XSF Discussion - 2018-05-22

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  234. pep. gdpr meeting in 10?
  235. pep. jonasw, winfried, Ge0rG
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  247. Ge0rG pep.: I thought 1230?
  248. Ge0rG But I can do either
  249. pep. Ah fail
  250. pep. 10:30 UTC indeed
  251. jonasw sudo -u pep. sudo apt install tzdata 😸
  252. jonasw a.k.a. timezones are hard
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  254. pep. `useradd: invalid user name 'pep.'`
  255. Ge0rG RCE over MUC=
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  257. jonasw Ge0rG: only in signal :>
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  274. jonasw GDPR in 9, Ge0rG, winfried, pep.
  275. pep. !
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  278. Ge0rG I have prepared temporary ToS and Privacy Policies for yax.im, which I would like to make available as a template for the XSF: https://yaxim.org/yax.im/tos/ and https://yaxim.org/yax.im/privacy/
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  283. winfried ;-)
  284. jonasw is a recital sufficient? or does it need an actual paragraph which instantiates that recital?
  285. Ge0rG a what?
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  289. winfried bangs the gavel and welcomes pep. jonasw and Ge0rG to the GDPR meeting
  290. pep. !
  291. jonasw Ge0rG, your opt-out wording is confusing: > You can opt out from this by unsubscribing these contacts from your contact list. ("what does unsubscribing from a contact list mean?") I’d suggest: > By allowing a user to subscribe (typically this is done when adding to the contact list), you opt into this transfer.
  292. jonasw waves at winfried
  293. winfried jonasw: yes, wording it as an opt-in is better
  294. winfried Agenda for to?
  295. winfried s/to/today/
  296. pep. yeah, opt-in might be better
  297. pep. What do we have on the agenda today? The template?
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  299. pep. Not much progress on the EULA XEP. I gathered the requirements here, https://cryptpad.fr/code/#/2/code/edit/IiUC5h-fzN14FAeSdcBoAQgc/ but I haven't started the protocol bits
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  301. winfried I feel like taking a look at the bigger picture: where are we, what is the course of action (looking at the MAM discussion in standards@) what are the todo's and how to do them
  302. jonasw I’d also word the push service paragraph differently: now: > If you enable push notifications (e.g. on a mobile client), the data that is required to perform the push notification (typically a device ID and message meta data) is transmitted to the respective push service provider (Art. 6.1b, Art. 49.1b). my suggestion: > If you enable push notifications (e.g. on a mobile client), the message is transferred (Art. 6.1b, Art. 49.1b) to a server designated by the client application. The processing afterwards is subject to the data protection policies of the applications server and the respective push service provider.
  303. jonasw yeah, sorry about the EULA XEP, I was more busy than I anticipated
  304. pep. jonasw, no worries, I didn't have much time either
  305. jonasw re push paragraph: because technically, you’re transferring the complete message to the applications service and then it’s already out of your control, Ge0rG.
  306. winfried neither did I ;-)
  307. jonasw if my memory of the push protocol is right
  308. winfried jonasw: daniel posted a nice link to the implementation he uses. It reveals minimal data, the push service even doesn't know what application it is pushing to!
  309. pep. winfried, of course it does? How would that work otherwise
  310. jonasw winfried, true, but as an XMPP server provider, you can’t be sure about which app server software is used.
  311. winfried jonasw: correct
  312. jonasw and you transfer at teh very least message body and timestamp to the app server, at which point it’s out of your control
  313. pep. jonasw, "app server"?
  314. pep. the push component?
  315. jonasw pep., the server provided by the client (e.g. Conversations) which transforms the XMPP Pushes (as specified in XEP-0357) to whatever is needed on the provider (google) side.
  316. pep. Right
  317. jonasw pep., cf. https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0357.html#sect-idm139090519180208
  318. jonasw "Push Service" and "User Agent" are owned by e.g. google, but the App Server is run by the client application authors, and not by the XMPP server provider
  319. Ge0rG jonasw: I'm not pushing actual message content, just placeholders.
  320. jonasw Ge0rG, is that a modification of mod_cloud_push?
  321. Ge0rG jonasw: no, default behavior with a custom setting.
  322. jonasw in any case, the statement is incorrect insofar that it suggests that (only) google/apple is the nexthop, but there’s the app server inbetween
  323. Ge0rG `push_notification_important_body = "Important message";`
  324. Holger jonasw: The protocol allows for including the sender address and message contents with the push notification, but that's optional and neither Prosody nor ejabberd will do that by default.
  325. Holger jonasw: The notification is not a message stanza but a PubSub-like IQ.
  326. Ge0rG jonasw: updated both places, thanks. Please have a look at the new push wording
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  328. Ge0rG Holger: we are not talking about stanzas but about user content.
  329. Ge0rG Holger: so "message" in this context is rather the <body> element.
  330. jonasw s/opt in into/opt into/?
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  332. Ge0rG isn't the verb "opt in"?
  333. Ge0rG maybe "opt in to"?
  334. winfried Ge0rG: I would say so
  335. Ge0rG !summon native speaker
  336. jonasw okay, nits though
  337. jonasw otherwise I think this looks good
  338. jonasw but, IANAL
  339. pep. Ge0rG, can I link to your yax.im URLs or should we move that to the wiki
  340. pep. in the minutes
  341. Ge0rG pep.: They are WIP right now, so I'd rather not have them linked "publically"
  342. jonasw copying would be fine though?
  343. pep. k, so maybe we can copy that to the wiki
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  345. Ge0rG I'd like to establish some process where we have a master copy and the yax.im ToS are a fork of that.
  346. winfried Ge0rG: git!
  347. Ge0rG so you can fork it yourself and profit from later updates.
  348. jonasw maybe a repository under xsf?
  349. jonasw or xmpp?
  350. Ge0rG markdown + C preprocessor?
  351. Ge0rG jonasw: moving a git is the easiest part.
  352. Ge0rG the hard part is the split of template and specific server content.
  353. jonasw hmm
  354. pep. Right
  355. jonasw jinja is a neat templating language
  356. Ge0rG Or maybe some kind of ToS generator?
  357. jonasw would be trivial to build a generator on top of that
  358. Ge0rG Jinja is Beautiful. {% extends "layout.html" %} {% block body %} <ul> {% for user in users %} <li><a href="{{ user.url }}">{{ user.username }}</a></li> {% endfor ...
