XSF Discussion - 2017-11-10

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  155. Guus Any webrtc aficionado here?
  156. edhelas o/
  157. marc \o
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  159. jonasw possibly in the future
  160. edhelas I'm still waiting for clients that are proposing native WebRTC + native Jingle to do tests with Movim :)
  161. Guus (I'm a noob, my terminiology might be off): I'm looking for information on the SSLTCP ICE canidate. As far as I understand, it "mimics" a SSL/TLS handshake to fool some firewalls into accepting traffic, without doing actual SSL/TLS encryption (thus not fooling proper firewalls).
  162. Guus my questions: a) exactly what version of the clienthello (I think?) is mimiced? b) There appears to be something called TURNS which does full TLS that allows passage through proper filewalls (with the overhead of encryption). This is pretty hard to find via google - where's that documented?
  163. Guus </questions>
  164. jonasw Guus, https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5766
  165. jonasw that mentions "turns"
  166. jonasw (including the quotes)
  167. jonasw so maybe "TURN over TLS" is a good search term
  168. jonasw (that term at least works for me with google, but my google is well-trained on RFCs etc.)
  169. Guus tx
  170. jonasw a quick google suggests that ssltcp is propretary
  171. jonasw *proprietary
  172. jonasw so aside from reverse engineering google hangouts, it could be tricky to find out how it works
  173. Guus ah, Microsoft does document something similar, it appears. They're clalling that MS-TURN: http://interoperability.blob.core.windows.net/files/MS-TURN/[MS-TURN].pdf
  174. Guus "Pseudo-TLS over TCP"
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  192. Guus so, yeah, the SSLTCP ICE pseudo clienthello is a SSL v2.0 clienthello with a specific challenge (yey for wireshark)
  193. jonasw sslv2, amusing. but I wouldn’t be surprised if the kind of firewalls fooled by that would also be the kind of firewalls not giving a lot about actual transport security :-)
  194. Guus exactly what I was thinking. It also answers my question on why the multiplexer I was using didn't seem to pick it up with the default "TLS" probe :)
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  237. moparisthebest Guus: also stun and turn alpn IDs here https://www.iana.org/assignments/tls-extensiontype-values/tls-extensiontype-values.xhtml#alpn-protocol-ids
  238. zinid still no our ALPNs in the list
  239. zinid xmpp-server and xmpp-client
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  241. moparisthebest zinid: supposedly iana approved and they will be there next update
  242. moparisthebest I want to guess and say that was a month ago
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  343. SamWhited daniel: the wording is a bit confusing, I'll have to think about how that whole section can be rewritten later, but here's a patch for the issue you mentioned: https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/539
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  347. daniel SamWhited, yes. wording this is the only downside of this otherwise useful change... I think you did a good job though.
  348. SamWhited It may be better to rewrite that chunk as a list of rules in the order you should apply them when parsing
  349. daniel should probably contain a few 'negative' examples as well. like `*foo *bar` (indicate that this wont be styled)
  350. daniel but we can finish the XEP first before we add more examples
  351. SamWhited Good call, I should add some for this rule to that list (there is a list of things that aren't styled)
  352. SamWhited (added that one)
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  354. daniel Conversations Master has already been updated to reflect that change by the way. That's going to be shipped with one of the bug fix releases that always follow my minor releases
  355. daniel Will be interesting to see where the broader 'leave keywords in' discussion leads
  356. SamWhited I still don't have the regular release for whatever reason
  357. daniel If people really end up hating the keywords we will have to think about and opt in annotations or what ever
  358. SamWhited Yah, I'll be curious about that. I still think it's an implementation detail and is up to individual clients/services, which is why I only made it a SHOULD after we upgraded it from MAY
  359. daniel I just promoted from beta to stable an hour ago
  360. daniel Guess you are not on the beta channel
  361. SamWhited oh, I thought it was already out, nevermind then
  362. SamWhited yah, I think the beta group didn't like my Google Apps account or something? I can't remember
  363. daniel > oh, I thought it was already out, nevermind then So did I 😀
  364. SamWhited hah, that explains it
  365. Guus has that / _ italics vs underline discussion come to an end?
  366. moparisthebest the problem with opt-in (client sending 'this is styled') is how would a client know I meant *bold*, that's sorta the whole point
  367. SamWhited Guus: I'm not sure. I didn't hear any compelling reason to change it other than one or two XMPP clients were doing / aleady, so I didn't, but if it's what the community wants I'm happy to do so.
  368. moparisthebest Guus, never
  369. SamWhited But I felt that didn't outweigh the fact that most other messengers seemed to be doing _ already and that _ has meant italics since the days of typewriters
  370. Guus I was discussing it with some frontend-oriented colleagues. They basically said: "Both underlining and italic are used to express emphasis. Never allow underlining for anything else than hyperlinks. Underlining has it's origin with typewriters, that (mechanically) didn't have skewed letters."
