XSF Discussion - 2018-01-18

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  181. Guus

    jonasw: "ERROR: entry 'UWPX': should be placed behind 'Zom' (all entries must be ordered alphabetically by case-folded name)"

  182. Guus

    U > Z ?

  183. Guus


  184. jonasw


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  191. intosi

    You write Zom, but it's probably pronounced as Aaahhh.

  192. Guus

    and Jonas' parser picks up on that? Impressive.

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  195. Kev

    Do you have a better explanation?

  196. jonasw

    I for sure don’t

  197. Guus


  198. jonasw

    no unicode magic going on here

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  201. Guus

    I think it's just the error message being wrong

  202. Guus

    as in the commit, UWPX was placed after Zom

  203. jonasw

    yeah, but why

  204. jonasw

    I don’t understand that

  205. jonasw


  206. jonasw


  207. Guus

    I thnk you just mistyped the error message?

  208. jonasw


  209. jonasw

    that makes sense

  210. jonasw


  211. jonasw


  212. jonasw

    that would’ve taken a while to figure out

  213. jonasw

    made a PR, waiting to see if CI passes on it

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  215. Guus


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  258. jonasw

    Guus, "feature complete" is a can of worms.

  259. jonasw

    Is dino feature complete?

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  263. Guus

    "not alpha"

  264. Guus

    I've reworded it as "non-complete"

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  281. Guus

    board meeting time

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  284. Guus

    who's here?

  285. Martin

    I’m here

  286. Martin

    (Though I’m on a train, so may lose coverage randomly, apologies in advance)

  287. MattJ


  288. Guus

    ralphm sends apologies.

  289. Guus


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  291. Guus

    with Ralph missing, who wants to act as chair?

  292. Guus

    shall I give it a try?

  293. Martin

    I’d offer, but I really don’t trust this connection, sorry

  294. Martin

    Please do Guus

  295. MattJ

    wfm, thanks Guus

  296. Guus bangs gavel

  297. Guus

    the agenda, as usual, is in https://trello.com/b/Dn6IQOu0/board-meetings

  298. Guus

    does anyone want to add something last-minute?

  299. Martin

    Nothing from me

  300. MattJ

    Nor me

  301. Guus

    Would someone be so kind and take minutes?

  302. MattJ

    I can

  303. Kev

    I'll be vanishing in a couple of minutes, so I can't offer, sorry.

  304. MattJ

    I think we're also missing minutes from the last meeting - I can go back through the logs and write some up

  305. Guus

    thanks MattJ, Kev

  306. Guus

    MattJ, if you'd do that, that would be great, thanks!

  307. MattJ

    I don't recall what actions came out of the last meeting

  308. Guus

    nor do I - hopefully you'll find them in the log?

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  310. Guus

    I suggest that we work down the trello list, see what we come up with.

  311. Guus

    3. Topics for decisions

  312. Guus

    first item there is Summit / FOSDEM

  313. Kev

    Unless anything involves me, in which case pop it to the top please. I ran out of the meeting last week just as I was being spoken to.

  314. Guus

    let's first do GSoC then

  315. Guus

    as you're more likely to have something to say on that, I think.

  316. Kev

    Stranger things have happened.

  317. Guus

    GSoC: the deadline for registration (as an organisation) is upon us (Jan 23rd)

  318. Guus

    Do we want to participate as an umbrella org again, like previous years?

  319. Kev

    I think it's nice when we do. Although there is plenty of precedent for us taking years off when we've not had the personpower.

  320. Kev

    I can't put the time in to more-or-less solo-admin, this year.

  321. Kev

    If there's one, or ideally two, other people who're willing to admin (and likely not mentor), I'm happy to assist them as long as they're willing to do the legwork.

  322. Guus

    Flow offered to act as an org admin, provided that he can also be a mentor.

  323. nyco

    here, sorry

  324. Kev

    That seems like a Bad Idea for a first-time admin.

  325. nyco

    yes for GSoC

  326. Kev

    Even as a not-first-time-admin, I've taken to not doing both because the time involved gets silly.

  327. MattJ

    Kev, how much time is involved?

  328. Kev

    MattJ: Assume it's about the same as mentoring, so allow an hour a day or so, but on a good year it'll be much less.

  329. Kev

    It's much more front-loaded than mentoring, though, with preparing the wiki page and the application and stuff.

  330. Kev

    Day-to-day, it's mostly just keeping on top of the students and the mentors, making sure everyone turns up to the meetings, running the meetings, etc.

  331. Kev

    And with no disrepsect to Flo, he was usually too busy (I assume) to turn up to the meetings last year. So if he couldn't manage to turn up as a mentor, assuming he'd be able to manage it as an admin seems over-optimistic.

  332. nyco

    Flow would be good, can be a mentor as well, depending on his capacity to invest time

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  334. MattJ

    I think we should put out a more explicit request for volunteers

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  336. nyco

    sure, but that would be sad to miss this

  337. Kev

    I think just getting volunteers might lead to a case of people volunteering, and not being suitable for it, which is a danger.

  338. MattJ

    I think it would be good to participate in GSoC if we can, and I think we need Kev to assist if possible

  339. Guus

    whatever we do, we must do so in a matter of days.

