XSF Discussion - 2018-02-19

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  140. jonasw anyone here at whom I can bounce an idea I had for ecaps2?
  141. jonasw (otherwise I’ll take that to the list, but from experience, I won’t get a lot of feedback there :/)
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  144. Zash How much context is needed?
  145. jonasw if you know how caps (XEP-0115) works, it’s probably fine
  146. Zash How much coffee is needed? :)
  147. jonasw uh, maybe a bit, but I’m not sure. I don’t drink coffee :-)
  148. Zash Shoot. What's the worst that can happen? :)
  149. jonasw ühah
  150. jonasw hah
  151. jonasw so I was wondering what if we don’t have clients inject the caps into the presence, but instead use a nonza/stream-level element to let the server know about the caps.
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  153. jonasw the server would then re-send presence and take care of injecting caps updates in presences.
  154. jonasw receiving entities would see the caps in presence as usual.
  155. jonasw this saves the client from re-sending (non-directed) presence when the caps change (server would re-broadcast)
  156. jonasw I literally just had the idea. I’m not 100% sure how the interaction with stream management would be.
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  158. jonasw (but probably it would be "re-send your caps to the server after resumption, unless you’re 100% sure your previous caps update came through")
  159. jonasw the rationale why this might be nicer for the client is that presence is already a rather complex beast, in the context of MUC, in the context of vcard avatars and possibly other things (if we want to integrate chat states into that for example)
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  161. Zash You could transmit your entire disco#info blob, then the server could do the caps/ecaps/magic for you
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  163. jonasw very interesting point
  164. jonasw and do all other sorts of interesting things with it even
  165. jonasw (e.g. what people proposed with publishing a subset/superset of all client features in a PEP node)
  166. Zash Would probably tie in nicely with some future client registration
  167. jonasw client registration?
  168. jonasw like, device keys?
  169. Zash The server having some idea of which clients you have.
  170. jonasw yes
  171. Zash Sounded like people wanted something in that direction.
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  174. Zash jonasw: I think we should be careful with just throwing non-stanzas at everything
  175. jonasw an IQ would work just as well here
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  177. jonasw (I actually put some thought into nonza vs. message for server-originated pushes and there nonza was fine and semantically made more sense, so I just transferred that to client-originated pushes too; I might be wrong here)
  178. jonasw (I’m not sold on using nonzas)
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  180. Zash Caps are a property of what, exactly?
  181. jonasw the client.
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  183. jonasw (or server respectively)
  184. jonasw (entity.)
  185. Zash Not the stream itself.
  186. jonasw yeah
  187. jonasw probably makes sense to put them as IQs or something
  188. Zash I was thinking basically just disco#info in an iq-set would be nice and simple
  189. jonasw yeah
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  191. jonasw so clients wouldn’t have to calculate *their own* hashes anymore, but they might still want to calculate other peoples hashes and keep a cache.
  192. jonasw for directed presence, sending an "empty" directed presence would make the server inject caps as needed. is that a privacy issue?
  193. jonasw probably not, because who knows your resource can disco#info you anyways.
  194. Zash yup
  195. jonasw cool
  196. jonasw I hear a namespace bump rolling along.
  197. jonasw or maybe not.
  198. jonasw gotta think about that
  199. Zash New namespace, disco#push or something?
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  201. jonasw nah, I need to think whether caps2 itself needs a bump for this. But it might actually not.
  202. Zash Does ecaps2 replace disco?
  203. jonasw no
  204. jonasw not entirely I think
  205. Zash caps is a separate thing right
  206. jonasw it might save you a lot of disco#info-ing, but you still need to support xep-0030
  207. jonasw and then I’ll need to make an implementation in prosody to show that it works :D
  208. Zash PoC all the things!
  209. jonasw maybe I’ll sink my afternoon in that.
  210. Ge0rG jonasw: awesome idea, I'm all for making the client dumber again
  211. Ge0rG jonasw: beware directed MUC presences though, they are broken already.
  212. jonasw Ge0rG, what’dya mean?
