XSF Discussion - 2017-12-05

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  87. marc Ge0rG, Did you take a look at the XEP?
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  101. Ge0rG marc: you mean at the examples? 😜 yes, I did
  102. marc Ge0rG, yes the examples ;) Any objections so far? :P
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  108. Ge0rG marc: I still think that the ad-hoc command has two parameters too many. Also not sure about just adding another element to the IBR request
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  111. marc Ge0rG, these two elements are still optional ;)
  112. marc Ge0rG, do you have an other idea for IBR?
  113. Ge0rG marc: I'm not sure means I don't know if this can be made legal by the XEP. The alternative would be to use full fledged Data Forms
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  115. Ge0rG marc: and it needs some way to integrate with PARS, so that users who already have an account will be accounted for as well
  116. marc Ge0rG, what do you mean? can you give me an exmaple?
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  121. intosi Yay. Spim from @yax.im.
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  123. goffi Hi, https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=15850597
  124. goffi some votes may help ;)
  125. Tobias intosi, also got it and put the domain on my blocklist. but maybe Ge0rG can get his act together and prevent these things
  126. SouL Of course! yes goffi :D
  127. edhelas upvoted :p
  128. Zash Ge0rG: How's your acting?
  129. Flow jonasw, no ProtoXEP annoucement for ISR 0.0.5? I also don't see a council trello card for it
  130. Flow goffi, upvoted, also read the blog post, sounds great!
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  134. Tobias goffi, why does the vidoe have white bars top and bottom?
  135. goffi Tobias: because it's old blog renderer and the CSS is bad
  136. jonasw Flow, no
  137. jonasw I don’t do that normally, I thought your mail was announcement enough
  138. jonasw maybe CC council@ next time
  139. goffi but can't use the new one yet (which is responsive), there is not yet atom feed or pagination.
  140. edhelas you shouldn't enforce width and height for the video size
  141. jonasw (ProtoXEP updates are out-of-process, so there’s no tooling for this)
  142. Flow jonasw, ok, i've a feeling that people will refuse to deal with the submission if it's not officially announced. Would you be so kind and add a card to council's trello?
  143. jonasw I doubt that people will refuse that
  144. jonasw I am in a meeting right now
  145. Flow hope so
  146. jonasw remind me in a few hours, then I’ll do that
  147. Ge0rG Tobias: seriously? You've blocked yax.im?
  148. Tobias Ge0rG, if domains send spam my way, i block them :)
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  152. jonasw Tobias, maybe first contact the admin?
  153. jonasw that’s kinda extreme
  154. Tobias it's even the less harsh approach, compared to others who whitelist domains they do s2s with :)
  155. jonasw especially if the admin is part of the XMPP core-ish community
  156. Tobias jonasw, well...i can unblock them
  157. Tobias even did so after a week
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  159. Ge0rG Tobias: that makes me very sad, still
  160. Tobias it also makes me very sad that i received spam from your domain
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  162. Ge0rG Tobias: so what would be your proposed solution? Shut down all public servers?
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  164. Tobias no...apply some limitations to new accounts on public servers
  165. Guus Oh, I'm with Tobias: I've blocked various domains that delivered nothing to mine, except spam.
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  167. Tobias and monitor behaviour of new accounts on public servers
  168. Tobias i have more than 50 domains on my block list
  169. Guus oh, i ~10 :)
  170. Ge0rG Tobias: I'm doing the following: - limit IBR per IP - monitor large numbers of outgoing messages and block accounts - limit the number of stanzas a client can send - watch my logs - react to abuse reports as fast as I can
  171. Ge0rG Tobias: and you didn't even report it to me.
  172. Tobias Ge0rG, will do the next time, I promise
  173. Ge0rG Tobias: you still can report the message content that you received :P
  174. SouL says: come on, cheer up everybody yay :)
  175. Ge0rG Tobias: I know how annoying spam is, and it really really really makes me sad to learn about it in such a public-shaming way.
  176. edhelas Tobias Guus is it possible to get thoses blacklists ?
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  178. Tobias edhelas, yes
  179. Ge0rG Tobias: so what's the spam message you received, anyway? I'd like to improve my outbound filters.
  180. Tobias Ge0rG, just going through my logs to find it
  181. Ge0rG Tobias: and did you receive it from digital.advert307@yax.im or a different JID?
  182. Guus edhelas, I can look them up for you. Note that because _my_ users aren't appear to be talking to valid accounts on those domains, yours might. I'm not sure if a permanent blacklisting is approriate.
