XSF Discussion - 2017-11-06

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  27. Guus Holger: done. Check your mail.
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  133. zinid can I have an account there too?
  134. zinid zinid - xramtsov@gmail.com
  135. Kev Done.
  136. zinid thx
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  150. jonasw SamWhited, you might want to update https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Sam_Whited_for_Council_2017#Better_recommendations
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  154. Kev jonasw: Actually, the deadline for applications has passed, so we shouldn't be editing our applications really.
  155. jonasw Kev, I know. I just wanted to point it out for Sam to judge, given that the content is obviously deprecated and the thing which is deprecated has changed before the deadline
  156. Guus Happy to see that we at least have a full complement of candidates. I was worried there for a bit.
  157. jonasw Kev, also, MattJs application for board is still null
  158. Kev Don't think that's true.
  159. jonasw Kev, then at least it’s not properly linked
  160. Kev Have you tried clicking it? :)
  161. Guus there's a page for Matt, but the link shows red for me. Some weird caching issue in mediawiki that I though was fixed.
  162. jonasw no. stupid caches.
  163. jonasw the three issues in computer science. Cache invalidation and Off-by-one errors.
  164. Guus I like how 50% of the applications were made on the day of the deadline.
  165. jonasw I don’t like that.
  166. Guus you're right, it's not ideal, but it's funny to see how procrastination is at work each time. At least, I'm hoping that it's just that.
  167. jonasw I too do hope that
  168. intosi Usually is for me when I'm late at putting up my reapplication ;)
  169. jonasw is there a summary on how the voting for Board & Council works for those who find the Bylaws hard to read?
  170. jonasw is it that you vote for each individual yes/no and each individual has to be elected by majority to be part of that group?
  171. jonasw if so, what happens if n>m (where m being the size of the group) individuals get elected?
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  176. Guus I'm just hoping that procrastination combined with wiki account loss didn't prevent people from applying.
  177. Guus jonasw: I don't know, not do I think your explanation was clearer than the bylaws 😉
  178. jonasw I’m sorry :P
  179. goffi Guus: I was considering applying but I gave up as I've already too much work and I can't take any more engement this year.
  180. goffi commitment*
  181. Kev jonasw: Top five, basically.
  182. jonasw top five with respect to what?
  183. jonasw do we get one yes/no vote per candidate?
  184. Kev ISTR we pick (up to) our chosen five, those count as yes, others count as no.
  185. Guus istr istr istr
  186. Guus I...
  187. Guus it stands to reason?
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  190. Guus goffi: totally understandable. I'm just hoping that there we not people that did want to apply, but ended up missing the deadline because the forgot about / were not aware of the loss of wiki accounts
  191. Guus (we had a couple of requests tonight to recreate accounts, which made me wonder)
  192. Kev I seem to recall
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  194. jonasw Guus, I’m confident that those people would step up if that was the only reason
  195. jonasw in which case I’m sure that we could extend the period retrospectively since this was an issue outside of their control
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  199. Guus I kind of disagree with the 'outside of their control' classification, but would be in favor of accepting late candidacies.
  200. Kev If anyone had said they needed an account, and didn't get one, yesterday that'd be one thing, but if anyone comes in today and says they want to apply, they obviously missed it.
  201. Guus There's the "ah, I couldn't sign up and was confident that requesting a new account wouldn't get me a new account before the deadline" argument. If we would be extending the deadline (which I don't think we are), there's not much reason to accept one type, but not another.
  202. Kev I suggest we stop debating what to do in a situation we don't have :)
  203. jonasw :)
  204. jonasw it’s monday morning, don’t judge people for a desire to distract themselves with irrelevant scenarios
  205. edhelas Kev +1
  206. edhelas by the way, is there people that are interested to come to T-DOSE this month ? https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/T-DOSE_2017
  207. Guus I'll be at T-Dose! :)
  208. Guus let me put out a tweet for that event
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  211. Guus edhelas: we should prepare for some demos and the like. Thoughts?
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  214. Guus edhelas: would you mind drafting a blogpost that announces our presence there?
  215. edhelas I don't have much time for that atm sorry
  216. goffi Guus: by the may, I need to recreate account too
  217. goffi no that you're talking about it :p
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  220. goffi now*
  221. Guus goffi: desired nickname and email address please
  222. Ge0rG It looks like we finally have a situation where wiki account creation is almost instant.
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  224. goffi Guus: answered in P.V.