  213. jonasw server wouldn’t resend directed automatically, client needs to do that (server just injects caps hashes)
  214. Ge0rG jonasw: I _think_ I sent that to standards recently, but can't find. When the MUC changes your nickname, your server will later send your "directed" unavailable presence to the old nickname.
  215. jonasw yeah, heard about that
  216. Ge0rG jonasw: shouldn't the server resend all directed presences on a caps change?
  217. Zash Yeah, the MUC changing your nickname causes all sorts of headaches
  218. jonasw Ge0rG, I looked at how {xep 0398} does it, and it doesn’t resend directed either
  219. Bunneh Ge0rG: User Avatar to vCard-Based Avatars Conversion (Standards Track, Experimental, 2018-01-25) See: https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0398.html
  220. Ge0rG jonasw: maybe it's just an oversight by the XEP authors?
  221. Ge0rG it would make sense to resend.
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  223. jonasw maybe; we should ask daniel about this
  224. jonasw maybe; we should ask daniel about this ^
  225. Zash jonasw: Nothing says you can't have the server query disco#info like normal and then generate caps and ecaps2 for it.
  226. Zash For legacy clients etc
  227. jonasw Zash, true; I’m not sure why you’re mentioning that though.
  228. Zash Thinking out loud
  229. jonasw (and it would require polling)
  230. jonasw ok
  231. Ge0rG it would add some nastyness into the protocol flow
  232. Zash Prosody already does it, but discards the response, save for the PEP +notify items
  233. Ge0rG 1. client sends online presence 2. server delays outbound presence, asks client for disco#info instead 3. the client sends directed presences all around 4. eventually, the client responds to disco#info 5. the server can now inject and forward
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  237. Ge0rG is +notify part of disco#info?
  238. Zash Ge0rG: Yes
  239. Ge0rG Zash: which question was that a response to?
  240. jonasw I wonder if we should be stripping +notify from things sent to peers while we’re at it.
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  242. Zash Ge0rG: +notify goes in disco#info
  243. jonasw but probably not.
  244. Zash Can we forklift PEP into being account based that way?
  245. Zash As in, subs are between accounts, not between remote account and specific resources
  246. Ge0rG wasn't there a discussion of making PEP account-based just some days ago, on this MUC?
  247. jonasw I must’ve missed it
  248. jonasw Zash, it could be a good first step with the superset thing
  249. jonasw would probably require an update to {xep 0163}
  250. Bunneh jonasw: Personal Eventing Protocol (Standards Track, Draft, 2010-07-12) See: https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0163.html
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  254. Ge0rG Zash: what's up with Bunneh? I'm missing it sorely.
  255. Zash Bunneh: ping
  256. Bunneh Zash: pong
  257. Zash Bunneh: version Ge0rG
  258. Bunneh Zash: Ge0rG is running yaxim version 0.9.2-95-gcab21a3 on Android
  259. Ge0rG That's a lie.
  260. jonasw Ge0rG, your statement is confusing to me: https://sotecware.net/images/dont-puush-me/v7RTW5gsnGjnTE5G6QahCIPsruzqV3-1IRISifpDBRI.png
  261. Zash Ge0rG: Stanza reply id duplication causing you problems?
  262. Ge0rG Zash: it won't join my MUC.
  263. Ge0rG jonasw: why are you quoting by image? :P
  264. jonasw Ge0rG, that is a very good question I can’t really answer
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  266. jonasw I guess that’s what happens when you have a scrot-scp-xclip pipeline bound to something which is close to a hotkey
  267. Ge0rG I don't even want to know what "scrot" is the abbreviation for.
  268. jonasw Ge0rG, it’s not an abbreviation, it’s the name of a tool.
  269. jonasw I find it confusing, too.
  270. Ge0rG that's what she said?
  271. jonasw cf. http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/man1/scrot.1.html
  272. jonasw argh
  273. jonasw I’ll just head out now :P
  274. Zash Ge0rG: I'm going to guess that it thinks that it is joined. Or doesn't support mediated invites. Or both.
  275. jonasw see you later
  276. Ge0rG Zash: can't you kick its lazy bottocks?
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  279. Zash I can update its server
  280. Ge0rG If that will make it rejoin my MUC?
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  283. Zash Setting up prosody-trunk (1nightly844-1~trusty) ... prosody stop/waiting prosody start/running, process 1714
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  308. Ge0rG When doing disco#info on my own server, how am I supposed to differentiate a MUC service from an IRC transport?
