest Done extra rules but yea
  520. jonasw a component to create per-user components :D
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  522. moparisthebest Some*
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  524. jonasw that’s quite fancy, actually, because you get stream management etc. "for free"
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  527. moparisthebest Yep I like simple
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  529. Zash You could also register a normal account and send yourself messages via that
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  532. jonasw Zash, you’d need one account for each phone number you text?
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  534. moparisthebest Zash: no you need from to be multiple accounts based on phone number
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  536. moparisthebest Yes
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  539. Zash Abuse resources! :D
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  542. jonasw resource abuse will wreak havoc with message routing 2.0
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  546. moparisthebest Can't add them to your contacts though
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  548. jonasw (also, one connection per peer, really? ;-))
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  552. moparisthebest With jmp.chat it's phonenumber@cheogram.com
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  555. jonasw moparisthebest, you should write a XEP for this echo component with the given use-case.
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  557. moparisthebest This component could even be public and require no local server support
  558. jonasw the only thing I don’t like about it is that you can only have N components per user, where N is the number of server-side components :/
  559. jonasw it doesn’t even need to be a component
  560. jonasw you should probably not reference any component-specific protocol
  561. jonasw only that it is a domain-JID entity which implements that protocol
  562. jonasw which means that servers could also offer you *@*.local for example.
  563. moparisthebest I'll give it a try jonasw , I'm the type to code/test first and write specs later :)
  564. jonasw right
  565. jonasw happy to proof-read if you want to before submission.
  566. Zash <message to=self><forwarding><message from="number@actually.sms.invalid" to="self"><body>hi</body><////>
  567. Zash Thing gets wrapped in seven layers of carbons and forwarded to all your clients.
  568. jonasw Zash, that’s the easy part -- the tricky part is to be able to send messages to number@actually.sms.invalid
  569. Zash jonasw: <message to="me@self/phone"><forward><message to="number@sms"><body>HELLO<///>
  570. moparisthebest But being able to do component and avoid lua or erlang makes it something I can do myself at least (sorry server devs...)
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  572. Zash Add some caps and call it a day!
  573. moparisthebest jonasw: does your Python lib do components?
  574. moparisthebest I've only ever used the ancient first Python lib for components
  575. jonasw no
  576. jonasw Zash, right
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  578. jonasw that’d work but ...
  579. jonasw but it would also require client support on the clients which are not the component
  580. Zash Yes
  581. jonasw simple clients!
  582. jonasw (also, I’m not entirely sure how serious your proposals are)
  583. Zash I don't think clients are simple anymore
  584. Zash jonasw: On a scale from dead serious to trolling? Usually somewhere in the middle.
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  586. zinid > But being able to do component and avoid lua or erlang makes it something I can do myself at least pussy detected
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  588. Zash jonasw: "That's my secret. I'm always joking." :D
  589. moparisthebest zinid: I prefer the word 'sane' :)
  590. zinid moparisthebest: writing in python is sane?
  591. Zash not writing everything in Lua is sane???
  592. moparisthebest Hoping to use rust if there are component libs, but yea point taken about Python :)
  593. jonasw moparisthebest, there is xmpprs or so
  594. jonasw not sure if it can do components
  595. moparisthebest Yea I've used it for a client
  596. zinid yeah, rust...
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  598. moparisthebest the component will be dead simple in any language
  599. moparisthebest the client will have to decide whether or not to send new SMS on carbon/mam etc, ew
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  607. moparisthebest next ridiculous question, is there anything defined in jingle for one resource to make a call through another resource?
  608. moparisthebest same account, resource A is connected to a phone line, resource B is not
  609. moparisthebest B wants to make a phone call, any current way to do that?
  610. Zash I don't think there's anything special about that
  611. Zash The problem with Jingle is that it works exactly like that
  612. Zash One arbitrary JID calls another arbitrary JID.
  613. Zash As opposed to one account calling another account.
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  616. moparisthebest that's not exactly what I mean though
  617. Zash So I don't think anything in the Jingle spec prevents two resources of the same account from establishing calls
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  619. moparisthebest not a call between A and B, a call between B and +1-555-555-5555 THROUGH A
  620. moparisthebest so the jingle session would be between A and B, but A would be, uh, forwarding through the PSTN
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  622. Zash There's a thing, hold on
  623. Zash -xep dtmf
  624. Bunneh Zash: XEP-0181: Jingle DTMF (Standards Track, Deferred, 2009-10-02) See: https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0181.html
  625. jonasw lovely
  626. jonasw so you’d start a jingle call through A and send DTMF to actually dial a number
  627. moparisthebest ha you could I guess, maybe, not sure what android phone API looks like
  628. Zash Like, whatever it's called when you call somewhere and go into an answering machine that you type more numbers into to get passed on
  629. jonasw moparisthebest, but I don’t think you need special protocol for that. you’d contact the gateway client at its pseudo-JID at the component and it would re-write the jingle connection negotiation messages accordingly so that the call is routed through it