  359. Ge0rG They lost me at {%
  360. jonasw they copied that from erb I think
  361. pep. I don't think we should focus on html
  362. Ge0rG Markdown is an ideal language for the content, minus the templating.
  363. jonasw the advantage I see in jinja that its inheritance and block stuff would allow for easy replacement of specific blocks.
  364. jonasw and extension
  365. jonasw that would be cumbersome with C preprocessor
  366. Ge0rG We could also `sed -e s/ZZZservernameZZZ/$SERVERNAME/g`
  367. jonasw those are technicalities
  368. Ge0rG or use bash here-documents.
  369. jonasw let’s focus on what winfried suggested
  370. Ge0rG I don't care. I just don't want to learn a new templating engine language.
  371. Ge0rG git?
  372. jonasw 10:34:00 winfried> I feel like taking a look at the bigger picture: where are we, what
  373. jonasw Ge0rG, ^
  374. Ge0rG :P
  375. Ge0rG Right.
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  377. pep. In the meantime I don't have anything to show for this part of the minutes :x
  378. pep. But we can sort this out later
  379. winfried hey, I am participating again :-P
  380. winfried Big picture: we have some things we want to change on protocol level
  381. winfried EULA-XEP
  382. winfried Deletion
  383. winfried Transfer of data
  384. winfried (any other?)
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  386. winfried ah, defaults for MAM
  387. Ge0rG retention times for MAM and HTTP uploads.
  388. Ge0rG Current implementations lack auto-removal of "expired" entries
  389. pep. s/HTTP uploads/server-side file storage/
  390. winfried There was some discussion on the standards@ list about incorporating local laws in standards
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  393. winfried what is our opinion in that?
  394. pep. Allowing deletion via the protocol has nothing to do with local laws right
  395. winfried I guess some topics are generic and not specifically for one jurisdiction
  396. Ge0rG winfried: the protocol purist in me says we should not encode local laws into our protocols.
  397. Ge0rG OTOH, the pragmatist requests an easy way for server operators to comply with local laws.
  398. pep. Ge0rG, I think I agree with that, but deletion itself is just a technicality and not a law
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  400. pep. We might want to have another informational "GDPR compliance" XEP
  401. winfried Ge0rG: and what about an optional extension that describes an action needed in a certain jurisdiction...?
  402. Ge0rG winfried: I'd go with Business Rules paragraphs in relevant XEPs
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  404. Ge0rG while true ; do killall -STOP lua5.1 sqlite3 prosody.sqlite 'DELETE FROM prosodyarchive WHERE host="yax.im" AND store="archive2" AND "when" < '$(($(date +%s)-14*24*3600))' LIMIT 5000;' killall -CONT lua5.1 sleep 2 done
  405. Ge0rG This is how I'm doing GDPR compliance right now.
  406. winfried Ge0rG: :-D
  407. Ge0rG And this is not only fugly, it's also killing my availability / latency.
  408. jonasw sleep 2?!
  409. winfried I can imagine you want something more... sophisticated
  410. Ge0rG jonasw: yes. I can't just delete *all* messages at once because there are too many.
  411. Ge0rG deleting 5k takes <10s, so it's just barely bearable.
  412. pep. How many users do you have again?
  413. pep. Active users
  414. Ge0rG ~1k
  415. Ge0rG But I have some active bots, it seems. And for reasons beyond my understanding, those bots are using MAM
  416. winfried So do we agree on: 1) patching XEPs / adding XEPs when generic functionality is needed for compliance 2) adding busisness rule paragraphs to relevant XEPs to explain about local laws?
  417. pep. Ok, so back to XEPs,
  418. winfried 3) informational GDPR XEP?
  419. pep. if 3), is 2) required
  420. pep. We definitely need 1) in any case
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  422. pep. And I don't think anybody will argue this
  423. winfried jonasw: ?
  424. Ge0rG what do we nee 1 for?
  425. Ge0rG patching XEPs is #2, isn't it?
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  427. winfried New XEP: eula XEP, http storage management
  428. jonasw Ge0rG, (1) is adding functionality, (2) is adding business rules
  429. jonasw those are differences, and (2) can be moved to a generic GDPR XEP, while (1) can’t
  430. jonasw (well, could, but it wouldn’t make sense)
  431. pep. jonasw, 1 could be added to an addon XEP, but :/
  432. pep. Not informal
  433. pep. **informational
  434. Dave Cridland I'd rather not plaster every XEP with detailed GDPR implementation stuff. Rather, at most a pointer to another XEP. Otherwise the conflict between different jurisdictions is going to get very complicated, especially with normative language.
  435. Ge0rG Re EULA XEP: do we need explicit consent?
  436. winfried pep.: think we need to decide on a case to case base if an add on is better of patching the xep
  437. Ge0rG If we need explicit consent, the EULA-on-IBR would be one possible implementation, with a web form based registration another obvious one.
  438. pep. Dave Cridland, 1. above is not "GDPR implementation stuff", right
  439. pep. 2 and 3 are, and I'm also leaning towards 3
  440. pep. rather than 2
  441. winfried I guess Dave Cridland meant the choice between 2 and 3
  442. Ge0rG Dave Cridland: I was thinking along the lines of "A server implementation must provide a way to delete user data by means of X"
  443. valo has joined
  444. Dave Cridland Ge0rG, Yes, but that's not true everywhere. Instead you need a feature to allow users to request deletion, but I'd rather a server in a jurisdiction that mandates retention isn't offering me that feature.
  445. pep. We will need to tell developers though where to find that XEP
  446. pep. XEP discovery is another common issue
  447. winfried pep.: "Privacy considerations: this XEP may have GDPR consequences, please see XEP-GDPR for more information"
  448. pep. winfried, k
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  450. Ge0rG I can't see how we can create an (informational or other) GDPR XEP until May 25h.