  309. Zash Are you supposed to at all?
  310. Ge0rG I'm sure it won't end up well if I try to create a private MUC on biboumi.
  311. Zash Uh, fun
  312. Ge0rG Wasn't there a disco#info item telling a client that it may create new MUCs on that service?
  313. Zash I'm not aware of such a feature
  314. Zash Not that many features depend on who asks
  315. Zash Or?
  316. Ge0rG ...that it is possible to create new MUCs on this service.
  317. Ge0rG XMPP is full of fail.
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  321. Zash You could look for the feature "http://jabber.org/protocol/muc#unique"
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  323. Zash It's pretty useless tho
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  325. Zash It would imply that it's possible to create randomly named MUCs... for someone... maybe
  326. Ge0rG Zash: that's not part of 45?
  327. Zash -xep 307
  328. Bunneh Zash: Unique Room Names for Multi-User Chat (Standards Track, Deferred, 2011-11-10) See: https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0307.html
  329. Zash It was broken out IIRC
  330. Zash The Prosody implementation just returns an UUIDv4
  331. Ge0rG Ah, it's type=irc as opposed to type=text. Yay.
  332. Zash How is irc not text?
  333. Zash And how do you know that room creation is not restricted to admins?
  334. Ge0rG I can't.
  335. Ge0rG I can't fix all problems of XMPP. Not today.
  336. Maranda It's all an iconian plot I tell you. 🙄🖖
  337. mathieui Ge0rG, but you have to
  338. Ge0rG mathieui: maybe if somebody will pay me.
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  352. Guus Ge0rG: do you accepty payment in the form of stickers?
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  354. Ge0rG Guus: I'll ask my landlord.
  355. Ge0rG TBH I never considered putting stickers onto my Laptop, my car or any other item. Not sure why.
  356. Guus Ge0rG: Cut out the middle man! Stickers make for nice decoration for inside a cartboard box under a bridge!
  357. Guus Ge0rG: same here.
  358. Ge0rG Guus: great idea! But living under the bridge isn't free either.
  359. Zash Extract tolls from passing goats?
  360. Ge0rG I could probably obtain sufficient amounts of food by dumpster diving. But how should I handle the -5°C temperatures
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  362. jonasw Ge0rG, mine bitcoin on your laptop
  363. jonasw oh wait.
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  365. Guus I like how we as a community are coming together to tackle both Ge0rG's residential issues as well as all of XMPPs problems.
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  372. Ge0rG Guus: I'm very grateful for that effort.
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  374. Ge0rG ,oO( does "being grateful" actually mean "being full of grates"? )
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  376. Kev Full of gratitude, I think, but your understanding could be good too.
  377. Ge0rG In that case I prefer to be gratitudeful, thanks.
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  379. Zash Hmm, gratäng?
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  383. flow jonasw, I'm not sure if client implementations would become easier. As far as I remember, implementing caps in Smack was not really challenging.
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  385. flow besides the i;octet collation, which is possilby underspecified in xep115 (but thankefully not in xep390)
  386. Zash I would be happy if, when I use `clix raw` and send presence, it doesn't instantly drown in so many disco#info queries and other stuff that the terminal crashes.
  387. Zash (rlwrap doesn't always handle syntax highlighting all that well)
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  389. flow Are there so many implementations that fetch disco#info unconditionally after a caps update? Are impls supposed to do that?
  390. flow Zash, what's clix?
  391. jonasw Zash: thats separate though, we can have query interception as-is
  392. Kev Command-line XMPP.
  393. Kev But yes, I'd expect clients to disco when they see a new caps.
  394. flow Why?
  395. Zash flow: http://code.matthewwild.co.uk/clix/
  396. Kev To know what features are supported by contacts.
  397. jonasw flow: decoupling caps from presence has the advantage of being able to use caps without presence
  398. flow jonasw, is it really caps that you decouple, not disco#info?