  225. edhelas Ge0rG API over XMPP MUC
  226. jonasw XML-RPC!
  227. goffi ad-hoc commands
  228. goffi that works great
  229. goffi I love this XEP
  230. edhelas if only it was more user friendly
  231. goffi why would it not be ? It's a client thing to make is user friendly
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  247. edhelas http://www.t-dose.org/node/1063
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  278. Holger Guus: Got the account email, thank you.
  279. Guus Holger: yw
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  414. zinid isn't it easier to add <subscribe/> to MUC XEP instead of writing this MIX stuff?
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  416. Guus It's certainly easier to write that, yes.
  417. Ge0rG Zash: tell us about minimix
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  420. zinid Guus: so what's the problem? we can create those pusbus nodes inside a muc room
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  422. zinid *pubsub :)
  423. moparisthebest ha I like pusbus better we should rename it
  424. zinid no objection
  425. Ge0rG I vote for pup-soup. 🐶🍲
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  429. zinid also, assuming a user's server should know about MIX is a bad idea
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  431. zinid another issue: > To achieve this, the client will query the user's own MAM archive using Message Archive Management (XEP-0313) [3], with the query filtered by the channel JID. > The only exception to this is when a user wishes to access message history in the channel prior to when the user joined the channel. To achieve this, the client will use MAM to retrieve message history directly from the MAM Archive of the MUX channel.
  432. zinid why a client cannot request mam archive from MIX channel right away?
  433. Ge0rG zinid: you should read up the previous discussions on standards@
  434. zinid which ones?
  435. Ge0rG the ones on MIX
  436. zinid there are tons of them
  437. Ge0rG Yes.
  438. zinid no thanks
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  442. zinid I just did some search and didn't find any relevant info inside those discussions
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  475. Alex memberbot is up and council for the board & council election
  476. jonasw Alex, thanks :)
  477. jonasw even though I assume it’s up and running, and not up and council :-)
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  479. jonasw Alex, you included ralphms application despite it being late?
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  481. jonasw (I’m not saying that we should not, but I think that some people have strong opinions on that)
  482. Alex yes I did
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  491. Arc """Your problem is so terrible, I worry that, if I help you, I risk drawing the attention of whatever god of technology inflicted it on you."""
  492. jonasw :D
  493. Guus please don't walk in the sea.
  494. Guus into*
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  496. Arc I LOL'd so hard reading that
  497. Zash Arc: That sounds like how helping people with old code makes you the maintainer.
  498. Guus Yeah, I get funny looks whenever reading his book
  499. jonasw The What-If book?
  500. Guus yeah
  501. Guus he might have more, unsure :)
  502. Zash Is that from What-If?
  503. jonasw no
  504. Guus xkcd
  505. jonasw it’s todays xkcd, Zash
  506. Zash Bunneh: xkcd
  507. Bunneh Thermostat https://xkcd.com/1912/
  508. jonasw Guus, I learnt in that book that I both want and totally not want a wall with the periodic table of elements :-)
  509. Guus I learnt from that book that I snort when snickering
  510. jonasw :D
  511. Arc im digging through my old code with mod_xmpp now, doing a major overhaul. its actually not terrible, just a bit ... spaghettified
  512. Arc i was actually closing in on a "good" solution but was one step away. instead of chopping up stanzas by the outside, i needed to chop them from the inside.
  513. jonasw what’s mod_xmpp?
  514. Guus "not terrible"
  515. Guus (just a bit spaghettified)
  516. Arc jonasw: it started as an Apache module to do XMPP over Websockets proxying to an xmpp server over C2S
  517. jonasw ah
  518. Arc Guus: i know I'm not unique in, when you work on code you havent touched by a year, you start hating your younger self
  519. Guus Arc: I totally bypass that by simply forgetting that I touched that code. As long as I don't use git blame, I can hate the random anonymous dev that did that terrible thing.
  520. Arc heh
  521. Guus Or, as one of my code-workers used to say: "I must've been drunk."
  522. jonasw Guus, +1 for "I must’ve been drunk."
  523. Arc or high.
  524. jonasw it’s extra funny since I don’t drink alcohol or so at all.
  525. Guus ... that you remember ...
  526. jonasw right.
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  528. jonasw I also find that this varies greatly by language.
  529. Arc so, I'm looking at chopping up the XML stream by the inner part of the stanza, and parsing/serializing the outer part of the stanza. does that seem sane?