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  184. Zash I also block on first offence. I am evil.
  185. Ge0rG Tobias: so I've just deleted eight spammer accounts that connected through the same IP address. If you had told me the JID or the content of the message you received (did you receive one at all?), I possibly could have deleted more.
  186. Tobias Ge0rG, does your server ping every s2s connection every minute? even if you don't send other messages over that connection for a longer time?
  187. Ge0rG Tobias: it does ping other servers, but I'm not sure if it is actually set to one minute. Why?
  188. Zash wc -l blocklist/zash.dat 256 blocklist/zash.dat
  189. Zash Eeeeeeeevil
  190. Tobias just looking at my log
  191. Ge0rG Zash: how often will prosody 0.10 send whitespace via s2a?
  192. Ge0rG Zash: how often will prosody 0.10 send whitespace via s2s?
  193. Zash Ge0rG: We never got around to adjusting the timeout, so after 6h of silence.
  194. Ge0rG mod_pinger should only ping c2s, from reading the source code.
  195. jonasw dwd, I added ProtoXEP ISR to the proposed agendums [sic]
  196. jonasw (cc @ Flow)
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  199. Ge0rG Zash: why is it sending two whitespaces per minute on an s2sin then? And also one ping per minute on s2sout?
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  201. Zash Ge0rG: Are you using 3rd party plugins that I have no idea about what they are doing?
  202. Ge0rG Zash: if by "3rd party" you mean "from prosody-modules", then yes.
  203. Zash Yes, I do
  204. Ge0rG Zash: where is the code that sends the once-in-6hr whitespace?
  205. Zash Ge0rG: In mod_s2s, when the network backend invokes the "read timeout" handler.
  206. Zash Have you perhaps changed the read timeout setting?
  207. Ge0rG Zash: I have. `network_settings.read_timeout = 840` - which is NOT 60 seconds.
  208. Ge0rG Zash: also why should it send twice on an s2sin link?
  209. Zash Ge0rG: Duno. Bug?
  210. Ge0rG just to pick a random s2s: Dec 05 10:18:52 s2sin98ca6d0 debug sending: Dec 05 10:18:52 s2sin98ca6d0 debug sending: Dec 05 10:18:52 s2sin98ca6d0 debug Received[s2sin]: <iq id='keepalive' type='result' to='yax.im' from='tengu.chat'> Dec 05 10:19:52 s2sin98ca6d0 debug sending: Dec 05 10:19:52 s2sin98ca6d0 debug sending: Dec 05 10:19:52 s2sin98ca6d0 debug Received[s2sin]: <iq id='keepalive' type='result' to='yax.im' from='tengu.chat'>
  211. Zash Ge0rG: Weird. Libevent?
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  213. Ge0rG Tobias: thanks for pointing out the bug. Were you able to find anything in your logs regarding that spammer you encountered?
  214. Tobias not yet...will tell you in about half an hour
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  216. jonasw zinid, if you’re doing strict schema validation, how do you handle the lax order requirements of XMPP?
  217. jonasw which cannot really be reflected in schemas?
  218. jonasw (well, somebody did the work to reflect that in XEP-0030, but ...)
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  221. Ge0rG Sigh. Blocking messages from strangers is really annoying. I get a subscription request from a JID I don't recognize and I can't even ask them why they contact me without exposing my presence.
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  224. Ge0rG Oh, `admin@xmpp.wiki` is not actually an admin.
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  226. SouL Does .wiki domain exist?