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  453. jonasw I agree
  454. j.r has joined
  455. jonasw I wanted to get EULA done by today, but schedules
  456. winfried Ge0rG: Nope, I have to finish a DPIA before then :-D
  457. Ge0rG Dave Cridland: I still think that a mention under Business Rules is required. Even if it says "Depending on local laws, you MUST or MUST NOT provide a way ..."
  458. Dave Cridland Ge0rG, If a XEP has the phrase "MUST or MUST NOT" I will have to nuke it from orbit.
  459. pep. What winfried said above
  460. pep. "Privacy considerations: this XEP may have GDPR consequences, please see XEP-GDPR for more information"
  461. Dave Cridland Ge0rG, Also, "MUST" etc are related to interop, not legal requirements. I suspect that we (the XSF) may need to be careful about appearing to offer legal advice, too.
  462. winfried Ge0rG: can you explain why you think it is required?
  463. Dave Cridland pep., That phrasing works for me.
  464. Ge0rG Dave Cridland: why? It's only self-contradicting if it's "MUST *and* MUST NOT"
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  466. Dave Cridland Ge0rG, Because it's meaningless.
  467. Ge0rG "this XEP may have global warming consequences, or may contain traces of nuts"
  468. pep. What doesn't have global warming consequences..
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  470. Seve/SouL And doesn't contain traces of nuts
  471. Seve/SouL 0:D
  472. Ge0rG Dave Cridland: but I agree that RFC 2119 language SHOULD NOT be applied to legal requirements.
  473. winfried pep.: the chilling effect (couldn't resist)
  474. jonasw :>
  475. Ge0rG winfried: LOL
  476. pep. :)
  477. pep. Ge0rG, so I read you'd prefer to have GDPR details *in* the XEP?
  478. pep. And not an informational XEP
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  480. Ge0rG pep.: I don't know. Whatever will make server implementors create compliant implementations works for me
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  483. jonasw I think general "privacy considerations" without mentioning legislation would be a good thing™
  484. pep. I'd see winfried's phrasing above, + informational GDPR xep
  485. Dave Cridland pep., Really don't want to do that. The problem there is that you'd also need to put in Sarbanes-Oxley, for example.
  486. jonasw it would help to create awareness, just like Security Considerations do
  487. jonasw and I think they have a place in the XEP
  488. pep. Dave Cridland, yes I don't want either
  489. Dave Cridland pep., That is, put GDPR sections in every XEP.
  490. pep. hmm
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  492. Dave Cridland pep., Ugh. I'm being really unclear. I do not want GDPR bits in every XEP.
  493. pep. what GDPR bits
  494. pep. You'd be ok with just saying "seealso GDPR XEP"?
  495. Dave Cridland pep., Yes.
  496. jonasw I have something like "The protocol specified herein allows users to store data on storage controlled by the server, so deletion and retention times need to be considered."
  497. pep. Dave Cridland, ok then we agree
  498. jonasw I have something like "The protocol specified herein allows users to store data on storage controlled by the server, so deletion and retention times need to be considered." in mind.
  499. winfried Dave Cridland: if we create an informational XEP about Sarbanes-Oxley, I wouldn't mind other XEPs pointing to it
  500. Ge0rG Maybe the issues is if we actually need *every* *other* XEP to point to the new one?
  501. Dave Cridland It might actually be useful to note what data is retained by each XEP, since that has very wide applicability and use.
  502. jonasw Dave Cridland, that’s what I had in mind for "Privacy Considerations" sections in XEPs
  503. jonasw and a separate GDPR document could point out what to do with specific data.
  504. Dave Cridland jonasw, Right, and I think it also forms very useful input to consent, privacy policy, etc stuff on a more generic level.
  505. jonasw so in general, PCs (Privacy Considerations) would list: - what data is stored - what data is exposed to other servers and users - what is needed for data exposure (know the JID / needs to be subscribed / ...)
  506. pep. jonasw, that still seems GDPR-specific. Some other law might define "private data" entirely differently
  507. winfried Like that idea, but it will be quite a bit of work to update all XEPs
  508. rtq3 has left
  509. jonasw pep., doesn’t matter, I’d consider all user data in that section.
  510. winfried jonasw: +1
  511. Dave Cridland jonasw, +1 from me too, for whatever it's worth.
  512. pep. jonasw, k
  513. winfried and should we also add a paragraph like that to the RFCs?
  514. jonasw I’ll re-word my '363 PR to conform with that.
  515. winfried jonasw: great!
  516. pep. winfried, mined territory I assume :p
  517. Ge0rG Having a "Privacy Considerations" section with that data in all XEPs would be great. We could just link those from the server ToS
  518. winfried Ge0rG: with autodiscovery based on service discovery!
  519. jonasw can we plan for enxt?
  520. pep. Can we define quickly what would go into that informational XEP
  521. pep. So we can start working on it quickly
  522. pep. jonasw, +whatever should work for me. Friday with the small delay as usual
  523. winfried pep.: - steps for compliance - red flags
  524. jonasw I can only make friday I think
  525. alexis has left
  526. jonasw so friday 1230 CEST or 1330 CEST would be good for me
  527. winfried wfm
  528. pep. 1230 CEST worksforme
  529. pep. 1330 as well
  530. winfried 1330 not for me
  531. jonasw 1230 CEST on Friday, 25th it is then, Ge0rG?
  532. Ge0rG either is good
  533. Dave Cridland If someone writes the skeleton and an abstract for this GDPR XEP today, we can give it a number by tomorrow.
  534. winfried D-Day!
  535. alexis has joined
  536. Dave Cridland ... which might help "advertise" what you guys are doing.
  537. Ge0rG next number is 403, right? ;)
  538. Dave Cridland (It'd also give us something to blog about as the XSF)
  539. jonasw Ge0rG, no, next is 409 I think
  540. pep. Ge0rG, no that's MIX?