  399. Link Mauve “15:54:05 flow> jonasw, what do you think about the xep390 optimization to move the disco#info result from the client to the server?”, I have an experimental module doing that for 0115, caching the disco#info and the 0115 node in the session table, and answering iqs requesting it automatically.
  400. jonasw and if we push disco#info and let the server deal with it, thats nice I think
  401. Link Mauve A few things to fix and it should end up in prosody-modules.
  402. jonasw also I'm on mobile
  403. jonasw gotta go
  404. flow Kev, but why do you need to know the features right after the caps update? And not, let's say, when you show the contact list in the GUI?
  405. flow Link Mauve, so xep115 § 8.4?
  406. Link Mauve flow, hmm, no, I don’t change anything about what the client advertise, I just request the disco#info when its <c/> changes and answer iqs from external entities instead of routing them to the user.
  407. Link Mauve I’m not sure what stripping it would achieve.
  408. Link Mauve Other than increase the amount of requests from other entities.
  409. Link Mauve And prevent them from using their normal cache mechanism.
  410. flow Link Mauve, sorry, I thought that was the xep115 counterpart of xep390 § 6.4 without closing reading it
  411. flow So you do xep390 § 6.4 for xep115?
  412. Link Mauve flow, yes, except I forgot the third point, will fix.
  413. Link Mauve I’ll add a mention of that.
  414. Link Mauve And soon will add support for 0390 too.
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  416. jonasw Link Mauve: sweet! what do you think of the proposed model of pushing disco#info from clients?
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  418. jonasw so that the server handles hash calculation and presence broadcast?
  419. Link Mauve jonasw, would avoid one roundtrip, but it would also require every client to change, so I’m not sure it’s really useful.
  420. Link Mauve Well, both clients and servers.
  421. jonasw Link Mauve: we need to change clients for 390 anyways 😺
  422. jonasw (and servers)
  423. Link Mauve Uh, why?
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  425. Link Mauve I just had the idea to let the server compute 0390 and insert it in the presence if the client only had 0115.
  426. jonasw Link Mauve: because they need to emit/process 390 hashes instead of / in addition to 115 hashes.
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  428. Link Mauve That would immediately increase adoption and usefulness.
  429. jonasw yeah
  430. jonasw indeed
  431. jonasw I'm working on an update to 390 btw. I'll add that.
  432. Link Mauve So I’ll continue this Prosody module in that direction, and you fix all of the clients in the meantime. :)
  433. jonasw I won't fix pidgin 😼
  434. Ge0rG jonasw: but you could burn it with fire.
  435. jonasw Ge0rG: having the server re-send directed presence to MUCs also has interesting isszes with the proposed no-join (since errors need to be handled) and possibly passwords etc.
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  437. jonasw I think thats a can of worms I don't want to open.
  438. jonasw gotta go agaib
  439. jonasw *again
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  499. jonasw re
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  503. jonasw Link Mauve, so, others (I think the MIX folks) have already indicated interest in pre-presence disco#info from the client. XEP-0390 actually already specifies that with an IQ (even though that IQ only carries caps instead of disco#info). the change would be to make clients always use the IQ instead of presence to send caps to their server (and the server takes care of injecting caps in presence and re-broadcasting non-directed presence when caps change)
  504. jonasw Zash proposed to change the IQ to actually contain the whole disco#info data instead of only the caps, which I think is neat. It allows the server to do all kinds of interesting things, like do the 115+390 optimization without having to ask the client for disco#info if it doesn’t have the hashes in the cache.
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  508. Zash Wasn't there a proposal for rolling auth, resource binding and some session initialization into one transaction? Maybe something Kev or Dave talked about
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  568. mathieui https://opkode.com/blog/xmpp-chat-badge/ this is neat (from jcbrand)
  569. Zash Now taking bets on how long it would take to make that as a prosody module
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  575. Maranda math.random(100)
  576. Maranda Bunneh¡! 🤣
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  579. Guus ah, we have that for user presence, but not mucs. That's a nice idea
  580. Guus I shall shamelessly copy that.
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  643. Kev References to pubsub items. Thoughts?
