XSF Discussion - 2017-11-01

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  112. jonasw dwd, FYI, your contact info should be fixed
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  124. dwd jonasw, Thanks!
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  322. Holger Kev: The <unread/> thing in bind2 won't work for MUC right? The idea is to wait for MIX?
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  326. Holger Or won't it work with MIX MAM either?
  327. Kev Open question how best to sort out that interaction.
  328. Kev But it's certainly my intention to make it work.
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  339. Holger I see.
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  344. Martin Let me guess…although the UK's clocks have changed back to GMT, there's something different in the US/Europe and I'm an hour early for the Board meeting?
  345. Guus oh, that's entirely possible
  346. Guus I was waiting for the board meeting to happen as well
  347. jonasw in US they switch on the 5th
  348. Martin D'oh
  349. Guus but then again ... Arc is the only one that's still in DST I think?
  350. jonasw and people laugh when I say everything shall be scheduled in UTC!!k
  351. Guus let us check our handy calendar
  352. Guus ah, the board meeting was an hour ago :)
  353. jonasw lovely
  354. Martin Doesn't look like much happened an hour ago, though, ironically, that's a much better time for me!
  355. Guus Yeah, so basically, only Arc is late, and the rest of the board neglected to account for the DST change? :D
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  357. peter timezones!!
  358. Guus a recurring theme.
  359. moparisthebest recurring exactly 2 times a year :)
  360. Guus 4
  361. Guus EU-to-DST, US-to-DST, EU-from-DST, US-from-DST
  362. Zash Did anyone ever successfully schedule a meeting across timezones during DST switchover?
  363. Guus people in Iceland?
  364. Guus (which is always at UTC, doesn't do DST afaik)
  365. moparisthebest timezones/DST etc is awful now, imagine when people live on mars and converting time for that :/
  366. SamWhited I need to move to Iceland.
  367. moparisthebest there's a private info 3-people-use-the-same-server leak :)
  368. Ge0rG SamWhited: awesome idea to rename compliance suite to 2018! I'd comment on list but my infrastructure had a power failure and I can't yet send mail.
  369. SamWhited Ge0rG: Thanks, I was planning on trying to push new ones through really quick but I just realized that we're so close anyways I might as well just rename the current ones since the recommendations aren't likely to change.
  370. jonasw SamWhited, +1
  371. SamWhited Also, every time people ask me "why don't you run your own email?" I'm going to start quoting Ge0rG :)
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  374. Ge0rG SamWhited: hey, I have a fallback server, but it's too cumbersome to set it up on my mobile. And the power failure happened while I was on holiday 300km away. It also ruined most of the fridge content, so the MTA doesn't have priority
  375. SamWhited Ge0rG: You are giving me further material to quote when people ask
  376. Ge0rG SamWhited: okay, I shut up now.
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  378. SamWhited heh, but yah, this is why I don't host my own email.
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  380. moparisthebest like 'cloud' doesn't go down too?
  381. Ge0rG I'm also a paranoid freak running it on real physical hardware in a place with limited access to third parties.
  382. moparisthebest I recall not too long ago half the web being broken because an amazon engineer fat fingered a command, while my services worked fine :)
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  384. Ge0rG moparisthebest: "cloud" is just other people's computers...
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  386. moparisthebest exactly
  387. SamWhited No one ever said it never went down, but most cloud providers have SLAs that have to be met. I never had gmail go down in many years of using them, and so far haven't had FastMail go down (though I'm told they have slightly fewer 9's of uptime)
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  390. moparisthebest Ge0rG has an SLA too, he gets it back up as soon as he wants to :)
  391. Link Mauve In some ten years I’ve hosted my emails, I haven’t had a single time I couldn’t use it.
  392. Zash Email at least retries, so there's not that much of an hurry
  393. Link Mauve Yeah.
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  395. Link Mauve But if I was on another network while that happened and I absolutely needed to send an email right now, I could just ssh into my secondary and send it from there.
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  397. Ge0rG I could send it as well, in theory. I just prefer to do more useful things right now than working around the failure.
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  401. Ge0rG SamWhited: typical cloud SLAs are worthless. They guarantee something like 99.5% availability per month, but the only thing you get if they stay down longer is a fraction of your service fee. That doesn't work for businesses and they don't go down for so long often anyway
  402. SamWhited They still try to hit them, and I would be willing to bet money FastMail goes down less than what would happen if I hosted myself
  403. Ge0rG SamWhited: probably so, because most redundancy and recovery mechanisms profit from scale
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  406. dwd I don't have the original messages for the Last Calls for 286, 313, 387, or 352 in my mailbox. I don't (knowingly) filter or delete mail. I'll investigate futher, but I wonder if that might explain the paucity of comments?
  407. Link Mauve Maybe the DKIM?
  408. Link Mauve I don’t validate that.
  409. moparisthebest hmm yes jonasw 's DKIM failed
  410. moparisthebest dkim=fail reason="key not found in DNS" (0-bit key) header.d=wielicki.name header.i=@wielicki.name header.b=auTm/D1f
  411. SamWhited Not that you mention it, I think I'm missing some of the originals too (assuming the extension emails were all sent in response to the originals, it only threaded properly on some of them)
  412. SamWhited and by "some of them" I mean "MAM"
  413. moparisthebest including failing DKIM sigs will cause it to get spammed most places
  414. moparisthebest rightly
  415. dwd Right... So quite possibly people have spam-trapped them. Might be worth resending (from XSF Editor address, perhaps)?
  416. Ge0rG And this is why I run my own email infrastructure
  417. SamWhited I never could figure out how to send from the xsf editor address; is that possible?
  418. SamWhited This is why I don't run my own email infrastructure…
  419. SamWhited (again)
  420. dwd SamWhited, I run my own email infrastructure, I just don't use it.
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  429. Zash This is why I don't do DKIM
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  431. bjc google doesn't flag your mail as spam?
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  433. bjc they were the only reason i set it up, but when you house half of the world's email...
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  436. Zash I don't remember DKIM becoming mandatory
  437. Zash Surely they'll flag my email as spam regardless
  438. Ge0rG Me neither. I have SPF and TLS and Google is happy
  439. moparisthebest oh also if you don't have DKIM it's more likely to be spam
  440. moparisthebest DKIM is one of those de-facto mandatory things email has
  441. moparisthebest I think it's mandatory to have matching RDNS, then DKIM+SPF+DMARC if you want good delivery
  442. Link Mauve Never set that up, never got my email flagged as spam AFAIK.
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  444. Link Mauve Neither DMARC.
  445. moparisthebest DMARC might not be, it's just a way to get feedback
  446. Zash I don't have matching RDNS.
  447. Zash Or, what does that even mean?
  448. moparisthebest I don't expect you can send any mail at all without matching reverse DNS
  449. moparisthebest most mail servers reject your connection right away
  450. Zash There's RDNS, but it points to a series of CNAMEs that point back to my IP, and I'm having no problems.
  451. moparisthebest not really sure but I'd think as long as it points back to your IP it'd be fine
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