  541. Ge0rG Oh, wow.
  542. winfried Dave Cridland: good plan, I don't have time :-(
  543. jonasw I’ll try to dedicate my afternoon to the EULA XEP
  544. Ge0rG I'm behind on that thread.
  545. jonasw Ge0rG, cf. https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pulls
  546. Dave Cridland Ge0rG, I think MIX wants that, but I'd love to see the Editor creatively rearrange...
  547. jonasw 409 Conflict is also good ;-)
  548. Ge0rG I would have skipped 403 as well. But meh.
  549. jonasw Ge0rG, 404 isn’t skipped
  550. pep. yeah 409 is also fine :P
  551. jonasw it’s for MIX ANON
  552. jonasw (the order in the PRs is just weird)
  553. Ge0rG jonasw: NOOO!1!!
  554. jonasw gotta go now
  555. Dave Cridland I wondered if MIX Anon was intentionally at 404.
  556. jonasw Dave Cridland, it is
  557. Dave Cridland But yeah, I think we should skip it for amusement's sake.
  558. jonasw I don’t feel like renumbering them ;-)
  559. jonasw MIX anon is a good use for XEP-0404 imo :)
  560. Ge0rG I disagree. But what do I know.
  561. winfried Should I close the GDPR meeting? ;-)
  562. Dave Cridland By the way, huge thanks to you guys for doing this.
  563. pep. winfried, :)
  564. winfried jonasw: do you have time to also submit a skelton and abstract for a GDPR informational XEP?
  565. pep. jonasw, I can have a look at EULA, for the obvious bits? (if there is any)
  566. Dave Cridland wonders if he needed to opt-in to be mentioned in the minutes.
  567. pep. Dave Cridland, I was going to ask
  568. SaltyBones has joined
  569. winfried Dave Cridland: you revealed yourself, so no mercy :-D
  570. pep. But the logs of this room are public anyway, just like the minutes :P
  571. Andrew Nenakhov has joined
  572. jonasw winfried, no, sorry
  573. winfried I shouldn't do it, but I will give it a shot
  574. winfried (then)
  575. jonasw winfried, why shouldn’t you do it?
  576. jonasw if you’re uncomfortable with the markup, you can also just send me a markdown or whatever based document
  577. jonasw and I’ll transform it
  578. winfried time, am already terrible behind on an other GDPR project
  579. jonasw right
  580. winfried but it shouldn't be too much work
  581. jonasw do whatever you need to save time, my issue with the informational is mostly that I don’t have the big picture or anything
  582. jonasw I’m fine with an .odt if that’s what you’re most comfortable writing in
  583. winfried jonasw: k, let you know if I need anything
  584. winfried bangs a gavel and starts writing a XEP
  585. pep. Ge0rG, you're ok if I copy your tos/privacy policy to the wiki with a big "WIP"
  586. pep. And "To be moved to git"
  587. jonasw Dave Cridland, I don’t think I’ll be able to make the 24 hour agenda deadline for the council meeting with the EULA XEP though
  588. Ge0rG pep.: yeah
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  590. andy has joined
  591. pep. We're still in Q1.1.2 right
  592. pep. or 1.1.3 maybe
  593. pep. Ah no 1.1.2
  594. pep. "consequences for server operators"
  595. pep. *1.2
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  607. pep. winfried, I'm not sure exactly what you meant by "Big picture: we have some things we want to change on protocol level" and "Transfer of data" specifically
  608. rtq3 has left
  609. winfried pep.: timestamp ? loosing my context ;-)
  610. pep. 19:50:33 winfried> Big picture: we have some things we want to change on protocol level 19:50:43 winfried> EULA-XEP 19:50:47 winfried> Deletion 19:50:56 winfried> Transfer of data 19:51:09 winfried> (any other?) 19:51:31 winfried> ah, defaults for MAM
  611. pep. (UTC+9)
  612. winfried ah...
  613. winfried that is the portability thing, download everything so it can be put on an other server
  614. pep. I see
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  624. pep. https://cryptpad.fr/code/#/2/code/edit/j5ggWca+SLu32klePWFOeCIK/ winfried, jonasw, Ge0rG if you can have a quick look before I send
  625. Ge0rG pep.: 👍
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  630. winfried (Y)
  631. jonasw wfm
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  634. jonasw I’ll now try to merge the MIX PRs and then I’ll start to look at the EULA XEP
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  636. Steve Kille jonasw: thanks!
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  647. Ge0rG jonasw: But 404!
  648. jonasw yes?
  649. Ge0rG Okay, I didn't do anything when that window of opportunity was open, so I have no right to complain about it.
  650. jonasw Steve Kille, is "RELIABLE-DELIVERY" not there yet or am I missing something?
  651. Ge0rG I'll just pile my sadness on top of the Pidgin-officially-encouraged pile and move on with life.
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  655. Steve Kille RELIABLE-DELIVERY is a piece of MIX that is needed, but it was clear that hte text in MIX was wrong and it might be useful elseowere
  656. SaltyBones has joined
  657. Steve Kille So, I (or someone else) needs to work out exactly what needs doing and write it.
  658. Steve Kille Running without this is probably not going to be a big deal for most deployments
  659. Steve Kille BTW using 404 for MIX-ANON was the choice of my co-author
  660. Steve Kille I think the humour is good
  661. Ge0rG IMHO, that number should have been used for "XEP not found"
  662. Steve Kille Kev got there first
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  672. jonasw MIXes merged
  673. jonasw Steve Kille, FWIW, the conflicts were because somebody submitted editorial changes in the meantime (0.10.1 was released), but that was trivial to handle
  674. Steve Kille thanks very much for sorting this out.
  675. lovetox has joined
  676. Steve Kille Meanwhile, I've received some private editorial comments on 1.0.0, whch I will work at soon
  677. jonasw I renumbered it to 0.10.2
  678. lumi has joined
  679. jonasw it is not draft yet, and only draft can have 1.x.x
  680. jonasw and since the split was editorial as discussed, it got 0.10.2
  681. Steve Kille ah - I did not realize this.
  682. Steve Kille Given that over half of the text vanished from 369, this scarecely seems editorial
  683. Steve Kille I'm going to have to confess now that there were some technical changes
  684. Steve Kille Mamking the XEPs independnent needed changes
  685. Steve Kille Making Proxy JIDs work without MIX-ANON needed various changes
  686. jonasw uh
  687. jonasw yeah, I saw a namespace bump in there
  688. jonasw but I think that’s going to be needed either way
  689. jonasw I can’t really fix the version number now anymore, I’m afraid.