  371. SamWhited oh yah, I think you mentioned that; that seems like a good enough reason not to add underlines and to keep _ for italics to me.
  372. Guus is it an idea to simply define both as "emphasis" and let the client use whatever they prefer?
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  374. SamWhited I defined it that way originally, where actually doing italics was a MAY; it's a SHOULD now, but I could be persauaded to go back.
  375. moparisthebest so do you support /this/ for italics too?
  376. SamWhited I just thought it made more sense to strive for consistency.
  377. Guus I personally prefer _ for italics - but most historical usage implies underline.
  378. moparisthebest I'm not actually sure where that comes from
  379. SamWhited There is of course nothing stopping clients from also supporting /this/, it just won't be as consistent
  380. SamWhited The typewriter historical usage implies italics, just not until you actually go to typeset it… maybe we should have a timer and it should randomly change into italics!
  381. moparisthebest does the XEP say both or not though
  382. SamWhited The XEP doesn't mention /
  383. moparisthebest I don't know the answer as to whether it should or not
  384. SamWhited I also thought it was likely that / would collide with paths
  385. Guus using / for markup is annoying, if your text has URLs (the stuff that ironically, requires an underline in rendering...)
  386. SamWhited /this/is/a/path/ would be italisized under the current rules
  387. SamWhited or "this" and "a" would anyways
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  389. moparisthebest URLs wouldn't
  390. SamWhited just "this", rather.
  391. moparisthebest a folder file path would and a file path would not
  392. Guus meh, perhaps it's best to just go with something and stop discussing :)
  393. moparisthebest at least for me that falls under who cares territory
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  395. SamWhited It seems like there is a slight upside to using _ over /, so unless someone *really* comes up with a compelling reason I'll probably leave it as is
  396. SamWhited Although, at this point I'm not even sure if this will be accepted so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  397. moparisthebest I have nothing compelling :) just that I've always done /italics/ and gajim does it too
  398. moparisthebest it doesn't matter
  399. SamWhited yah, I like /italics/ pretty well too
  400. Guus yeah, hence my suggestion to define _ as well as / as 'emphasis' and throw consistency out of the window.
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  402. Guus not sure if it's a fair tradeoff though
  403. SamWhited It doesn't seem worth it to me
  404. moparisthebest what's 'emphasis' ? bold or italics?
  405. Guus emphasis is typically expresses with underline or italics
  406. Guus ... but your quesion alone proves that it's a bad idea :)
  407. SamWhited I call it "bold" and "italics" right now in the protoxep, but they're both a SHOULD. Maybe I should merge those sections and say that they're different types of "emphasis", someone asked for it and I said I would, I just didn't want to make the change unless it was accepted (although now I've already done more work, might as well do a bit more)
  408. moparisthebest to me, obviously, 'emphasis' is unclear so I'd say bold/italics etc
  409. moparisthebest if the only argument is 'accessible' clients well they have to decide the difference anyway so
  410. moparisthebest there isn't a XEP police going you translated that to voice wrong
  411. daniel /this/is/a/path/ would emphasize the whole thing
  412. daniel Because the inner / will be ignored
  413. Ge0rG paths are important, they need emphasis.
  414. daniel With the PR SamWhited just made
  415. daniel Not with the published rules
  416. moparisthebest but I think /this/is/a/path/to/a/file would not emphasize anything right?
  417. moparisthebest because only folders are important, not files
  418. daniel moparisthebest: yes
  419. moparisthebest :)
  420. Ge0rG so directories are more important than files.
  421. moparisthebest yep
  422. SamWhited daniel: I don't think the change I made affects that one will it?
  423. daniel oh you are right
  424. daniel it will emphasize /this/
  425. daniel with both the old and the new rules
  426. daniel still not cool though. and a reason not to use / as a keyword
  427. moparisthebest what if my OS uses _ as a path seperator, then I'm back to the same problem
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  429. moparisthebest all of these messenger silently changes my send text is a problem I've always had in every client
  430. moparisthebest I wish they followed these rules where at least the characters were left in
  431. moparisthebest that fixes everything, so in my opinion what actually gets bolded/etc doesn't really matter
  432. moparisthebest try pasting code in 'lync' or 'skype for business' for example, it's a nightmare
  433. Guus whatsapp nicely fades the keywords a little, but keeps them in place
  434. moparisthebest perfect imho
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  459. Guus SamWhited: what about nested formatting? formatting in code blocks is likely unwanted, but what about in quotations?