  227. Zash Looks like one of chatmes domains?
  228. SouL Didn't know that
  229. Ge0rG Zash: yes, it is.
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  231. mathieui mod_block_registrations should also be required for IBR servers…
  232. mathieui with admin, operator, and root banned
  233. Ge0rG mathieui: right, that too.
  234. Ge0rG block_registrations_users = { "abuse", "admin", "administrator", "hostmaster", "info", "news", "noc", "owner", "postmaster", "register", "registration", "root", "security", "service", "signup", "support", "sysadmin", "sysop", "system", "test", "trouble", "webmaster", "www", "xmpp", }
  235. Ge0rG based on http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2142 and http://blog.postbit.com/reserved-username-list.html
  236. Ge0rG added `operator` now.
  237. Ge0rG Zash: ^
  238. Zash Ew, spaces for indentation!
  239. Ge0rG Zash: what? I'm using tabs.
  240. Zash The module
  241. SouL wtf who uses tabs for indentation
  242. ralphm This
  243. Zash No, TABS! Holy war!
  244. mathieui oh no
  245. mathieui maybe we should talk about tea instead
  246. Zash No, Coffee! Holy war!
  247. mathieui nobody expects the xmpp inquisition
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  249. Ge0rG mathieui: nobody expects the whitespace inquisition?
  250. Tobias Ge0rG, https://q.zash.se/a6db0f2a6dcf.txt
  251. Ge0rG Tobias: that's been almost two weeks ago!?
  252. Tobias yes?
  253. Ge0rG Tobias: you didn't know that I'm the admin of yax.im?
  254. Tobias i did
  255. Tobias like I said, next time I'll report it to you before blocking your domain
  256. Ge0rG Tobias: sorry, but I'm speechless.
  257. Tobias is the account already deleted?
  258. Ge0rG BTW, there is a dozen of accounts that used the same IP address.
  259. Ge0rG Tobias: no. I'm not even sure why the message went out at all. It should be blocked for multiple reasons.
  260. Tobias like high percentage of YELLING?
  261. Ge0rG Tobias: I'm not measuring that. But multi-line messages to non-subscribers should be blocked.
  262. Holger jonasw: What order requirement can't be reflected?
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  264. Zash Ge0rG: does `prosodyctl mod_firewall test` work?
  265. Holger jonasw: Either way ejabberd is using it's own schema format, not XSD.
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  267. Ge0rG Zash: I remember now. my `bodycheck` rule had to be disabled for outgoing messages because IN_ROSTER doesn't work in `::preroute`
  268. Zash Say what
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  270. zinid jonasw, we don't use XSD, they are shit
  271. Ge0rG Zash: what does IN_ROSTER return when applied in the ::preroute chain?
  272. Zash Ge0rG: Oh right, because it refers to the receivers roster, which wouldn't be available for a remote user
  273. Ge0rG Zash: so how do I find out if the local sender is subscribed to the remote receiver?
  274. zinid jonasw, it has erlangish format, here it is: https://github.com/processone/xmpp/blob/master/specs/xmpp_codec.spec
  275. Zash Ge0rG: And the sender can just add whatever they want to their roster, so you'd need the thing, yes, subscription check
  276. Ge0rG SUBSCRIBED Tests whether the recipient is subscribed to the sender, ie will receive presence updates from them. Note that this does work, regardless of direction and which chain is used, since both the sender and the recipient will have mirrored roster entries.
  277. Zash Ge0rG: SUBSCRIBED?
  278. Zash Right
  279. Ge0rG is that what I need? Will it work as expected?
  280. Zash Ge0rG: Unless it has the same bug...
  281. Ge0rG Zash: actually I need the opposite - whether the sender is subscribed to the receiver.
  282. Zash Ge0rG: Why?
  283. Ge0rG Whoever invented asymmetric presence subscription.
  284. Ge0rG Zash: because a spammer could pre-approve all receivers?
  285. Zash Ge0rG: But that's not implemented! :D
  286. Ge0rG Zash: ah, it looks like `rostermanager.is_contact_subscribed` will actually check both directions.
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  289. Ge0rG Zash: thanks very much.
  290. Ge0rG So now I can apply a `JUMP_CHAIN=user/bodycheck` to outgoing messages as well. But how can I add another action to inform the admin about local users spamming?
  291. Ge0rG JUMP_CHAIN will BOUNCE when spam was found.
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  293. Ge0rG Tobias: deleted the twelve spammer accounts. Improved firewall rules. Sent abuse report to ISP. Thanks for reporting.