  690. jonasw so we’ll have to live with t hat
  691. Steve Kille shall I move to 11.0 when I do the next set of changes?
  692. Steve Kille All the others are at 0.1.0
  693. jonasw increment the last digit (the z in x.y.z) for purely editorial changes, and the second digit (y in x.y.z, reset z to 0) for changes which include non-editorial chnages
  694. Steve Kille I think that the changes since 10.0 deserve a seond digit bump
  695. Steve Kille However, it is just a number, and I am happy with whatever the experts decree
  696. jonasw I agree that a second digit bump would’ve made sense
  697. jonasw but that’s spilled milk
  698. jonasw more or less
  699. Steve Kille I was asking if it makes sense to make the bump as part of the editorial changes I will make soon?
  700. jonasw ah, now I understand
  701. jonasw I’ll abort the build and fix the version number to 0.11.0
  702. Steve Kille if that is not too much trouble, I think that makes most sense
  703. jonasw done
  704. Steve Kille you're a hero
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  713. jonasw pep., Ge0rG, what do you think about announcing the TOS version via disco#info *and* stream features? This would allow servers to announce updates via stream features s.t. clients can pick that up
  714. pep. jonasw, sgtm
  715. Ge0rG jonasw: aren't we overloading our caps infra already?
  716. jonasw not sure
  717. jonasw for servers I don’t think so
  718. pep. jonasw, what do you do with it then? the client knows there's a new version, where does it fetch it
  719. jonasw pep., via the in-band protocol
  720. pep. Ok ok
  721. pep. iq or ad-hoc?
  722. jonasw not sure yet
  723. jonasw I think ad-hoc won’t do the trick
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  727. pep. I'd prefer iq I think, but I don't have a strong opinion
  728. rtq3 has joined
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  730. pep. All the features a user will opt-in, they also need to be able to opt-out easily btw. Should that also be done via the xep (one place to rule them all, "easy discovery"), or let the client decide where each feature config should go? e.g, Preferences > MAM > [x] Enable; Preferences > Other feature > [ ] Enable
  731. pep. Meh, I don't think the one place to rule them all would work
  732. jonasw yupp
  733. pep. that'd need to fiddle with every other modules
  734. Ge0rG There is one place to rule them all. "Delete account"
  735. jonasw that needs to go into the individual XEPs, just like it’s handled currently
  736. pep. Ge0rG, no
  737. pep. Say I still want to benefit from the services, but I want to opt-out of every consented feature
  738. pep. Doesn't have to be "please delete MAM", just "Please no MAM anymore"
  739. jonasw https://paste.debian.net/hidden/eb963ea8/
  740. jonasw pep., Ge0rG, ^
  741. pep. "The user shall be able to retract consent [..]", I don't have the exact quote
  742. pep. An error occurred during a connection to paste.debian.net. SSL peer rejected your certificate as expired. Error code: SSL_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERT_ALERT :(
  743. jonasw nice
  744. pep. I'll have to change that client cert..
  745. jonasw s/https/http/ will work though
  746. pep. yeah.. unfortunately
  747. Ge0rG "The server subsequently replies with the &tos; payload:" - that sounds like it's a ToS *payload*, but it's merely a ToS *link*
  748. jonasw Ge0rG, it is a payload of the ToS protocol
  749. pep. Ge0rG, I'd like to allow for both
  750. Valerian has joined
  751. pep. If you want to point to an external source, good for you. You might also want to handle this in-band
  752. Ge0rG Let's talk about XHTML-IM ToS payloads.
  753. jonasw pep., it’s not realistic to have the complete document in-band
  754. pep. jonasw, that's fine as long as EULA is only used for c2s
  755. pep. I mean, oob is fine**
  756. jonasw I’m thinking however, if we actually make Ge0rGs thing into a template, that we could use that template and have the server say things like "this is template X version Y, with the following things filled in: MAM retention time = xyz, upload retention time = abc, representative = frank nord"
  757. Ge0rG representative = Jon Snow.
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  759. pep. jonasw, I'm sure that template will get hairy quickly
  760. jonasw maybe, but maybe not
  761. pep. Plus operators will want to modify more than just placeholders
  762. jonasw pep., in any case, putting the whole ToS in-band won’t work.
  763. pep. won't work how?
  764. jonasw question 1: which markup format to use for formatting?
  765. pep. We don't have anything to do formatted payloads anymore? :)
  766. pep. Too bad
  767. jonasw I would have argued strongly against anything XHTML. way too much, markdown would be sufficient, if it was standardised.
  768. pep. but styling is not markdown.
  769. jonasw styling is not sufficient
  770. pep. Don't tell me
  771. jonasw you need headings in a ToS, and enumerations and lists
  772. jonasw I am confused
  773. Ge0rG Are we talking about Markleft or Markright?
  774. pep. Ge0rG, both
  775. pep. Also Markhtml
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  779. jonasw pep., do you happen ot have a link to your EULA XEP pad at hand?
  780. pep. https://cryptpad.fr/code/#/2/code/edit/IiUC5h-fzN14FAeSdcBoAQgc/
  781. jonasw ty
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  786. jonasw pep., Ge0rG: https://sotecware.net/files/noindex/tos.html
  787. jonasw sorry for the lack of CSS
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  790. jonasw pep., Ge0rG, winfried, here’s a preview version with CSS: https://sotecware.net/files/noindex/xeps/tos.html ; I’d appreciate any early feedback.
  791. jonasw I think this should cover the basic points for now, we can expand on this for including more information about the ToS in the payloads later.
  792. pep. jonasw, example 2 contains </stream:features>
  793. Ge0rG jonasw: the title might better be "ToS Reference" than just "ToS"
  794. jonasw pep., ty
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  796. jonasw Ge0rG, "Terms of Service Agreement"?
  797. jonasw because it also handles ACK-ing the ToS
  798. jonasw I find ToS a good name still.
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  801. pep. jonasw, can we not use oob or sims or something that's already there to give the url?
  802. jonasw pep., what would be the benefit?