  530. jonasw I’m not sure what "chopping" means and why you need to do it
  531. jonasw (also, jdev@ maybe)
  532. Arc obviously open to edge cases, but I'm still using expat with this, and I'll move to libexi in a later version meaning it'll do a full parse->serialize during the process
  533. Arc jonasw: outer part, eg, <message from="" to="" id="">, vs inside part eg <body xmlns=""> etc
  534. jonasw I guessed that much -- what kind of chopping?
  535. Arc oh man, i havent been in jdev in forever
  536. jonasw (I may be missing context on how websockets work)
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  538. Arc jonasw: its semi related to websockets.. chopping actually in regard to APR bucket brigades. so Apache operates streams as a linked list of buffers. when the expat parser hits certain markers, I record the point, and then can recreate/remove part of the stream, then grab the buffer until a certain termination point, passing that along verbatim
  539. jonasw okay, what
  540. Arc one of the bugs in mod_xmpp has always been that, contrary to spec, it hasn't included xmlns="jabber:client" with every stanza
  541. jonasw huh, is that a MUST or SHOULD?
  542. Guus didn't you get all that from 'spaghettified code', jonasw? ;)
  543. Guus namespace can be either on the stream or on each stanza, iirc
  544. jonasw my personal style of test-driven development (which is much less strict than what people probably usually advocate, I don’t know, I’m self-taught) has stopped me from writing spaghettified code
  545. Arc its a MUST because XMPP over WebSockets isn't within a root <stream:stream> element anymore. each stanza is a whole and complete XML document
  546. jonasw I think so too, Guus
  547. jonasw Arc, okay
  548. jonasw I was scared there for a second
  549. Guus https://xmpp.org/rfcs/rfc6120.html#streams-ns-content
  550. Arc most javascript code implementing xmpp over websockets doesn't test for the xmlns="jabber:client"
  551. Zash I'm not so sure that doing that wrapping thing was the best idea
  552. jonasw because I’m pretty sure that aioxmpp doesn’t include xmlns="..." on each stanza
  553. Guus ah, websockets
  554. jonasw Arc, most javascript code doesn’t give a f..thing about namespaces.
  555. jonasw and if you try to do, you run into all kinds of funny browser bugs.
  556. Guus it's annoying to have to move stanzas from a c2s stream to a s2s stream, for the difference in namespace
  557. jonasw Guus, I agree that using different namespaces there was a weird choice
  558. Zash All that because nobody wanted to write a SAX parser for browsers
  559. jonasw asm.js + libxml2?
  560. jonasw or libexpat
  561. Guus off to watch some House of Cards, for board election winning tips.
  562. Zash jonasw: but now it's set in stone forever and ever
  563. jonasw Zash, until XMPP 2.0 comes around or so...
  564. Zash maybe a "just plain XMPP over websockets, no fancy framing" spec?
  565. jonasw wouldn’t that break due to lack of SAX parsers?
  566. Arc i dont think the namespace actually breaks anything in javascript
  567. Zash jonasw: I mean as a separate thing
  568. jubalh has joined
  569. jonasw more separate things?
  570. Arc but yea in WebSockets the second example in guus's URL, "prefix-free canonicalization", is what websockets stanzas SHOULD look like.
  571. Zash The current XMPP-over-WS RFC is basically "XMPP over WS for the Web"
  572. jonasw Zash, is there a use-case for WB not over the Web?
  573. jonasw Zash, is there a use-case for WB not for the Web?
  574. Georg has joined
  575. jonasw Zash, is there a use-case for WebSockets not for the Web?
  576. jonasw damnit
  577. Georg has left
  578. Zash The dark future where only port 443 can be used?
  579. jonasw Zash, don’t support that dark future
  580. jonasw (and don’t walk into the sea)
  581. Zash And where you can't tunnel whatever over TLS on 443?
  582. Zash I don't
  583. Zash It's of course inevitable tho :(
  584. jonasw Zash, stop saying that
  585. jonasw you make me sad
  586. jonasw I don’t want to be sad.
  587. Arc in that particular example, xmpp connect might actually be faster than starttls
  588. jonasw Arc, even faster than XEP-0386?
