XSF Discussion - 2018-01-17

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  53. moparisthebest Zash, jonasw: you thought xmpp over TLS on https port was bad https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-doh-dns-over-https-02
  54. moparisthebest How about take udp DNS request, bas64 it and send it over https, then get answer back the same way :)
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  63. Zash moparisthebest: Was that the one with or without JSON?
  64. moparisthebest Zash: without at least, so that's better
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  110. zinid DNS over HTTP, finally
  111. zinid So we finally have everything over http on a single port and single tasking OS (in the phone)
  112. zinid IT is progressing
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  175. pep. > SamWhited> pluging in a 4k monitor everything on it is tiny, if I make it bigger when I unplug it the bar eats half my screen That's an X issue I believe
  176. Ge0rG zinid: but now we have ALPN to multiplex
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  186. Dave Cridland Ge0rG, Ports in userspace.
  187. jonasw \o/
  188. jonasw it’s only a matter of time until ALPN is handled by thekernel
  189. daniel now i'm wondering if iptables can filter based on alpn
  190. Ge0rG Dave Cridland: I might not make it in time for the Council meeting today. I need to relocate 500km between now and 5PM, and my arrival depends on traffic conditions.
  191. Ge0rG s/5PM/1600Z/
  192. Ge0rG But I'll try hard because I want some qualified feedback on user-invite-protoXEP (for which I'm obviously +1)
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  194. Ge0rG daniel: you might be able to construct something with BPF and marks.
  195. Ge0rG but kernels are getting less important every day, with the dockerization of our IT infrastructure
  196. Ge0rG you don't need a kernel in SaaS :P
  197. jonasw I’d be happy if ip6tables were able to filter on ipv6 neighbour discovery
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  199. jonasw I’d be happy if ip6tables were able to filter on ipv6 neighbour discovery fields, like it can for arp
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  202. Kev Yay. Thon rejected my booking because the deadline of the 12th had passed. *facepalm*
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  204. SouL Oh, really? :(
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  206. Kev Yep.
  207. Kev They've got about a 24hour roundtrip time on emails, so this can only go well for me.
  208. Kev And two of my team's went through fine, when we sent the forms at the same time. Oh, Thon, we love you.
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  210. intosi This is the point where I would give them a ring, really.
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  245. pep. All we need is IP over http right.
  246. pep. Apparently there is such a thing already. "Microsoft used to discourage IP-HTTPS use because it was slow." duh
  247. edhelas can't wait for XMPP over HTTP
  248. edhelas wait…
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  290. zinid There is tcp over http, called http2
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  323. Kev Having now got Thon to honour the block booking rate, they still seem to be silently ripping me off by charging (much) more than the block booking rate anyway.
  324. Kev sighs
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  327. intosi :/
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  343. Guus Kev: I have written confirmation that Thon extended our block booking rate deadline to the 17th (today)
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  345. Guus This was offered to us by David Hutsebaut on January 8th, by mail, to me.
  346. Guus I'm also interested in how much they're now charging you.
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  357. Kev Actually, looking at the number they're charging me less for the second night, just much more for the third night, so in the end it only ends up being £20 or so difference. I can live with that.
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  389. Ge0rG If only somebody would disrupt the hotel business.
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  394. moparisthebest what do you want an 'Uber Hotels'
  395. Ge0rG moparisthebest: I thought about a web portal where private people offer rooms or flats to random strangers from the Internet, filming them naked.
  396. moparisthebest isn't there already something that does that, uh, airbnb or something?
  397. Ge0rG moparisthebest: no way!
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  408. jonasw no, airbnb just gets you spider-infested flats which are half as large as claimed in the ad
  409. Ge0rG jonasw: maybe the difference between sqft and m²?
  410. jonasw nah
  411. jonasw just fraud
  412. jonasw that was pretty clear from the way the photos were and the general state of the flat
  413. Ge0rG But you can rate down the flat!1!
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  416. jonasw we complained
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  425. Ge0rG daniel: as the operator of a public server, I don't want a module to expose user avatars to the general public by loading a "compatibility" module.
  426. daniel > I'm not sure we should be messing with vcard anymore, but we can probably discuss afterwards unless this is critical to someones vote and it can't be done on list? I think there is an argument to be made that vCard will be needed for as long as muc is around
  427. Ge0rG s/a module//
  428. Ge0rG Maybe there are people still using vcard as designed.
  429. jonasw Ge0rG, aren’t user avatars factually already open to the general public when they’re stored as vcard?
  430. Ge0rG jonasw: yes.
  431. daniel I'm not really happy about that either but I can't remove MUC from existence
  432. jonasw could you run a query which tells you how many users have their avatar *only* in PEP?
  433. Ge0rG jonasw: except that most clients will warn you about your vcard being public
  434. jonasw (and how many have their avatar in PEP and vcard?)
  435. daniel > jonasw: except that most clients will warn you about your vcard being public What clients do?
  436. jonasw I’d like to have numbers on clients which do *not* warn you and only support PEP.
  437. jonasw daniel, conversations? ;-)
  438. daniel jonasw: no
  439. Dave Cridland There is the argument that maybe, while vCard is pretty rubbish, it's also good enough.
  440. jonasw Ge0rG, because I think that clients are simply neglient about warning users about their o+r avatars.
  441. Ge0rG jonasw: that might be true, but doesn't invalidate my argument.
  442. SamWhited is temporarily not here, will rejoin discussion shortly hopefully.
  443. jonasw daniel, I remotely recall that the avatar is visible to everyone, but maybe it was just "to your contacts" :)
  444. jonasw Even though, for the record, I *was* surprised to see that my avatar passes through anon MUCs.