  644. Kev We're about to allow references to FDP forms in Swift, so we want a reference to a pubub item.
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  646. goffi Kev: I would like to reference pubsub items for mentions in blog post too
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  648. goffi Kev: I though a super simplified xpath compatible syntax would be useful
  649. goffi +t
  650. Kev We could just do this as any other URI reference, pointing at the pubsub item, but if we did a specialist 'pubsub' reference we could also include the namespace.
  651. Syndace has joined
  652. goffi Kev: URI is not enough, we need to know if we reference text or XHTML body
  653. Kev I don't follow.
  654. intosi goffi: for pubsub?
  655. goffi intosi: for microblog items
  656. intosi But that's pointing to stuffs inside a pubsub item payload, which is probably beyond what Kev;s intending here.
  657. Kev I'm talking about just pointing to a pubsub item.
  658. goffi intosi: yes it's pointing inside payload, that's why I'm mentioning simplified xpath
  659. goffi OK
  660. goffi so that's an other issue I'm talking about then.
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  662. Kev I think so, yes.
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  680. SamWhited Speaking of xpath, does anyone do some form of stanza matching that doesn't involve xpath? If so, what do you do? I've been struggling for ages to come up with a way to match handlers in an XMPP library that I don't end up despising and throwing out.
  681. waqas SamWhited: Seen Prosody's approach?
  682. SamWhited waqas: I must have used it when writing plugins, but I can't for the life of me think what it is?
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  684. waqas For each stanza, we fire some events on our event bus. Event names like "iq", "iq/{xmlns:tagname}", etc.
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  686. waqas Because Prosody is a server, we actually do "iq/{bare|full|self|host}/…", etc, since the target JID's nature actually matters for server routing.
  687. SamWhited ah yes, I remember. What if, for example, multiple things listen for an IQ and both try to reply to it?
  688. Zash iq/{host,bare,full}, iq-{get,set}/{host,bare,full}/xmlns:name
  689. waqas Our event bus is a priority queue, and the first handler to indicate it has handled stops the event chain.
  690. SamWhited *nods* that makes good sense
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  692. waqas Handlers can be registered with priority, so e.g., a privacy list handler may want to have a higher priority than the actual routing. Default stuff is priority 0.
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  694. SamWhited I actually had something similar to that a while back (except it was chains of function calls similar to the HTTP middleware pattern, and any of them could short circuit the pattern). I can't remember why I didn't actually end up using it now though…
  695. SamWhited If multiple things register with the same priority what ends up happening?
  696. Zash Random order basically.
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  698. SamWhited I think the reason I didn't do something similar is that I needed to match initially on the IQ start element token to route to the IQ handler chain, but then in there I needed to match on the payload, but I didn't have a good way to pass both that token and the stanza start token on.
  699. SamWhited But maybe I should give up and just always decode the entire IQ as soon as I receive the start token and pass a representation of the entire thing down through the chain
  700. waqas We just have mod_iq hook the top-level IQ event, and it then fires the sub-event :)
  701. jonasw FWIW, aioxmpp lets you match IQs requests by payload (only namespace+localname essentially) and get vs. set
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  703. Zash Prosody would parse the entire stanzas before fireing events for them
  704. jonasw that, too
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  706. waqas Full xpath is overkill for XMPP routing
  707. jonasw yes
  708. Zash At least in a server
  709. SamWhited I suppose I'll have to do that, right now my handlers look something like: HandleXMPP(xmlstream.TokenReadWriter, *xml.StartElement)
  710. waqas SamWhited: Are you trying to avoid parsing into a DOM immediately?
  711. jonasw for things like pubsub where you’d want to match on deeper things, the pubsub service actually eats all pubsub-related things from the stream and emits its own events
  712. SamWhited waqas: yah, it's a tad bit more expensive so I was hoping to do the match and decide if I need to do it or not first, but I'm starting to think there's no good way to do that
  713. edhelas https://instantdomainsearch.com/articles/streaming-json-jsons/
  714. waqas SamWhited: I'd advise against it. The very minor speedup isn't worth the increased code complexity and mental overhead, except for very selected pieces of software where you must have every fraction of perf.