  294. Tobias ta
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  297. jonasw Holger, in XMPP, the order of elements of different names (e.g. <{disco}feature/> and <{disco}identity/>) is irrelevant. this can be, but is very hard to, represent with XSD
  298. jonasw but sure, if you use your own validation, that doesn’t affect you, zinid
  299. zinid this is not strictly speaking the validation, it's more like ASN.1 codec, which transforms XML into internal language structure
  300. zinid but validation is performed during decoding, yes
  301. jonasw you have a weird obsession for ASN.1
  302. jonasw which is fine, I guess
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  304. tux zinid: You do Erlang, too? xD
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  306. tux (just kidding)
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  308. zinid tux, well, erlang knowledge is required for ejabberd development, most of the time 🙂
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  310. Holger jonasw: <xs:complexType><xs:all><xs:element name="feature"/><xs:element name="identity"/></xs:all></xs:complexType> won't do the trick?
  311. zinid jonasw, ha, you didn't see my obsession regarding parsers yet 😀
  312. jonasw Holger, afaik not
  313. jonasw I.
  314. zinid jonasw, for example, from this ABNF file https://github.com/processone/xmpp/blob/master/c_src/uri.abnf the parser code is generated: https://github.com/processone/xmpp/blob/master/c_src/xmpp_uri.c
  315. jonasw I think that enforces order between feature and identity
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  317. Holger jonasw: No. That would be xs:sequence instead of xs:all.
  318. jonasw Holger, tbh, I have not much of an idea about XSD, I tried to read the spec and I find it massively confusing
  319. jonasw there have been some comments w.r.t. on standards@
  320. Ge0rG Ah, the new rules absolutely pay off. Found another 18 spammer accounts.
  321. tux zinid: yeah, that's true. 8)
  322. Holger jonasw: I'm not much into it either, dunno whether you can express all XMPP syntax weirdness with XSD.
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  332. Ge0rG inetnum: - netname: FVDE descr: Tor Exit Node Hosting
  333. Ge0rG Whoops. Four of five IPs that injected spam today are exit nodes.
  334. zinid wow, suddenly
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  337. zinid just ban all exit nodes 😀
  338. Zash Require all Tor users fill in a Google Captcha!
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  344. intosi Ge0rG: good busy!
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  346. Ge0rG Okay, so I've deleted another 50 accounts
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  363. Ge0rG @iteam - our wiki claims "The XMPP Standards Foundation maintains a dedicated email list (muc@xmpp.org) about MUC" but there is no such list. Does anybody want one?
  364. jonasw I’m pretty sure I was on that list.
  365. jonasw it was deleted though
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  367. jonasw Subject: [MUC] deleting this list Date: 14.02.13 05:09 From: Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter@stpeter.im> To: muc@xmpp.org I just deleted the specialized bosh@xmpp.org list. I think it would be appropriate to do the same with the muc@xmpp.org list. Instead of having a specialized conversation here, we'll simply use the main standards@xmpp.org list. Any objections? Peter
  368. jonasw the only reply to that was from someone who claimed to not have done anything with jabber for 3 years
  369. Ge0rG How appropriate.
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  371. Zash Hah
  372. jonasw TBH, I don’t see a use-case for separate lists
  373. jonasw Ge0rG, edit that out of the wiki maybe?
  374. Zash jonasw: Very active topics that drown out others?
  375. Ge0rG jonasw: done
  376. jonasw Zash, I find standards@ still comfortable to read
  377. Kev I think it's more about interests not overlapping than about traffic.
  378. Ge0rG If only we had threaded email-like message support in XMPP.
  379. Zash It works like a sort of filter, but enforced by the sender instead of the receiver
  380. Kev If you expect the same people on both lists, it's not gaining much, but if you think lots of people care about MUC, but not other stuff on standards@ there's a point.
  381. Kev I don't think there is in this case.
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  403. jonasw Ge0rG, why aren’t you in jdev@?
  404. Ge0rG jonasw: I'm not?
  405. jonasw now you’re
  406. Ge0rG jonasw: I had a power outage.
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  430. jonasw zinid, re your standards@ reply: > Well, yes, it will be timed out. I also don't think this is a > violation, because in this case we cannot block IQ from flooders for > example, as this is also a violation.
  431. jonasw I would suggest to send some IQ type="error" back in these cases
  432. jonasw and making IQ requests timeout is super-annoying
  433. Kev You can't type=error to a result or an error.
  434. jonasw Kev, yes
  435. jonasw this was in response to what he said about flooders
  436. jonasw (which is why I didn’t reply on the standards@ thread)
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  443. zinid jonasw, why would I send iq=errors to flood IQs? wtf?