  589. Arc jonasw: no, because you have the HTTP upgrade handshake
  590. jonasw wait that number is wrong
  591. Arc i know what you mean tho
  592. Arc and i love it.
  593. jonasw XEP-0368 (SRV records for XMPP over TLS)
  594. Arc I mean its a bit rough around the edges, i wish it wasnt needed, that xmpp were to default over TLS
  595. jcbrand has joined
  596. Arc zash is right tho, there's already networks that block all communication that's not on an "approved" protocol on its "accepted" port
  597. Arc HTTPS must be accepted.
  598. jonasw Arc, I’m not sure pushing that fight further up in the ISO/OSI layers will help
  599. Arc we've had some form of XMPP over HTTP proxy to deal with those kinds of networks
  600. Zash It's all just moving negotiation around the layers
  601. jonasw Arc, at some point, either breaking of TLS by those firewalls will becmoe standard or other means of guessing the type of traffic will be used.
  602. Arc at some point those firewalls will also include ALPN sniffing
  603. Zash Arc: Implying that they don't already?
  604. Arc point
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  606. Arc i still have a WRT54GL router setup exclusively to proxy all IP traffic over HTTPS because most school districts have only 80 and 443 open, and block *MOST* websites on both. Luckily I own an IP address not currently included in any blocking blacklist
  607. Arc the DC Public Library system was setup similarly. good luck getting a video conference to work
  608. McKael has joined
  609. Arc it was otherwise impossible to do after school programming
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  612. moparisthebest > jonasw‎: Zash, is there a use-case for WebSockets not for the Web?
  613. moparisthebest unfortunately yes: https://github.com/moparisthebest/WebSocketSocket
  614. moparisthebest for a brief period my work mitm'd all TLS and I had to tunnel TLS over websocket over mitm'd TLS
  615. moparisthebest luckily I did not write a XEP :P
  616. Arc Guus: also man, given the attendance record for the last board, i dont think you have much to worry about. really.
  617. Arc we clearly need new, energized blood
  618. Arc (even if its me that's out the door for next year)
  619. Guus I'm not worried either way, just wanted to make a House of Cards reference.
  620. Arc heh
  621. Guus because i think that's hillarious.
  622. Guus there.
  623. Arc well, no HoC reference is complete without accusations of gay rape
  624. moparisthebest might be nice to link to https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Board_and_Council_Elections_2017 in topic
  625. waqas has joined
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  627. Arc I pledge that I only sexually harass men when asked to by women who feel harassed by those same men. :-P
  628. Arc PyCon before the CoC was a very dark time.
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  636. Arc hey Kev how solid is MIX at this point?
  637. moparisthebest pretty solid if you mean too dense to read :P
  638. Arc is there a reference implementation yet?
  639. Arc moparisthebest: did you ever see or read my presentation on xmpp microservices?
  640. zinid Arc: I read your EXI xep
  641. moparisthebest no, got a link to read?
  642. Arc zinid: that's impossible, i havent written it yet
  643. zinid moparisthebest: just read his EXI xep to get the idea ;)
  644. Arc the only exi xep that exists now is garbage
  645. Guus Arc: there's a MIX implementation for Openfire being worked on by Surevine - not sure in what state of completeness it is.
  646. daniel has left
  647. moparisthebest I'm not positive EXI has a purpose outside tiny embedded devices really
  648. Arc the XEP as it stands does not sync the grammar to be used, it relies on the server taking several schemas and compiling a grammar itself, which depending on implementation may or may not match
  649. moparisthebest like mobile phones handle XML just fine
  650. Arc moparisthebest: yes, it absolutely does. the problem is imlementation
  651. Zash Or lack thereof?
  652. moparisthebest why would a phone app want to implement something other than XML though is the question?
  653. Arc of course it does. mobile devices can handle XML, but the overhead is immense. to say "hi" takes 200+ bytes
  654. zinid Arc: ah, you're not the author, ok
  655. moparisthebest certainly no memory or speed reasons anymore
  656. moparisthebest in a world where node.js is a thing, what's 200+ bytes?
  657. moparisthebest a hello world webpage is ~4mb
  658. Zash Bunneh: do #'<message to="arc@example.com" type="chat"><body>hi</body></message>'
  659. Bunneh Zash: 67
  660. zinid Arc: but EXI is a terrible way to fix this issue, at least current XEP is pure shit
  661. zinid abstracting from XML is a way to go
  662. Steve Kille has left
  663. Arc zinid: yes, it absolutely is. which is why i dont want to fix it. i want to write a new one
  664. Zash zinid: Separation of the data and its encoding?
  665. zinid Zash: yeah...