  460. SamWhited Guus: It's allowed by the spec
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  463. Guus "Block quotes may contain any child block, including other quotations"
  464. Guus I misread that as "may contain other quotations"
  465. SamWhited I probably also need to define the block/span thing better
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  468. Guus You're not mentioning hyperlinks - but I'd expect that most clients that do styling, would also make those clickable (and give them corresponding style). Maybe mention that?
  469. SamWhited I thought about it, but I didn't want to formally specify those (same with lists) because it's just something I'd expect clients to do by themselves and it's not really the same thing as the other indicators
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  475. SamWhited Maybe just a quick mention to note that most clients probably will want to also auto-link hyperlinks
  476. Guus SamWhited: links shouldn't be rendered in preformatted blocks though.
  477. SamWhited and that lists were left off because users can type "1." easily enough
  478. Guus I'd not mention lists at all, I think.
  479. SamWhited I don't know if it matters if lists are rendered in preformatted blocks or not, but that does seem worth mentioning one way or another.
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  482. SamWhited Even if it's just to say "clients may want to consider this and whether they want it or not"
  483. SamWhited Thanks!
  484. Guus ... I'm wondering if the adoption rate of the XEP would be significantly higher if you'd forget about blocks completely, and do spans only.
  485. Guus (that's an elaborate way to admit that I'm a lazy client dev)
  486. SamWhited I wouldn't be against that, although I think the blocks aren't very difficult to implement either. Did you run into any trouble while playing with it?
  487. Guus SamWhited: not 'trouble', but it does require me to rewrite parts of the displaying code. Things are easier when I only need to concern myself with single lines.
  488. Guus I quite dislike implementing stuff that has all kind of exceptional cases "if then do that except for when this is that"
  489. Guus the spans are already complex. Having to think of nesting spans or blocks in other blocks - meh, I'd rather fix another bug. :)
  490. Guus as I said, lazy.
  491. Guus also, preformatted blocks add little value for me, personally (I can see how they could be useful, but I'd much rather have people use a service like pastebin, isntead of cluttering up my MUC)
  492. Guus blockquotes could be useful to an extend, but the XEP would be interesting in itself without it.
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  494. Guus also: people in open_chat now are experimenting with cowsay in the muc.
  495. SamWhited I thought about making that an easter egg in my little client… if you did ```cowsay it would pipe it through that first and then display
  496. Guus shouldn't block text be mono-spaced?
  497. SamWhited That was the idea
  498. Guus I don't think it mentions that explicitly
  499. SamWhited oops, thanks, I'll add that to my todo as well
  500. SamWhited It mentions it in one of the examples!
  501. SamWhited > This should show up as monospace, preformatted text ⤴
  502. SamWhited Probably need some normative language there
  503. Guus is this valued: ``` hello ```
  504. Guus also, lines with ``` could easily by accident end with some random whitespace - might be good to explicitly allow for that?
  505. SamWhited hmm, no, I just didn't expand that section as much as I thought I did
  506. SamWhited It should only be the sequence "```\n" at the beginning of a line followed by "\n```"
  507. SamWhited I think; I'm not sure how likely accidental use of it would be without that
  508. Guus ```<space>\n
  509. SamWhited why the space?
  510. Guus because people copy/paste stuff sloppy?
  511. SamWhited maybe it should just be any line starting with ``` and anything after it is ignored, then people can shove syntax highlighting hints in there like github does
  512. Guus I've had hell with the import of DER certs, because of a trailing space somewhere. It might be good to be somewhat lenient.
  513. SamWhited yah, makes sense
  514. Guus (then again, I'm leaning towards dropping all of this weird complexity by dropping blocks from the xep completely)
  515. Guus two xeps? Styled spans, Styles blocks?
  516. Guus well, I'm going to pour myself a drink and call it a night :)
  517. Guus will lurk on mobile
  518. Guus g'dnight!
  519. SamWhited I suppose they don't all have to be a must; if the ``` blocks don't provide value for you, it's not like they'll look terrible if someone else sends you one and your client doesn't style it
  520. Ge0rG Can we have a language identifier right after the initial ``` ?
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  524. SamWhited I don't think I'd want to call it a language identifier specifically, but maybe just say that the start of preformatted blocks is any line that matches ```.*\n and then clients that want to could assume it was a language thing
  525. Ge0rG SamWhited: call it a syntax hint, then it's sufficiently free form
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  529. Arc it rages on
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  531. SamWhited Arc: It's all part of my secret plan to not be re-elected next term.
  532. Guus We'll punish you by reelecting you anyways.
  533. Valerian has joined
  534. Arc its true.
  535. Arc idk tho, 5 people must be elected to council.
  536. Arc you're easily one of the most qualified
  537. SamWhited heh, thanks… drat though, I guess I'll have to think up more controversial proposals to create right before the election
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  540. Kev I don't *think*, although I might misremember, that all the slots have to be filled.
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