  340. MattJ

    That is true

  341. Kev

    It would be better to miss a year, than to do a year badly and damage our (good!) reputation with google.

  342. Guus

    do we have interest from orgs to be in gsoc under the XSF umbrella?

  343. MattJ

    Have we had any explicit interest from projects?

  344. Alex has joined

  345. Guus

    I know that Ignite wants to do GSoC, but also considers running as its own Org (that's what Flow suggested initially - as I'm in both orgs .... )

  346. Kev

    None of which I'm aware.

  347. Martin has joined

  348. Kev

    At this point, I think I would suggest just skipping a year, as we've done in the past, based on this. Some other org gets slots instead.

  349. Kev

    But if Board does find suitable admins I'll work with them.

  350. nyco

    let's try before abandoning

  351. Kev

    I have to run now, feel free to pull me in at another time.

  352. MattJ

    I think it's unlikely at this point

  353. MattJ

    Thanks Kev

  354. Martin

    Thanks Kev

  355. Guus

    nyco, we pretty much have to deside today

  356. Guus

    thanks Kev

  357. Kev

    I'll be back here in 90 or so.

  358. Guus

    MattJ, what is unlikely?

  359. Martin has left

  360. MattJ

    Getting volunteer admins and them performing the required actions in advance of the deadline

  361. Martin has joined

  362. Anu has joined

  363. MattJ

    and iirc at least some initial project ideas are required in advance of the deadline also

  364. Guus


  365. Anu has left

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  367. Guus

    I think it's doable, but if it's unclear if there's interest in joining under our umbrella, we might not want to bother this year.

  368. Guus

    From an IgniteRealtime perspective, I'm also fine with doing this using IgniteRealtime as a GSoC org.

  369. Guus

    I'm personally primarily trying to avoid doing both...

  370. MattJ

    Sensible :)

  371. Kev

    (Just ran back to say - even if we did decide today to do it, the odds of getting the ideas page in shape before the deadline are very limited. And I think we should not put in a half-arsed application)

  372. Guus

    I motion that we do _not_ apply as a GSoC umbrella organisation this year.

  373. nyco

    I'm sad, but I have to admit it

  374. Martin

    I agree with Kev, and the motion

  375. MattJ

    Guus, seconded

  376. Guus

    3.2 - Summit/FOSDEM

  377. Syndace has joined

  378. Guus

    although listed under 'decisions' I don't think that there's any descions for board to make?

  379. MattJ

    Not that I'm aware of

  380. nyco

    let's archive the card then

  381. nyco

    GSoC as well

  382. Guus

    As SCAM, I can report that preparations are under way. There now have been 20 people that signed up to attend the summit. Cisco has agreed to act as the venue again. We have the realtime lounge again at FOSDEM.

  383. Guus

    the only thing that we're missing is sponsoring. So far, we have one sponsor (for transportation of items to/from fosdem)

  384. Guus

    Nyco, before we do - I'd like to discuss a bit on the finances.

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  386. Martin has joined

  387. Guus

    although XSF can cover the expenses, I'd really like to be able to raise money too - otherwise, our bank account will drain rapidly.

  388. MattJ


  389. Guus

    How did we do this before?

  390. nyco

    asked each company involved

  391. MattJ

    We didn't do it before (very well)

  392. MattJ

    Last year I agreed to seek sponsorship, but to the best of my knowledge we still haven't collected any money from most of them

  393. MattJ

    and of those I spoke to, that has been true in previous years also (to the extent that they questioned why they were even being asked)

  394. Guus

    As in, they agreed to sponsor, but we never billed them?

  395. MattJ


  396. MattJ

    which is why I declined to volunteer for this role again, until we can solve this problem

  397. Guus

    meeting time is over - can we take this to a mail discussion, perhaps involve Peter?

  398. MattJ

    and it's a problem we really need to solve, or there is going to be a problem with the XSF funding anything

  399. MattJ


  400. Guus

    I agree - it's silly to put in effort to find sponsors, but not actually obtain resources from them.

  401. Guus

    right - we're out of time for today

  402. MattJ

    So... I'll write up minutes for this week + last week + I'll start an email thread about fundraising

  403. nyco

    ok, thx

  404. Guus

    Any Other Business?

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  407. nyco


  408. Guus

    Date time of next, +1w ?

  409. nyco


  410. Martin

    +1w is fine with me

  411. MattJ

    wfm too

  412. Guus bangs gavel

  413. Guus

    thank you, gentlemen.

  414. Martin

    Thanks Guus

  415. nyco

    thx all

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  442. Kev

    > Last year I agreed to seek sponsorship, but to the best of my knowledge we still haven't collected any money from most of them That's true for us, I think, but we (Isode) also covered the expenses for our people who paid for things that the XSF should have covered (taxis etc.), so I think we've inadvertently paid our sponsorship more or less.

  443. Guus

    Thanks, Kev / Isode.

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  480. Flow

    I didn't participate in the weekly GSOC XSF meetings because I found it unecessary and counterproductive FWIW. And from the backlogs I read of those meetings I can't tell why everyone should meet every week. It just drained time resources from mentors and students, who will meet regulary anyways.

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  488. daniel


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