  666. Arc what I'm missing is a manner for the client to transmit the grammar to the server when the server doesn't already have it. there isnt a standard encoding for this, and it must be implementation agnostic
  667. moparisthebest and sounds like a nightmare security-wise, probably
  668. Arc i dont think so. why would it?
  669. zinid why would you need to transfer schemas? do you know any asn.1-base implementation transfering asn.1 definitions?
  670. jonasw I wonder if EXI grammars can be used to create exponential costs (they can contain regexes, right?)
  671. Arc the current XEP does something, security wise, awful in having the server fetch grammar files from arbitrary HTTP URLs. that's begging to be used as a DDoS amplication attack
  672. moparisthebest I vaguely recall discussing this before, I think you said the server would cache these or whatever
  673. moparisthebest or does the client transfer all it's going to use every session?
  674. moparisthebest because then you don't save bytes
  675. Flow Arc, is it so important to do that? I've heard that EXI works reasonably efficient even when not used in schema-informed mode
  676. jonasw moparisthebest, I think the grammars would be keyed by a cryptographic hash sum
  677. Zash What if each party says which namespaces they have schemas of, and then you fall back to some inefficient generic encoding for everything not in the union of known schemasq
  678. Zash s/q$/?/g
  679. Arc Flow: reasonably is relative. you have to transmit all your string tables
  680. Arc Zash: aka non-strict encoding.
  681. moparisthebest so can evil client fill up that cache and/or boot out other in-use ones?
  682. Arc moparisthebest: SHA256 should reasonably cover this, unless you think SHA256 is weak. and the server could have a finite cache.
  683. moparisthebest my point is EXI seems possibly useful in a iot network of trusted super low resource clients or whatever
  684. moparisthebest and useless for desktop or modern phones
  685. moparisthebest (which are now, indistinguishable resource-wise, right?)
  686. Arc you cannot trust iot devices. thats where terrible iot security comes from.
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  688. jere has joined
  689. moparisthebest so can't I just evict your useful grammar files by sending you a load of useless ones?
  690. Flow moparisthebest, mobile devices may have similar computing power than desktops, but they have other constraints too
  691. moparisthebest even if you do everything correctly and sha256 is secure
  692. Zash LRU cache?
  693. Guus has left
  694. Arc yea
  695. jonasw moparisthebest, use a very limited per-account cache, plus a global cache for shasums which are used by multiple accounts.
  696. jonasw in the worst case the global cache is filled with garbage, but the account-local caches for well-behaving accounts will still work as they should.
  697. moparisthebest jonasw, so then I just connect 2 evil clients and still evict from global?
  698. Zash moparisthebest: Think of EXI as better compression that is safe from https://blog.thijsalkema.de/blog/2014/08/07/https-attacks-and-xmpp-2-crime-and-breach/
  699. Flow Zash, are you 100% sure that EXI isn't vulnerable to similar form of attacks?
  700. moparisthebest ah yea I think we talked about that too and weren't entirely sure it was safe in all modes
  701. Arc regex btw is an argument against transmitting schemas, its primarily used when defining constrained character sets, and the regex in question isn't a full regex implementation but rather a list of character ranges
  702. Zash Flow: I'm not 100% sure of anything
  703. Zash s/safe/safer/ probably
  704. moparisthebest in fact I think Arc said it was vulnerable in some modes
  705. moparisthebest it's been awhile
  706. Arc moparisthebest: there's vulnerabilities in all XML libraries.
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  708. Flow Zash, ok, let me rephrase: Do you expect that EXI is not vulnerable to similar things like CRIME/BREACH?
  709. moparisthebest Arc, sorry I meant vulnerable agaist crime-like compression attacks
  710. Zash Flow: I expect that kind of attack to not be effective against something that roughtly boils down to byte-packing of Enum-like fields
  711. SamWhited has left
  712. Arc well EXI includes the option for including DEFLATE
  713. Arc there are 4 modes; bitpacked, byte aligned, pre-compression, and DEFLATE
  714. Arc the client chooses.
  715. Arc honestly ive found bitpacked to work the best in almost every case
  716. Arc in bitpacked mode there's no huffman table or similar to exploit. it doesn't compress text really at all, only XML structure.
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  719. Arc if there's a potential attack on DEFLATE i'd be personally satisfied in including it in a Security section of the XEP with an advisement against using it.