  803. pep. Not reinventing the wheel
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  805. pep. hmm, oob doesn't allow for MIME, sims does though
  806. Ge0rG Wasn't there an IBR extension by daniel?
  807. winfried jonasw: what when there are several documents like a ToS and a separate Privacy statement?
  808. alacer has joined
  809. jonasw pep., but it wouldn’t be re-usable much except for wire format maybe, and it would tie us to the SIMS namespace
  810. pep. jonasw, I don't know what the convention is, but I'd put <deadline/> inside <tos/> maybe
  811. mhterres has joined
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  813. jonasw pep., but semantically, the deadline is for the change not for the ToS itself
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  815. winfried Can it also be communicated when it is obliged to agree to the terms or when it should only be available
  816. SamWhited has joined
  817. jonasw winfried, that’s a good question
  818. jonasw winfried, that’s a good question (regarding multiple documents)
  819. pep. jonasw, right.. I'm a bit annoyed at having this directly in <message> for some reason
  820. jonasw winfried, regarding requiring agreement, sure, we can communicate that, but does it make sense?
  821. SaltyBones has joined
  822. jonasw winfried, is there a good reason to separate the documents?
  823. jonasw this will increase the complexity a lot because we either have to put human-readable titles in the wire-format (complexity with i18n) or pre-define the types of documents we want to support
  824. pep. Maybe we can just allow multiple sources of the same type
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  827. jonasw pep., how would that look in a client UI? > you have to agree to the following terms to use the service: > document 1 (link) > document 2 (link) :/ that looks awful
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  829. pep. Well.. having both links for plain/text and plain/html, what will clients display anyway?
  830. pep. randomly choose between the two?
  831. jonasw unless you’re poezio, you’d probably link the text/html thing
  832. jonasw and dispatch to a web browser
  833. jonasw poezio might as well show the text/plain version inline
  834. pep. pardon my UX skills, but as a user I'd prefer to have a choice
  835. jonasw most users don’t want to
  836. jonasw they don’t even care about the difference between html and plaintext :)
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  838. pep. which is also why I use poezio unlike "most users"
  839. Dave Cridland winfried, You know, you *could* use a SASL2 task for EULA agreement.
  840. pep. jonasw, anyway, I can live with just one document (and optionally multiple types), for the original question
  841. Andrew Nenakhov has joined
  842. jonasw Dave Cridland, i’d love to see a SASL2 task to replace my pre-bind/post-auth hack
  843. jonasw IBR integration is still on the todo
  844. winfried jonasw: communicating the requirement to agree: some documents (like the privacy statement) only need to be available, while some others, like a 6.1a question, need to be agreed upon.
  845. matlag has joined
  846. winfried jonasw: and that is also an answer to the other topic: if you have both, you want to present both with a different status
  847. jonasw winfried, okay, that makes things much more complex.
  848. pep. Right. I've seen services present me multiple ToS I could agree to
  849. jonasw I was operating under the assumption that we have a ToS document (including privacy policy) which needs to be agreed to always and that all 6.1a questions are handled separately already.
  850. jonasw (such as MAM)
  851. winfried pep.: yeah, that is ugly, but there may be good reasons for
  852. jonasw back to the scratchpad then
  853. pep. winfried, I guess we can skip this though, and do as jonasw says, have opt-in features be handled separately
  854. winfried jonasw: in our GDPR route, we avoid asking 6.1a questions, but other setups or other jurisdictions may have different needs
  855. pep. winfried, as in, clients would have UI for this, some configuration somewhere
  856. winfried pep.: IF you offer an 'agree-iq', then you should also communicate if it is mandatory to agree it. Otherwise it is just informational
  857. daniel has left
  858. jonasw my assumption was that it’s always mandatory
  859. winfried jonasw: Nope, misconception #1 about the gdpr ;-)
  860. pep. I don't think it is (always mandatory).
  861. jonasw mmm
  862. jonasw okay, will have to re-do things then
  863. winfried jonasw: sorry...
  864. jonasw no, that’s great, we need a good thing here
  865. jonasw better sort it out before the first implementation comes along :)
  866. winfried Dave Cridland: love that idea, but I am happy you said *could* :-D
  867. pep. Yeah I'd like to see what that looks like as well
  868. lovetox has joined
  869. jonasw winfried, okay, would this work: - we have a list of documents which can be reviewed by the user - we have a list of tickboxes where users can consent to things which aren’t handled elsewhere (e.g. additional content analysis which would go into 9.1 territory or something) - the tickboxes default to false - agreement to individual documents is handled via the tickboxes, if at all. - a service would put the terms for the tickboxes in their privacy policy document by default
  870. daniel has joined
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  873. jonasw so the UI would be something like this: +----------------------------------+ | | | Terms of Service | | | | Service xy has the | | following Terms. | | Please review: | | | | - Terms of Service (link) | | - Privacy Policy (link) | | | | [ ] Allow analysis of my | | messages for marketing | | purposes | | (see Privacy Policy §12.3) | | [ ] Allow sharing my contacts | | with Facebook | | | | | +----------------------------------+
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  875. jonasw + a [Register] or [Continue] button
  876. jonasw the tickboxes would be provided by the service
  877. pep. Also [Cancel], that would close the stream? :-°
  878. jonasw probably
  879. pep. Would MAM go in these [ ], or would it be in client configurations like we said above
  880. jonasw I would put that in client configuration
  881. pep. Because then we're separating stuff that requires consent
  882. pep. I mean there would be stuff all around, not just one place to accept
  883. jonasw if you choose to enable MAM, you have of course already read the privacy policy and thus know the terms for MAM
  884. jonasw yeah
  885. pep. Right
  886. jonasw A service could of course also put the MAM switch in there, but it’s useless if the client doesn’t support MAM, so it would be confusing.
  887. jonasw the tickboxes would be entirely service-define
  888. jonasw the tickboxes would be entirely service-defined
  889. pep. Makes sense
  890. Ge0rG that looks like a data form.
  891. jonasw Ge0rG, the tickboxes will use data form wire format indeed
  892. jonasw Ad-Hoc command wire format even
  893. Ge0rG The issue I have is that yaxim will not connect to the server until you fill out the username + password fields.