  444. zinid what if this is a dos attack, I should do that too?
  445. jonasw zinid, depends on how sure you are that it’s a genuine flood
  446. zinid ok, so if I want that much, then I can 🙂
  447. jonasw if might also be a client which is confused or simply has a lot of things to do. sending proper type="wait" errors back.
  448. jonasw it might also be a client which is confused or simply has a lot of things to do. sending proper type="wait" errors back.
  449. jonasw it might also be a client which is confused or simply has a lot of things to do. sending proper type="wait" errors back seems more reasonable to me, until it becomes a burden.
  450. zinid whatever, as daniel said any discussions are pointless
  451. zinid you already built up your mind, why bother
  452. zinid I'm also not sure why on earth I should route (or store) malformed packets
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  454. jonasw because you can’t be sure that they’re malformed
  455. zinid jonasw, I can if I have schema
  456. jonasw okay, but then you have to consider how schemas are used in XMPP and acknowledge that elements and attributes may be added at any time, and must be ignored
  457. zinid well, that's the rule I don't like
  458. jonasw I know that
  459. jonasw but that’s how XMPP works and has always worked
  460. jonasw (*always: to my knowledge)
  461. zinid and where is it now?
  462. jonasw I don’t think that this specific rule is the cause of the low popularity of XMPP
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  464. zinid it can be pretty much though
  465. jonasw how?
  466. zinid what? lack of formal validation of packets/
  467. zinid ?
  468. zinid for example, some people would rather use something more robust, like asn.1
  469. jonasw you can formally validate what you know about, there’s no problem with that
  470. jonasw no, if you’re going down the "no XML" route, what people nowadays want to use is JSON
  471. zinid but I know there is no <retry/> element in the schema
  472. jonasw in which schema?
  473. jonasw the one you made up, or the non-normative which may or may not be in the XEP?
  474. zinid ah, indeed, we don't even have schemas
  475. jonasw exactly
  476. Zash The 'critical' property of things in ASN.1 sure seems nice
  477. jonasw because the rule I mentioned earlier (unknown things need to be ignored, and also the order of things does not matter) is hard to codify in XMLSchema
  478. jonasw Zash, google dropped "required" in protocol buffers 3.0
  479. jonasw (critical is "you have to understand it", right?)
  480. zinid jonasw, yeah, and you resorted for postulate this ad-hoc
  481. jonasw zinid, I don’t understand your statement, sorry, could you rephrase?
  482. Zash jonasw: Yes. If you don't understand something marked 'critical' then that's a fatal error and you should abort everything.
  483. Zash Much nicer than just blanked ignoring of everything not understood.
  484. jonasw Zash, idneed
  485. jonasw we could have that, if we wanted to
  486. Zash In XML? Hrrrm
  487. jonasw but even then I’d find it questionable for a server to decide what a client understands
  488. jonasw Zash, xmpp:critical="true", define xmpp prefix on <stream:stream/>, be done with it :-)
  489. jonasw but SamWhited will kill me for that
  490. Zash It probably wouldn't have much use outside of initial stream negotation
  491. jonasw possibly
  492. Zash Well. Depends
  493. Zash Altho that's working fine enough.
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  495. zinid jonasw, nah, I'm pretty much bored
  496. zinid jonasw, I will anyway do what I think better
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  523. Holger Basic XEP-0060 question. I don't get how the interaction of proper PubSub (non-PEP) nodes with presence is supposed to work.
  524. Holger E.g. pubsub#access_model=presence. This assumes the PubSub service has access to the node owner's roster data? The node owner might be a remote user, no?
  525. jonasw yes, I think so
  526. jonasw that access model probably simply doesn’t work for services where this isn’t true
  527. Holger Or pubsub#send_last_published_item=on_sub_and_presence (this is even the default).
  528. ralphm has joined
  529. Holger This assumes the PubSub service will receive presence from the subscriber?
  530. jonasw probably
  531. Holger It's like these parts of 0060 were written without federation in mind.
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  534. Zash In theory, the service could send a presence request
  535. jonasw Zash, so it’d have to regularly type="probe" the subscribers?
