XSF Discussion - 2018-02-09

  1. Holger

    I still get "too busy" messages whenever I try to use xmpp.net ...

  2. edhelas

    hi everyone

  3. edhelas

    would it be possible to put for the next agenda the Bookmark issue ?

  4. edhelas

    it's a bit vague but basically update the XEP to enforce only one way of storing it, and handle multi-itemsif possibl

  5. Guus

    which agenda, edhelas?

  6. Guus


  7. Ge0rG

    edhelas: the Council agenda? There is still the 0049 patch pending on it

  8. marc

    is https://bitbucket.org/xnyhps/xmppoke the official xmppoke repo?

  9. jonasw

    marc, yes

  10. marc

    jonasw, I guess the requirements isn't a joke then? :D

  11. jonasw

    no, they’re pretty much that

  12. marc


  13. jonasw

    marc, https://github.com/horazont/xmppoke-docker for a reference on how to set it up

  14. jonasw

    or rather: https://github.com/horazont/xmppoke-docker/blob/master/Dockerfile

  15. marc

    yeah I know, but it still sucks

  16. marc


  17. jonasw


  18. jonasw

    you gotta love the sed invocations in that dockerfile

  19. marc


  20. Zash

    Bunneh: expires jabber.org

  21. Bunneh

    Zash: jabber.org has a certificate that expires in 2 months and 4 weeks

  22. zinid

    ha, new Psi supports conference vcards

  23. zinid

    so already 4 implementations: movim, sawim, tkabber and psi

  24. marc

    zinid: does that mean avatars for MUCs?

  25. zinid

    marc, yep

  26. marc

    zinid: is there a XEP for it? Who is able to edit the vcard?

  27. zinid

    marc, no, there is no XEP for this

  28. zinid

    in ejabberd implementation only owners can edit the vcard

  29. Seve/SouL

    zinid, is that Psi version released yet?

  30. zinid

    Seve/SouL, I think yes, I installed it from debian packages

  31. zinid

    version 1.3

  32. Seve/SouL

    zinid, cool thanks

  33. Neustradamus

    intosi: the jabber.org XMPP cert is expired! :)

  34. marc

    zinid: is somebody working on a XEP?

  35. zinid

    marc, no, XSF only briefly discussed this during the meeting

  36. marc

    Ah, okay