XSF Discussion - 2017-12-01

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  140. jonasw SamWhited, that’s what I meant by "are you sure you’re looking at the right table" :)
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  175. Guus Who here has been around forever? :)
  176. Guus https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=XMPP_Standards_Foundation&action=edit&section=1 has a note that it should be expanded. If someone could fill in some of the missing history of the XSF, and remove the 'needs expending' label, that'd be highly appreciated.
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  178. jonasw can’t we link to the history page on the website?
  179. Guus (do we have such a page?)
  180. Guus but, no. We can reference it, but the article on wikipedia should be self-containing, I think.
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  187. jonasw oh, that’s wikipedia
  188. jonasw I thought it was our wiki
  189. jonasw (I didn’t click and misread the URL)
  190. Guus Yeah, I was attempting to improve the public facing description of ourselves.
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  209. jonasw @iteam: I soon™ have a Dockerfile which builds a container which has a working xmppoke command (the backend for the xmpp.net thing)
  210. jonasw what’s missing for the full xmpp.net thing is: the PHP-based frontend and a postgresql database where xmppoke dumps its results
  211. jonasw I feel that these two should be different containers though
  212. jonasw (is there an iteam-MUC which is more approriate?)
  213. Guus awesome
  214. Guus !
  215. Guus and yes, but I don't recall if it's open
  216. Guus try: iteam@ on this service
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  248. jonasw posted update to members@, hopefully somebody will be willing to take over the PHP part :)
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  255. daniel Php? Where? I love php
  256. jonasw I sense sarcasm
  257. Guus nono, touched-it-last rules now apply. Daniel's it.
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  259. Guus kidding aside: many thanks for taking this on jonasw!
  260. daniel No I was only half kidding. I'm actually fine with PHP. I used it a lot when I was younger. And I would prefer it any time over node.js or what ever kids are doing these days. I can have a look later
  261. daniel I initally stopped reading that mail at the word docker though...
  262. jonasw daniel, my way of coping with docker is treating Dockerfiles as a lightweight way to write down recipes to create a system and ignore how it is actually executed :-)
  263. Kev Isn't that exactly what they are?
  264. jonasw yeah
  265. Zash my way of coping with docker is to not use docker
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  268. MattJ I think xmppoke is exactly justification for why docker exists
  269. jonasw oh yes
  270. jonasw holy cow yes
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  275. jonasw I also learnt to find it convenient to just do a docker run -it ubuntu:16.04 /bin/bash when somebody has an issue with something on ubuntu :)
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  278. Ge0rG docker is where bloat meets cloud, right?
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  283. jonasw daniel, would you give it a shot, despite docker? :)
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  288. mathieui jonasw, thanks for the work on xmpp.net
  289. SouL Yes, I was reading the email now
  290. jonasw you’re welcome
  291. moparisthebest jonasw, I know how to setup nginx + php-fpm , just nothing about docker, I'm sure that's completely unhelpful but meh
  292. moparisthebest wait the xmpp wiki runs php can't that just be used?
  293. Kev If all that's needed is something that runs PHP, I can trivially make a container for that in a few minutes.
  294. Kev Is it?
  295. jonasw Kev, I think it’d be an amazing start
  296. jonasw some dockerfile with nginx and php set up
  297. jonasw I may be able to figure out the rest from there
  298. Kev Remind me next week and I'll have a look. I'm running out of time to do this week's stuff at the moment.
  299. jonasw (my attempts with nginx and php all failed and a chickened out back to apache2 last I tried)
  300. jonasw sure
  301. jonasw maybe someone else steps up in the meantime :)
  302. daniel jonasw: oh you need someone to create a docker that runs php. I initally thought you needed someone to fix a script or something
  303. jonasw daniel, actually it needs someone who sets up a docker running php+nginx and the xmppoke-frontend, which might involve fixing PHP things
  304. mathieui a docker compose/stack that runs php is pretty standard
  305. Guus jonasw: assuming that there are plenty php webservers (nginx vs apache doesn't matter, I assume) out there: might be as easy as writing a docker file on top of a preexisting one?
  306. jonasw Guus, apache is much more resource-heavy, I’d avoid that for a docker container, considering that the xmpp server already runs a bunch of those
  307. jonasw mathieui, I have no idea of docker compose or stack
  308. mathieui jonasw, essentially "get existing images, glue them together in a standard way, and mount your code as a volume"
  309. mathieui the only pain point in the database
  310. Guus https://hub.docker.com/_/php/ <-- seach for 'with apache'
  311. mathieui Guus, I would get separate fpm & webserver containers
  312. Guus if that's a two-line fix, sod the additional resoruces for the moment.
  313. Guus mathieui: I know nothing! I'm googling my way around.
  314. jonasw mathieui, "mount your code as a volume", I can imagine that this won’t fly with iteam
  315. Kev I have countless PHP things deployed via Docker, doing this for xmpp.net if that's all that's required should be straightforward.
  316. jonasw Kev, the wiki thing was actually a good hint, where’s the Dockerfile for the wiki?
  317. Kev That's not our own Dockerfile.
  318. jonasw okay
  319. Guus all our Dockerfiles are in our github repo
  320. jonasw anyways, looking forward for somebody to take that on
  321. mathieui jonasw, you can also build an image with your code on top, but it means rebuilding it everytime you change the code
  322. jonasw mathieui, I’m aware of that
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  324. jonasw of the latter I mean
  325. mathieui (I mean, I’m precisely debugging some icky docker+php stuff at work right now)
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  328. Guus https://hub.docker.com/r/richarvey/nginx-php-fpm/ <-- would that work? Seems to be able to pull the website code from git.
  329. jonasw wth, why does that build nginx from source
  330. Guus dunno, don't care.
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  332. Guus https://github.com/richarvey/nginx-php-fpm/blob/master/docs/config_flags.md <-- seems to be able to pull the php project from bitbucket too
  333. Zash Someone said that's how you are supposed to do it
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