  894. jonasw so?
  895. ibikk has joined
  896. pep. Ge0rG, pulling down a XEP because of client implementation? how dare you :o
  897. Ge0rG pep.: I didn't write "The issue this XEP has"
  898. winfried pep.: a [Cancel] would be up to the server to decide, it may only disable certain functionality
  899. pep. Ge0rG, :)
  900. pep. winfried, if a user cancels, what happens legally? they don't agree to the ToS, but they can continue using the service?
  901. pep. I'm a bit confused
  902. Ge0rG I like how you have sorted out race conditions between the user reading and the ToS updating here... `<agree xmlns='urn:xmpp:tos:0'><version>0.1.0</version></agree>`
  903. winfried pep.: depends on the question. If the question is: "i agree to connecting to my facebook account" (or so) then not ticking the box would only stop that part of the processing, not all XMPP service
  904. jonasw is cancel really a thing?
  905. jonasw i mean yeah, cancel would mean that you don’t want to use the sevrice at all because you don’t agree with it’s ToS
  906. pep. jonasw, [disagree], I guess
  907. pep. jonasw, [Disagree], I guess
  908. Alex has joined
  909. jonasw the non-negotiable parts of the ToS, because the negotiable parts are formulated as tickboxes
  910. pep. jonasw, yes
  911. Ge0rG jonasw: I don't like the use of headline messages. With always-on clients, I'd always fear sending a user a message in the middle of the night.
  912. pep. Ge0rG, it's always the night somewhere..
  913. pep. Ge0rG, it's always night somewhere..
  914. Ge0rG pep.: that's exactly my point.
  915. winfried pep.: oops mixing up not ticking a box and [disagree]
  916. pep. Ge0rG, who cares, people should setup notifications properly
  917. Ge0rG pep.: the right thing™ would be to send another kind of notification and let the user agree when they re-open their client
  918. Guus has left
  919. Ge0rG pep.: people are using Jabber for important family notifications. Ringing them up at 3AM is not what I want to do.
  920. jonasw Ge0rG, the notification could be delayed until the next CSI Active if the client is CSI Inactive with a smart implementation :)
  921. Ge0rG jonasw: I don't believe in smart implementations any more.
  922. jonasw (with a delay of a few minutes to allow a client to go CSI Inactive after a reconnect)
  923. jonasw Ge0rG, do you have another idea for the notification?
  924. jonasw I don’t want to use an IQ because that won’t work with legacy clients at all.
  925. jonasw we don’t have a "silent" thing unfortunately
  926. Ge0rG jonasw: you encode the tos-version in the entity caps and push a presence update.
  927. jonasw presence update from whom?
  928. Dave Cridland I'm not convined you want to handle ToS changing mid-stream.
  929. Ge0rG from the server.
  930. jonasw and that won’t work with legacy clients at all.
  931. winfried Dave Cridland: why not?
  932. jonasw Ge0rG, users typically don’t have their server in the roster.
  933. Ge0rG Dave Cridland: what's your counter-proposal? Kick the client?
  934. Ge0rG jonasw: yes.
  935. pep. clients*?
  936. Ge0rG jonasw: this is why it's going to work.
  937. jonasw Ge0rG, you are an evil persion
  938. Ge0rG jonasw: what was discussed last time for mid-stream server-caps updates?
  939. Dave Cridland Ge0rG, Basically. If you're at the point where the ToS update is so pressing you need to get user agreement at that moment, you're going to need to anyway.
  940. jonasw but relatedly, I have an update for XEP-0390 pending which allows servers to push updates to their caps
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  943. jonasw Dave Cridland, nobody’s talking about "in that moment"
  944. Guus has joined
  945. Ge0rG jonasw: yes. yes I am.
  946. jonasw the notification is supposed to be sent a few days ahead so that the user has time to review etc.
  947. Ge0rG you kick the user twice. First on the ToS update, second when they failed to accept the update in time.
  948. Ge0rG BTW, what happens if they fail to accept it? They get kicked and can't reconnect? Need to accept the ToS oob?
  949. jonasw Ge0rG, § 4.5 in the draft I linked
  950. jonasw https://sotecware.net/files/noindex/xeps/tos.html#usecase-expired
  951. jonasw ideally, this would be a SASL2 thing as suggested by Dave Cridland, but we don’t have SASL2 yet, and it can easily replaced with SASL2 later.
  952. Ge0rG jonasw: wow, well thought out :)
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  955. winfried Ge0rG: isn't that up to to the server
  956. Ge0rG data-forms in SASL2?
  957. jonasw Ge0rG, sasl2 is like zombo.com -- everything is possible in SASL2
  958. Ge0rG winfried: what that?
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  961. winfried [17:25:29] <Ge0rG> BTW, what happens if they fail to accept it? They get kicked and can't reconnect? Need to accept the ToS oob?
  962. Ge0rG winfried: yeah, but if you lock out the user, they need an oob mechanism to re-agree with the ToS
  963. jonasw (or an in-band mechanism ;-))
  964. Ge0rG an in-band mechanism between auth and bind, yes.
  965. Ge0rG can you 0198 resume such a semi-zombie?
  966. Wiktor has joined
  967. jonasw I was about to add that you’d kill the session completely when they don’t agree to the ToS in time
  968. jonasw you can’t know how long it’ll take for them to ack the new terms and shutting down the session cleanly and completely is probably the best you can do.
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  989. winfried jonasw: can you have a look? https://github.com/winfried/xeps/blob/master/inbox/GDPR.xml
  990. jonasw I would add a paragraph right into the introduction: "This document is not legal advice"
  991. jonasw this is probably a good start
  992. pep. winfried, interoperability*
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  996. winfried jonasw: thanks, added
  997. winfried pep.: thanks, fixed
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  1000. peter has joined
  1001. winfried jonasw: do you want a pull request?
  1002. jonasw winfried, you can do a PR, I’m not 100% convinced that this is enough to pass though.
  1003. jonasw and I’m not 100% sure if this is council or board matter
  1004. jonasw Dave Cridland, do you have an opinion?