  720. Zash If you make sure that any fields that an attacker can put stuff into are treated as text then it should be more resistant
  721. Arc *nod*
  722. bjc has joined
  723. Arc I believe I remember seeing a case of ascii-only 6-bit encoding, and UTF32, intermixed.
  724. Guus has left
  725. Arc but that's about the only text compression you're going to find
  726. Zash 5 bits should be enough for everyone! :)
  727. Arc until its not. :-P
  728. Arc insert unicode emoticon.
  729. moparisthebest I wonder size-wise how it compares to that xml->json thing, was that a xep?
  730. Flow Arc: It the wrong usage of DEFLATE that opens the side-channel. If the attacked endpoint performs a full flush, i.e. drops the dictionary, on every "channel" change, then it should be safe
  731. Arc Flow: interesting. well, that's something we could address. XML fragments are included, i honestly dont remember how compression was supported.
  732. Zash Flow: I think that should have had a protocol break
  733. Arc i remember i talked to sam a lot about using framing with it, and each stanza a full and complete xml document
  734. Flow Zash, why?
  735. Zash Flow: How does one end know that the other end is doing it Right?
  736. efrit has joined
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  739. moparisthebest yep, no way to tell, no way for server configs to forbid insecure clients
  740. Arc the core of the argument for mobile comes down to this tho, the reason Google dropped XMPP support, according to one of the guys on the Hangouts team, was the massive bandwidth and processing overhead of XML vs binary.
  741. moparisthebest so XML was an engineering problem google couldn't tackle?
  742. Zash Arc: Is that why they pushed for HTTP/2 to be binary?
  743. moparisthebest because marketing sounds far more likely
  744. Arc moparisthebest: XML has a very high processing overhead, and bandwidth overhead, and those are things that can't be just "tackled"
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  746. Arc remember when i accidentally crashed gtalk?
  747. Zash Text based protocols do have other valuable properties tho
  748. moparisthebest google engineers didn't know about EXI or some other encoding?
  749. Flow Zash, the other end being the other end of the stream or the xmpp communication?
  750. Zash Flow: Yes
  751. Zash :D
  752. moparisthebest I just find it hard to believe the reason wasn't "we want to lock people into our walled garden"
  753. Flow I'm not sure if in the c2s case, the client needs to know that the server also does full flushes on channel changes
  754. Flow Isn't it possibly sufficent if the client does the right thing?
  755. Arc that was due to an optimization in their UTF8 to protobufs handling. a shortcut was taken, the message i sent jumped their double null termination and propigated.
  756. Zash Flow: How do I, the server, know that you do the right thing if the protocol is identical?
  757. Flow Zash, you don't, but do you care as server if, for the example, the client authenticated your TLS cert?
  758. Arc 𐑓𐑳𐑒 𐑿
  759. Arc that exact message was all it took.
  760. Zash Flow: just <method>zlib-but-better</method> is what I mean
  761. Zash -demoji Arc> 𐑓𐑳𐑒 𐑿
  762. Bunneh Zash: Arc> 𐑓𐑳𐑒 𐑿
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  765. Zash Arc: hexdump?
  766. Arc not emoji zash. its shavian https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shavian_alphabet
  767. Flow Zash, sure why not, but you could also do the better part as client with <method>zlib</method>
  768. Flow The client has the incentive to do the right thing, the server doesn't really care, that is what I mean :)
  769. Zash Flow: You think the server should you just let you shoot yourself in the foot? :)
  770. Arc it reads "F-U-K YEW" which is what I wrote in jdev several years ago, when gtalk was brand new, to a google dev who argued that there's "no difference between characters and bytes, thats why we use UTF8"
  771. zinid has left
  772. jonasw what
  773. Flow Zash, the server will happily route my root password in <body/> to your JID, won't it?
  774. Arc whatever optimizations they used, the space there caused their parser to jump the terminating null plus the two "safety nulls" they had in the protobuff reader and cause every gtalk server processing it to crash
  775. Zash Flow: You think the server should just let old non-fixed versions shoot themselves in the foot?
  776. Arc google devs found it as the last message in the queue in every affected server, and they "decoded" the phonetic english
  777. jonasw "safety nulls"
  778. jonasw amazing
  779. Flow Zash, valid point. So you prosody implement zlib-but-better?
  780. Arc this was a long, long time ago, but yes. their "optimized" xml/utf8 decoder had two "safety nulls" to ensure that this wouldn't happen. they didnt expect 4-byte unicode
  781. Flow s/you/would?
  782. jonasw nobody does expect 4byte unicode (*glances at mysql*)
  783. Arc one of the guys from the gtalk team shared that bit with me a long time after it happened.
  784. Flow as mod_compression_safe ;)
  785. Zash Flow: Maybe, if it get's properly XEP'd, but no promises
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  788. Arc anyway the biggest issue for EXI right now is *how* to communicate the grammar.