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  537. Zash jonasw: if it's subscribed, it should get presence pushed to it, like any other contact
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  542. jonasw oh good point
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  548. zinid you still need to send probes after restart
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  550. Zash Sure, it would have to do the things the server does for users with rosters.
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  565. jonasw Zash, do servers do that on behalf of components?
  566. jonasw argh
  567. jonasw nevermind, I misread your sentence
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  596. daniel Briefly looking over Ge0rG's email. Retraction... Wait there is a retraction feature in MIX? 😂
  597. daniel That makes me wonder what else is in there
  598. jonasw that mail is long enough to make kmail think for a moment before showing it. well done, Ge0rG
  599. Ge0rG daniel: that mail was shorter than I expected.
  600. jonasw that mail is long enough to make kmail think for a moment before showing it. well done, Ge0rG)
  601. daniel I wonder if Georg will be talking about the dish washing feature later in the email
  602. jonasw :D
  603. Ge0rG no, but there is a valet parking feature.
  604. daniel For scooter and cars?
  605. Steve Kille daniel: there is both user and administrator retraction. Both can be configured on or off
  606. Ge0rG for gas driven locomotives
  607. Steve Kille Ge0rG: will add the valet parking feature in next update
  608. Steve Kille Ge0rG: I plan to respond to your email later this week
  609. Ge0rG Steve Kille: I think there is no need to hurry. It took me multiple weeks to read the XEP and write the mail, so take your time :)
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  611. daniel Ge0rG, LMC should probably be changed to use origin-ids
  612. intosi Steve Kille: is this valet parking feature available for my office trip next week? :)
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  614. Ge0rG daniel: I think the stanza-id XEP should be changed to enforce a client setting message-id = origin-id.
  615. Ge0rG intosi: only if you implement MIX 2.0 until then
  616. ralphm has joined
  617. daniel Ge0rG, probably. but that's orthogonal to changing LMC et al to using origin-ids
  618. Ge0rG daniel: changing LMC et all would be a breaking change.
  619. daniel and most sane implementations will already set message-id=origin-id
  620. daniel Ge0rG, sure
  621. daniel but it's a breaking change either way
  622. Ge0rG daniel: it's not a breaking change to fix stanza-id ;)
  623. daniel yes?! but it's still orthogonal
  624. Ge0rG daniel: you might resurrect the thread I had with Flow regarding that topic in October.
  625. Ge0rG let's say its complementary.
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  627. daniel even if you force origin-id to be the same as message-id. if lmc gives origin-id precedence over message-id that's still a breaking change
  628. daniel because that xep has to deal with the case where they are not the same
  629. Ge0rG can't we just properly fix message-id, once and for all?
  630. daniel fix meaning?
  631. Ge0rG mandate globally unique message IDs
  632. Ge0rG and just plain reject messages that violate that rule
  633. daniel that doesn't prevent services from rewriting the id though
  634. daniel which is imho the bigger issue
  635. Ge0rG daniel: stopping id rewriting would be the other part of fixing message-id
  636. Zash But is the outgoing message from a MUC really the same message as the incoming one?
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  638. Ge0rG Zash: if a tree falls in a MUC, and there are no participants, will there be a presence update?
  639. Zash Schrödingers presence update.
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  641. Ge0rG Zash: when you want to LMC a MUC message you just sent, will you use the sent-message-id, the reflected-message-id, the MAM id or the origin-id?
  642. daniel origin-id
  643. daniel (once the XEP says so)
  644. Ge0rG Zash: is it the MUC service's task to track all message ID references it rewrites and fix them?
  645. zinid origin-id, stanza-id
  646. zinid you guys are reinventing version vectors and vector clocks
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  648. Ge0rG http://www.abdsphysics.com/uploads/6/5/0/9/65090265/4802565.png?540
  649. Ge0rG I think that it's very typical for the XMPP standardization process that we end up with a message having three different IDs.
  650. daniel has left
  651. Zash Why don't we stick a nonce in each message, apply canonicalization and declare that the message id is a hash of the canonical serialization of it?
  652. daniel fwiw Conversations already gives origin-id precedence over stanza-id when it comes to LMC, reciepts chat markers
  653. Zash /s ;)
  654. Ge0rG daniel: please comment on the "UPDATED: XEP-0359 (Unique and Stable Stanza IDs)" thread.
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  658. Ge0rG daniel: thanks! :)
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