  715. waqas And you are parsing the whole thing anyway, the DOM cost isn't actually much (though non-zero, hence my experiments with in-place alloc-free DOM construction).
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  718. SamWhited Yah, I say "parsing" but that's not actually the expensive part since I have to do that anyways, it's allocating a place to store some generic representation of it that's expensive.
  719. SamWhited I actually don't have a decent way to represent a generic blob of XML either, but that's not the end of the world, I've written one for the (terrible) xml library I'm using, so I could probably copy/paste that until it gets merged upstream.
  720. waqas What I mean is that that allocation is a fairly small fraction of the allocation that's happening anyway in your XML parser. Every element name, attribute name, attribute value, etc is causing at least one allocation.
  721. SamWhited It's true; I like the idea of being able to swap my inefficient XML library out for something a bit better later though and not have my code be the bottleneck
  722. waqas Just give in and refactor later. Bets on it not happening anytime soon? :)
  723. SamWhited Yah, that's probably a good idea. Maybe I'll try the middleware-style approach again and then if I can't make that work in a reasonable way fall back to parsing the entire stanza up front.
  724. waqas The reason why I haven't focused too much on it is that it simply isn't the bottleneck. In Prosody, I can do 100k stanzas/sec on this old macbook. And profiling does not put memory allocation as being item #1.
  725. Zash The string interning Lua does probably helps a fair bit
  726. waqas (standard microbenchmark disclaimers apply)
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  728. waqas Zash: No, those don't save us. While it has a few tricks, expat is doing many allocations.
  729. Guus has left
  730. waqas In our case, the networking stack is bottleneck #1 (including the kernel, luasocket and net.server), the whole parsing stage (expat + DOM construction) is #2, serialization is #3. All this for a very simple full JID to full JID IQ. Doesn't change much for other stanza types, except stanzas that cause broadcasts and IO are complex.
  731. SamWhited Right now for me parsing JIDs is the most expensive part of the stack, but I've gotten that down to be fairly quick (especially if the JIDs mostly end up being ascii)
  732. waqas Turn on any IO activity (MAM, logging, etc), and boom, it suddenly overshadows everything else combined
  733. Zash Heh, like debug logging
  734. Ge0rG Debug logging is a fraction of my I/O, compared to gazillions of chatstates in MAM.
  735. SamWhited In a former life though parsing the token stream into some form of usable object was very expensive though, and I'd like to shoot for that sort of scale. I can't do it right now because of the XML library, but it would be nice to be able to do it if I were to swap that out in the future.
  736. Zash I'm pretty sure most of my overhead while dev'ing is the drawing of syntax-highlighted stanzas in X
  737. Kev Overhead for clients and servers is completely different.
  738. Kev The most expensive thing Swift does is rendering a roster.
  739. Kev Well, s/rendering/constructing and rendering/
  740. Ge0rG If I were start today, I'd go with some dynamic language that has primitives to convert between objects and their stream representation, and ignore performance.
  741. waqas Kev: That's very true. And many clients do synchronous UI updates. Gajim and others do very badly when a bunch of stanzas show up..
  742. Ge0rG ...and then end up with a situation where remote entities can override my objjects' metadata pointers.
  743. SamWhited Indeed; luckily I'm not doing any of that, but I do get frustrated when Gajim completely locks up for a minute or so during the initial presence flood on a big roster
  744. Kev Swift does synchronous UI updates, but each one is injected into the UI's event loop individually, so unless the UI framework (Qt) is being daft, you'd need one very heavy stanza to freeze the UI.
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  749. SamWhited Pushed up my current experiment which didn't end up working out, in case anyone's interested: https://godoc.org/mellium.im/xmpp/mux
  750. SamWhited The idea being that you match on the start token and could nest the multiplexers, but in practice you always need the top level stanza's information in whatever handler ends up replying.
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  753. moparisthebest hmm mux was the name I was rooting for as the mix replacement people actually implement to replace muc with
  754. SamWhited oh yah, I would probably be sad if I called this package that and then ended up wanting to implement that later. Maybe "router" would have been a better name for this one. Oh well, it will end up being deleted anyways.
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