XSF Discussion - 2018-04-28

  1. daniel

    Is a single space a valid resource?

  2. jonasw

    daniel, according to aioxmpp, it is

  3. jonasw

    even with strict=True

  4. jonasw

    if it isn’t, I need to fix my tests

  5. jonasw

    (this is according to RFC 6122)

  6. jonasw

    but IIRC there’s nothing in stringprep which can forbid outputs which consist only of a certain class of characters, as long as those characters are allowed otherwise.

  7. jonasw

    so there’s nothing in stringprep which could be saying "yeah, spaces are allowed, but only if they occur with at least one non-space character"

  8. daniel

    Yes that's how I understand it as well

  9. Zash

    Invalid as nicknames (eg in MUCs) according to https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc8266

  10. jonasw

    PRECIS is another story and much more annoying :)

  11. Zash

    Yeah, don't remind me

  12. jonasw

    ah yes, PRECIS strips spaces, so that would be an empty nickname

  13. jonasw

    you gotta love how PRECIS breaks things

  14. Zash

    Buuuuut, do we have a JID-PRECIS spec yet?

  15. jonasw

    I think so

  16. jonasw

    RFC 7622