  789. Flow Wasn't there even a TLS compression extension for CRIME or something?
  790. Flow Arc, bytestreams?
  791. Flow Or what exactly is the issue? That there is no mechanism defined?
  792. Zash Does it really need to be communicated at all?
  793. Flow My question exactly
  794. Arc Flow: no, no XML schema or otherwise that Ive ever seen.
  795. Arc Flow: the gains for it are huge, especially for initial connection.
  796. daniel has left
  797. Flow I'm sorry but I don't follow. It is not required to exchange grammar to the other endpoint for EXI do work, but it would improve things, right?
  798. Flow Then why not: 1. authenticate 2. upload grammer via base64 encoded stanzs. 3. activate exi 4. bind
  799. Flow Or is the grammar byte format not well defined?
  800. Arc Flow: because you don't want to require the client support text-mode XML. especially with IoT
  801. Flow Arc, ahh ok, Smack's EXI protype would always work on XML, so that is what I thought would everyone do
  802. jonasw Arc, 1. activate exi, 2. upload grammar via exi-encoded stanzas, 3. use grammar, […]?
  803. Flow What is the other thing besides text mode XML? binary XML?
  804. Arc Flow: https://www.w3.org/TR/exi/#informedGrammars
  805. edhelas regarding the Styling XEP proposal, XMPP is a "protocol", this means it has to stay in the backend on my app, telling it what is received and what to send, XMPP is NOT a protocol that enforce how my app should look like, with Markdow, if I want to display my messages without formating I'd have to remove manually all those ugly ~ and *
  806. Arc Flow: EXI uses a lot less code to implement. so yes, text XML vs EXI
  807. Flow Maybe I'm a bit inflexible, but I can't think how a XMPP client/library/server would work with pure non-XML EXI exclusively
  808. jonasw Flow, _xmppexi-server._tcp SRV :-)
  809. jonasw Flow, _xmppexi-client._tcp SRV :-)
  810. Flow It sure is possible
  811. Zash jonasw!
  812. jonasw Zash!
  813. Zash jonasw: I was just typing that
  814. Arc Flow: client connects and sends a EXI header, specifying the schemaId as sha256, if server doesn't support it it'll respond with a default EXI grammar specifying this, client sends a new header to transmit the grammar
  815. Arc it adds a handshake if its unsupported
  816. Arc the grammar can be informed by a schema but includes weights. I might be wrong, and i'd love to be wrong, but I am not aware of an implementation-independent way to specify weighted options in an EXI schema
  817. Arc the grammar is a tree
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  819. Arc the tree is scoped by where you are, and the options available at each point. more common options use fewer bits, or even only one bit. eg, end element is commonly transmitted with the first bit
  820. Arc in non-strict encoding there are options at every step, even for elements which have no attributes, child elements, or content
  821. Arc tho that can be transmitted with a single bit, end-element, or "other"
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  824. Arc ive skimmed a few other EXI libraries for other languages and they all represent this slightly differently.
  825. Steve Kille has left
  826. moparisthebest just, if _xmppexi-client._tcp becomes a thing make it '368 style direct-tls please :)
  827. Arc moparisthebest: you have my whole-hearted agreement there
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  837. Arc I do not like the idea, tho, of having to invent a XML schema to represent the grammar. because that has to be documented, and it'd be complex.
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  853. goffi edhelas: please post your remark on the @standard. The worst with the current proposal, is that you can't even know if you have to remove those ugly ~ and *
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  859. moparisthebest You can choose
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  861. moparisthebest It basically describes what most clients do anyway
  862. jere has joined
  863. Zash Which "most clients"?
  864. moparisthebest Thunderbird, Gmail?, Hexchat, every IRC client I've *ever* used, people writing text from the beginning of writing text when nothing parsed that except people, gajim
  865. Ge0rG has left
  866. moparisthebest I'm missing a ton surely
  867. moparisthebest Point is, parsed or not, it's well understood by anyone reading it
  868. Zash If everyone understands it already, then do we need to do anything?
  869. Steve Kille has left
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  871. moparisthebest Nope that's the beauty of it
  872. moparisthebest You don't have to do anything
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  876. goffi would be fun to post "ls `date +%Y-%m-%d`-*.xml" in a shell@ MUC room with some of client using this XEP some others not using it.