  630. Zash Maybe you need to find/invent some way to tell the other end to proxy you
  631. Zash But, isn't that basically how PSTN works (or used to, way back in the analog era)?
  632. jonasw don’t need to, it’s already proxied through the pseudo-JID magic
  633. moparisthebest hmm not sure I kind of imagined them seperately
  634. moparisthebest that would probably be best, have to think about it
  635. Zash -xep rayo
  636. Bunneh Zash: Multiple matches: Rayo https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0327.html Rayo Fax https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0342.html Rayo CPA https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0341.html Rayo Clustering https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0349.html
  637. Zash Uh, maybe anything in those have anything usable?
  638. jonasw I’m not sure if I was understood
  639. moparisthebest hmm possibly
  640. moparisthebest jmp.chat neatly bypasses all this by 'if you want voice, connect to this SIP account:'
  641. Zash Neatly solve this problem by putting your phone next to your server and writing a component that connects over USB or somesuch :)
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  644. moparisthebest anyway one step at a time, SMS is much simpler
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  661. moparisthebest if I'm sending a message to a JID but need to encode 1 seperate piece of info, what's the best way to do that?
  662. jonasw <foo/>?
  663. moparisthebest a new element inside <message> or inside <body> or a new attribute on something?
  664. waqas has joined
  665. jonasw NOT INSIDE BODY
  666. jonasw ahem
  667. jonasw never ever mix elements and text
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  669. moparisthebest yea but where and what should I do about namespaces?
  670. jonasw (unless you’re doing XHTML or something)
  671. jonasw "choose" a namespace
  672. jonasw don’t add attributes to any existing elements, make your own element and put it an <message/>
  673. moparisthebest but inside message is fine?
  674. jonasw think about what happens if your peer doesn’t understand it
  675. moparisthebest great thanks
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  678. moparisthebest what's the precedent for naming these things with multiple words, for example, <echo-from xmlns="urn:xmpp:echo-self">+15555555555</echo-from> ?
  679. Zash Metadata in attributes and content in text nodes :)
  680. Zash Most things are just one word afik
  681. moparisthebest ah so I could go
  682. moparisthebest <echo xmlns="urn:xmpp:echo-self" from="+15555555555" />
  683. moparisthebest looks cleaner anyhow probably
  684. Zash and urn:xmpp is technically not something anyone can just use without going through the XSF
  685. moparisthebest yea I'll make something else for testing
  686. jonasw Zash, sure you can, it just breaks things.
  687. jonasw (or may break due to conflict etc.)
  688. Zash Do we have any recommendations for these things, or do they exist anywhere?
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  691. moparisthebest yea that's what I was asking about
  692. moparisthebest doesn't matter at this point but would be nice to see
  693. Zash Stuff like {urn:example:foo}foo usually annoy me slightly
  694. Zash *ahem* {http://jabber.org/protocol/pubsub}pubsub/action *hrr*
  695. jonasw moparisthebest, I’m not entirely sure what you need that element for, but I suggest that you orient your wire-format on what XEP-0280 (Message Carbons) does
  696. jonasw at least for the communication between the component and the user component implementation
  697. jonasw (not for component<->normal resources)
  698. moparisthebest I think this might be the only thing the server component needs
  699. moparisthebest basically that would mean 'send me this message from that JID'
  700. moparisthebest the component ignores everything else, carbons handles that
  701. jonasw so the user component implementation on the phone client would send <message to=component><body>...</body><echo xmlns="..." ...>...</echo></message>?
  702. moparisthebest yes
  703. jonasw please wrap the message once
  704. moparisthebest I was going to include the no-copy and no-carbons stuff
  705. jonasw no
  706. moparisthebest why wrap it so I wouldn't have to do that?
  707. jonasw because it makes things explicit
  708. jonasw something like <message><echo send-from="..."><forwarded><message ...>...</message></forwarded></echo></message>
  709. jonasw re-uses XEP-0297 even though the naming is a bit off
  710. jonasw has the advantage that this won’t be picked up by MAM or carbons
  711. jonasw (because of type="normal" on the outer and no <body/>)
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  714. moparisthebest jonasw, that seems harder
  715. moparisthebest right now the entire logic of the component is this:
  716. moparisthebest if msg.find('{urn:moparisthebest:echo-self}echo') is not None: to = msg['to'] msg['to'] = msg['from'] msg['from'] = to msg.send()
  717. moparisthebest done
  718. jonasw moparisthebest, given that <no-store/> and <no-copy/> are from XEP-0334 which is in limbo since Council rejected its advancement, it seems like the more future-proof approach
  719. moparisthebest ignores everything without <echo>, if it has echo, swaps to/from and sends it back?
  720. jonasw that’s not what you want though
  721. jonasw what you’re doing requires all involved clients to know the echo protocol
  722. jonasw I’d avoid that
  723. moparisthebest no it's working exactly right without any clients knowing it
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  725. moparisthebest except the one sending it that is
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  728. moparisthebest (currently gajim xml console)
  729. jonasw how would I reply to a message from somenumber@thatcomponent.domain?
