XSF Discussion - 2018-02-25

  1. edhelas

    do we have a length limit for the pubsub node, jids strings ?

  2. jonasw

    jids are limited by RFC6122

  3. jonasw

    3071 bytes IIRC

  4. jonasw

    nodes, probably not

  5. edhelas


  6. edhelas

    would be nice to limit that, too see what kind of data structure I must define in my DB

  7. jonasw


  8. jonasw

    1kiB would probably™ be enough

  9. edhelas

    because if the node are varchar(3000)… and keys

  10. jonasw

    do URLs have a limit?

  11. edhelas


  12. Zash

    Would be nice if there was some normalization defined for nodes

  13. edhelas

    Zash +1

  14. jonasw


  15. jonasw

    seems like the most fi… oh wait, we sometimes use JIDs :/

  16. Zash

    I tought resourceprep too

  17. Zash

    jonasw: as long as the jid fits in 1023 bytes, it should work

  18. jonasw

    well, resourceprep wouldn’t be sufficient for proper normalization of JIDs, and I wonder if it would break anything.

  19. Zash

    Where do you use JIDs as nodes?

  20. jonasw

    in disco

  21. Zash


  22. jonasw

    no wait

  23. jonasw

    I might’ve been confused there

  24. jonasw

    right, we have @node there

  25. jonasw

    and @jid

  26. jonasw

    nevermind then

  27. edhelas

    also pubsub items

  28. edhelas

    the thing is that mysql have limits for key lengths for example, was 760 bytes, it's 3000 bytes now

  29. jonasw

    that’s mysqls fault though? :)

  30. jonasw


  31. edhelas


  32. edhelas

    but still

  33. edhelas

    if I have to check uniqueness on columns that are type text…

  34. Guus

    If you haven't done so already, please take the time to vote on the XSF membership applications. There's two days left.

  35. jonasw is a good role model and already has

  36. pep.

    Hmm, do I remember correctly, vote is until tomorrow? I'm still not friends with memberbot, I asked twice last week but Alex didn't catch it apparently

  37. jonasw

    pep., send him an email

  38. jonasw

    pep., also, you can vote at the meeting

  39. jonasw

    voting via memberbot is not compulsory

  40. pep.

    I'll try but I don't think I'll make it to the meeting, will try to send him an e-mail and vote before that

  41. blabla

    ForkAwesome icon set now contains an xmpp icon: https://github.com/ForkAwesome/Fork-Awesome/commit/796dc7470741ab46f24a8970c9904983f2b0de75