  1005. winfried jonasw: we will see ;-)
  1006. Dave Cridland It's not procedural, so probably not Board.
  1007. jonasw it’s informational though
  1008. Dave Cridland Yes, but lots of Informational stuff is processed by Council.
  1009. jonasw winfried, pep., Ge0rG: updated https://sotecware.net/files/noindex/xeps/tos.html
  1010. jonasw Dave Cridland, true
  1011. Dave Cridland Board handle the XEPs that document XSF policy and procedures.
  1012. jonasw okay
  1013. jonasw so council it is
  1014. Dave Cridland (Which are "Procedural")
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  1017. winfried jonasw: pull request send
  1018. jonasw neat, thanks
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  1022. winfried Of to dinner!
  1023. jonasw gl!
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  1032. jonasw another update
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  1061. pep. jonasw, no MIME anymore?
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  1065. pep. meh, nvm. You gave me too much options in the first draft!
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  1067. pep. meh, nvm. You gave me too many options in the first draft!
  1068. pep. Ah wait, there is
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  1074. pep. you say "The data form for legacy clients and additional opt-ins/opt-outs", but even if I'm a client implementing the XEP I'll want all this, no? What exactly can I get rid of in that form, especially when I have to reply with the same fields
  1075. SaltyBones has left
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  1077. pep. hmm, maybe just to provide alternative versions/urls of the documents
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  1081. jonasw pep., yes, you can only remove the additional elements
  1082. jonasw pep., yes, you can only remove the documents
  1083. jonasw but that is written down there
  1084. pep. nit: "In the future, more children may be added to the <tos/> element. Conforming clients thus MUST ignore all children they do not understand.", I find "conforming" disturbing here, as conforming clients would understand these updates.. But I know you're talking about cases where deployments are not up-to-date
  1085. jonasw pep., it might also be that an additional XEP extends it
  1086. pep. Ok makes more sense in this case
  1087. matlag has joined
  1088. Tobias has joined
  1089. pep. jonasw, "[..] and use a richer representation obtained from the <tos/> element for the same data." you mean HTTP GET on the urls?
  1090. jonasw for example
  1091. pep. Does it have to be a url btw
  1092. jonasw and in the future maybe fancy things like machine-readable MAM retention times etc.
  1093. jonasw yes
  1094. pep. can it be a uri
  1095. lumi has left
  1096. jonasw ugh, I never get the difference
  1097. pep. I'm probably wrong, I mean does it have to be http
  1098. jonasw no
  1099. pep. How would you display a plaintext file retrieved in your client, the question of rich formatting still stands
  1100. jonasw you could also have a text/markdown version.
  1101. jonasw or text/restructuredtext
  1102. ralphm has joined
  1103. pep. Instead of "Duplicate MIME types MUST NOT occur.", can we have "Duplicate url/MIME type pairs MUT NOT occur."
  1104. pep. hmm, I assume the url would use a different protocol though
  1105. Dave Cridland has left
  1106. jonasw pep., duplicate MIME types makes it hard for the client to decide which one ot use
  1107. pep. It can decide based on the protocol _and_ the mime type
  1108. jonasw right
  1109. jonasw might add that later
  1110. jonasw I pushed it into the xeps repo now
  1111. pep. Ok
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  1113. pep. What about errors when client submits filled-out form
  1114. pep. "not latest version", "invalid documents", "unknown opt-in feature", etc.
  1115. matlag has joined
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  1117. jonasw yeah, should probably be defined
  1118. pep. Ah I see you've added a <tos-push/> containe r:)
  1119. jonasw you can send those to the mai3ling list :)
  1120. pep. will do
  1121. jonasw (once the announcement is out)
  1122. jonasw which I’m not 100% sure I’ll get to today because I’m heading out in half an hour and the build takes ages :(
  1123. daniel has left
  1124. pep. :(
  1125. pep. something something incremental builds
  1126. jonasw yeah
  1127. jonasw something something docker sucks
  1128. pep. I'd argue that's up to the CI
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  1130. jonasw you can’t do that with docker hub, period.
  1131. pep. Ah, well docker hub != docker
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  1136. pep. Did we had Privacy Considerations to the template btw
  1137. jonasw no, I didn’t want to do that in the climate after the XEP-0363 debate
  1138. pep. ok
  1139. jonasw and I still need to reword the ideas for that
  1140. blabla has joined
  1141. pep. "The version identifiers generated by servers MUST NOT be longer than 128 characters." a reason for this in particular? (even if unlikely)
  1142. la|r|ma has joined
  1143. pep. "Servers MUST NOT allow entities to query the Terms of Service of another server unless they are authenticated." I'm not sure I get this
  1144. jonasw before you are authenticated, your server MUST NOT allow you to query other servers for their ToS
  1145. pep. But other servers may allow anybody to attempt a connection and query their tos right
  1146. pep. Just like my https://service.example/tos will be public, I don't mind having my xmpp server disclosing them publicly
  1147. jonasw yes
  1148. jonasw but you don’t want to be an open proxy for entities sending IQs towards other servers.
  1149. pep. I see
  1150. pep. Also what about sasl anonymous
  1151. jonasw I don’t see how that’s relevant
  1152. pep. ToS acceptance is required only if there is account creation?
  1153. jonasw dunno
  1154. jonasw IBR integration is still fully missing
  1155. pep. Right
  1156. ludo has joined
  1157. jonasw theoretically, a SASL ANONYMOUS thing could apply § 4.4 Inform client about Terms of Service expiry after authentication
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  1159. pep. I'll reply to the thread when it's out and ask about all that
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  1163. jonasw okay gotta go, build didn’t finish in time :( will send the mail tomorrow or later tonight
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  1264. Ge0rG speaking of appropriate number mappings... 403 = GDPR Compliance 404 = Terms of Service
  1265. pep. grabs popcorns
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  1267. moparisthebest Ge0rG, I think those have been reserved for the mix hatchet job
  1268. Ge0rG moparisthebest: not merely reserved, they are official now.
  1269. pep. moparisthebest, yes, he's been onto it for half a day now, now about this :P
  1270. Zash Popcorn you say?
  1271. moparisthebest ah so they are
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