  730. dwd moparisthebest, You're not an SDO - don't use "urn:...". Just use an http scheme URI to your domain. Or an xmpp scheme one, like your jid.
  731. valo has joined
  732. jonasw what is an SDO?
  733. dwd moparisthebest, For example, I could use xmlns="xmpp:dwd@dave.cridland.net/some-proto"
  734. dwd jonasw, In this context, a Standards Development Organisation
  735. jonasw ah
  736. moparisthebest before today I've happily lived completely ignoring xmlns
  737. moparisthebest oh how I yearn for 10 minutes ago
  738. dwd jonasw, You're an XSF Editor, right? I noticed some of "my" XEPs are using old contact info - what's the best way to update that?
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  741. dwd moparisthebest, They're strings. Mostly without meaning, except the ones that do have meaning. But we're supposed to know how to use them properly.
  742. zinid has joined
  743. jonasw dwd, which ones exactly?
  744. efrit has joined
  745. jonasw or rather: have you checked whether your info in xep.ent is up-to-date? if it isn’t, that’d be a great way to start.
  746. moparisthebest also, how dare dwd assume I'm not a Standards Development Organization :)
  747. dwd jonasw, I happened to notice XEP-0286, but there might be others.
  748. dwd moparisthebest, Actually the best definition I have for an SDO is whether they can register a urn prefix.
  749. jonasw dwd, https://github.com/xsf/xeps/blob/master/xep.ent#L924 is this up-to-date?
  750. moparisthebest :'(
  751. dwd jonasw, Yes.
  752. jonasw dwd, okay, will update the XEPs not using that entity definition.
  753. dwd jonasw, Thanks. Much appreciated.
  754. jonasw (there are two)
  755. jonasw (XEP-0376 is the other one)
  756. jonasw moparisthebest, I was thinking something like this: <!-- User component to Component --> <message to="component.domain" from="account@domain/user-component-client"> <echo xmlns="foo"> <forwarded> <message from="phonenumber@component.domain" to="account@domain" id="xyz"> <body>Hi there!</body> </message> </forwarded> </echo> </message> <!-- Component to account --> <message from="phonenumber@component.domain" to="account@domain" id="xyz"> <body>Hi there!</body> </message> <!-- Some client from the account replies --> <message from="account@domain/resource" to="phonenumber@component.domain" id="abc"> <body>Hi yourself!</body> </message> <!-- Component to User component --> <message from="component.domain" to="account@domain/user-component-client"> <echo xmlns="foo"> <forwarded> <message from="account@domain/resource" to="phonenumber@component.domain" id="abc"> <body>Hi yourself!</body> </message> </forwarded> </echo> </message>
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  758. jonasw this has the advantage that the protocol between user component and the server-side component is explicit
  759. jonasw the interaction between the component and other clients is like with any other domain
  760. jonasw which is nice
  761. jonasw wrapping the actual payload saves it from being archived etc.
  762. moparisthebest then the component has a state
  763. jonasw moparisthebest, why would it need state for that?
  764. moparisthebest and there is, registering stuff involved
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  766. moparisthebest <!-- Component to User component -->
  767. jonasw right, it needs to know that anyways?
  768. moparisthebest I don't think so
  769. jonasw how would it not need that?
  770. jonasw it does have to know where to deliver messages sent by other clients to the component?
  771. moparisthebest the user's server handles it for them, with carbons
  772. moparisthebest and/or mam etc
  773. jonasw ugh, you’ll simply ignore them and rely on carbons? :/
  774. jonasw I see
  775. moparisthebest exactly :)
  776. jonasw I don’t like that approach :)
  777. jonasw it relies on carbon rules which are super-foggy
  778. moparisthebest it has the advantage of the component being potentially the simplest xmpp component of all time
  779. jonasw I can also see the use-case of <iq/> and other stanza types for user components.
  780. jonasw but it’s not really re-usable
  781. moparisthebest true it only works for carbon'd things
  782. moparisthebest still that seems like an additional xep for non-message things that don't get carboned, might as well keep this super simple
  783. jonasw but consistency.
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  792. moparisthebest does message have to have a body ?
  793. jonasw no
  794. jonasw carbons for example do not have bodies
  795. moparisthebest I don't know if it's sleekxmpp or prosody, but one is refusing to deliver it
  796. jonasw care to show some XML traces?
  797. moparisthebest no errors, just doesn't go through until I add a body
  798. jonasw I suspect that might not be the only difference. there are a lot of use-cases for non-body messages.
  799. jonasw (chat state notifications for example)
  800. moparisthebest no I'm pasting into the gajim xml console and that's the only difference :)
  801. jonasw how are you trying to receive the message?
  802. moparisthebest it's sleekxmpp
  803. moparisthebest if I turn on COMM level logging it logs it, but doesn't send it to my app
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  805. moparisthebest well that's a bug I'm not dealing with now
  806. moparisthebest will mess with <forwarded> later meh
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