  877. arc has joined
  878. Zash goffi: I recently learned about `date -uI`
  879. goffi Zash: easier to remember :)
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  881. Zash oui
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  883. moparisthebest goffi: so highlight but keep characters?
  884. daniel moparisthebest: that's probably for the best
  885. Kev has left
  886. SamWhited I think keeping the characters vs. hiding them is a client decision FWIW, but I really like keeping them (eg. use https://simplemde.com/ for a while, it's very pleasant)
  887. Kev has joined
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  889. goffi let's add one more different way of rendering
  890. daniel I just changed my implementation to keep the characters bit display them with 50% opacity
  891. daniel *but
  892. moparisthebest Gajim keeps them
  893. moparisthebest Have to check others...
  894. daniel Yes I'm starting to think that keeping them is for the better. And maybe the xep should specify that (the characters have to be kept)
  895. SamWhited I would be happy to change that to say that you SHOULD keep them, I only didn't do that because I assumed people would complain if I did.
  896. daniel I guess you can never fully avoid false positives
  897. goffi daniel: yes, by properly marking when you use a rich syntax and when you are not
  898. daniel If we decide to keep them we should specify if the style should include the keyword
  899. daniel I opt for not
  900. daniel Because it looks better
  901. SamWhited daniel: I'm not sure what you mean, do you just want to make eg. the * bold but not the word?
  902. moparisthebest goffi: then rewrite all e2e xeps, carbons, and come up with some nightmare to check if the content sent 2 different ways matches in content meaning
  903. moparisthebest Or, keep. It. Simple.
  904. daniel SamWhited, if *bold* will render to <b>*bold*</b> or *<b>bold</b>*
  905. daniel and i think the later looks better
  906. edhelas :')
  907. Zash <b>*bold</b>*
  908. SamWhited daniel: Ah, right. Tentatively I *think* I agree with you.
  909. moparisthebest Good compromise
  910. edhelas we all agree that next to the type="markdown" content we will have an unformated classic <body> tag ?
  911. moparisthebest I think gajim bolds the asterisks too, not on it now though
  912. daniel especially if you then go and display the * with 60% opacity
  913. daniel moparisthebest, yes it does
  914. daniel this is just coming from my personal preference on what i think looks better. not what other clients do
  915. moparisthebest I think it actually doesn't matter but the xep should recommend
  916. SamWhited edhelas: no, I think that's exactly what many people here are trying to avoid
  917. edhelas sic…
  918. edhelas can I also invent my own markup for Post content published in Pubsub ? like in Microblog then ?
  919. edhelas something that is like Markdown but with my own personnal syntax
  920. goffi moparisthebest: no all e2e XEP, OTR and OMEMO, and we already complained about that before. OX is done the right way.
  921. edhelas then people can embed videos and centered texts, but without using XML
  922. goffi moparisthebest: and you'll have to rewrite RFCs if you don't want different contents.
  923. daniel has left
  924. edhelas I'm half serious here, or you go full Markdown or you do nothing, because I don't think developpers with love to write their own parsers again
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  926. goffi but at least if the XEP mention a MUST (and not a SHOULD) keep formatting characteres, I would be more OK, as I could safely just ignore it.
  927. moparisthebest goffi: so I'll just use the clients that implement ox then, oh wait that's none...
  928. daniel has left
  929. daniel i can get on board with a MUST. i like strict XEPs anyway
  930. goffi daniel: with a MUST I don't see any issue right now (beside your pasted code being ugly on some client, but that's their choice)
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  932. daniel just updated Conversations master in case someone wants to see how this looks like
  933. goffi actually forcing formatting characteres would not work with escaping. So this would mean removing escaping
  934. jubalh has joined
  935. moparisthebest I think daniel already said that and I agree
  936. moparisthebest Removing escaping that is
  937. SamWhited Yah, removing escaping seems fine to me
  938. SamWhited I'll add that to my TODO list assuming no serious counterpoints are brought up in the list discussion
  939. goffi I've mentionned this in a new message, I'm done with standard@ flooding for today :)
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  941. goffi or we are already tomorrow, I can flood again
  942. goffi oh*
  943. goffi (this joke only work in CET timezone)
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  962. Arc SamWhited: your XEP looks good to me
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  975. SamWhited Arc: thanks! Any oddities you find, things that aren't clear, etc. please let me know!
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