  445. Ge0rG I see merit in having a public vcard by opt-in.
  446. daniel jonasw, Conversations had a message saying that pep avatars are only available to contacts. but i don't know a single client that warns you before publishing a vcard avatar
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  448. pep. Ge0rG, agreed. I recently cleared my own vcard for that. Avatar is fine-ish
  449. jonasw daniel, ok, it’s been a while since I set conversations up
  450. daniel so as far as I see it the argument is either users expect avatars to be public in that case pep-vcard-conversion is not a problem. OR users expect avatars to be private in which case we need to fix vcard
  451. jonasw so, what do we need vcard avatars for exactly?
  452. jonasw is it only anon MUCs?
  453. daniel jonasw, pretty much
  454. jonasw if so, couldn’t we make MUC implementations handle that case like they handle vcards?
  455. Ge0rG pep.: depends on how you use your avatar. If you just put in some random picture from google images, everything is alright. if you have your photo there... not quite
  456. daniel + a little but backwards compat
  457. daniel but mostly muc
  458. pep. Ge0rG, sure
  459. pep. I was talking about mine
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  461. jonasw like, a generic PEP-through-MUC XEP which specifies how that works (welp, obviously updates won’t get pushed necessarily etc., but how queries are passed through), with a whitelisting approach and suggesting a list of things to allow based on MUC configuration and affiliations of the involved entities
  462. jonasw because going forward we might want to abandon vcard entirely (or finally replace it by vcard4 proper)
  463. Ge0rG pep.: I don't see your avatar.
  464. pep. 153?
  465. daniel fwiw i'm fine with resubmitting the XEP as informal like 'look this is what ejabberd and prosody can do. take it or leave it'
  466. Ge0rG pep.: I'm on a console client.
  467. jonasw I’m fine with the XEP as-is. It has clear security considerations, it can be built upon and whether public operators do this or not is their matter.
  468. daniel but i'd prefer to 'fix' this by putting the kind of access control Ge0rG described in front of vcard
  469. pep. Ge0rG, I'm on the same console client with borked avatar support :P
  470. jonasw daniel, that’d be better but I don’t see that as an requirement
  471. daniel jonasw, not for that XEP, no
  472. jonasw yupp
  473. SamWhited My view is that we should be moving towards a world in which vcard doesn't exist, so we shouldn't modify the historical spec. It's worked "well enough" for years, so why add more stuff that things will have to implement? If the privacy thing is a concern for some clients (with the note that it's never been a concern for any client I've seen, so I don't know why that could change now), people could always do Daniel's hack if they have the pep node set to public and not do it (thereby losing avatars in MUCs) if it's set to private. If you want your avatar to be private, you probably don't want it showing up in MUCs anyways, no?
  474. jonasw SamWhited, I think that the privacy expectations for avatars and the actual privacy delivered by the XMPP network diverge.
  475. SouL The problem I would say is having to choose one avatar (or let's say identity) for everything.
  476. daniel oO(it's really annoying to read long texts in Gajim when you have been mentioned. because gajim makes that into bold text with a low contrast)
  477. jonasw and that clients do not care about this is not a sign that everything is alright
  478. Ge0rG jonasw: historically, XMPP clients don't care about privacy.
  479. jonasw "yay"?
  480. Ge0rG SamWhited: we should be talking about _users'_ privacy expectations, not clients'.
  481. jonasw I mean, it’s fine-ish if you don’t care about MAM things, because you’re supposed to trust your server anyways.
  482. jonasw (or at least, one can argue that it’s "fine-ish")
  483. Ge0rG jonasw: MAM is another messy issue in my eyes.
  484. jonasw but it’s less fine if data gets available to everyone.
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  486. SamWhited Ignore that part, it's irrelavant, as usual I shoudln't have mentioned anything extra.
  487. SamWhited The point is "if you want private avatars, they probably shouldn't show up in MUCs, so don't do the vcard thing and now you don't have to make changes to vcards"
  488. Ge0rG jonasw: https://prosody.im/issues/867
  489. Ge0rG SamWhited: the vcard thing is a server-wide module.
  490. jonasw Ge0rG, unless coupled with PEP permissions, which is what SamWhited was saying I think.
  491. Ge0rG SamWhited: so the server admin decides for all users if public avatars are fine
  492. SamWhited Ge0rG: that's an implementation detail; we can tell servers "do serve vcards in MUCs or don't"
  493. jonasw (then the client gets to decide)
  494. SamWhited but yes, whether or not they implement the XEP we write is a server admin decision, but there's not much we can do about that. Server operators can share avatars online publically over HTTP for all we know, all we can do is provide guidance.
  495. Ge0rG SamWhited: the world is full of implementation details. The XEP does not contain this detail, so it's changing the status quo
  496. SamWhited I didn't understand that?
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  498. Ge0rG SamWhited: if we tell server admins "this will make avatars of your users work in MUC" but don't tell them "this will make all user avatars public" we've failed our job
  499. SamWhited It won't make user avatars public if it says "don't do this if user avatars are private"
  500. Ge0rG it's an interesting related question whether we should apply the same ACL to anonymous MUCs we are in as to our contacts.
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  553. admin Hi everyone! Can someone please type 123 to comfirm everything is connecting properly and this server works?
  554. Ge0rG 456
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  558. SouL Haha
  559. Ge0rG a.k.a. "test failed".
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