XSF Discussion - 2018-06-03

  1. edhelas

    I don't understand the latest PR on MUC

  2. edhelas

    https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/653 this one

  3. MattJ

    edhelas: you know what voice requests are?

  4. jonasw

    Zash, I do that, the threshold is 1

  5. edhelas

    MattJ no

  6. jonasw

    Zash, yeah, that’s a new issue (with the XEP HTML not reactiong to Pgup/Pgdown/Home/End in firefox)

  7. MattJ

    edhelas: in moderated rooms people cannot write messages unless they have the participant role

  8. MattJ

    And this feature is a way for someone who cannot talk in the room to request that a moderator updates their role so they can talk

  9. jonasw

    note that the protocol flow is already specified. clients do not have a way to know whether the service supports that protocol flow though

  10. MattJ

    Very old but moderated rooms have never been that popular on XMPP so I don't think many clients implement the feature because it hasn't been needed

  11. jonasw

    and since it’s based on <message/>, it’s not trivial for clients to know whether the server supports the protocol even on opportunistically sending a request

  12. edhelas

    MattJ :)

  13. edhelas

    thanks for the explanation

  14. edhelas

    I'd like to do a PR to expose the access model of Pubsub node through the metadata, just wondering what you though about it

  15. MattJ

    edhelas: through disco?

  16. edhelas


  17. MattJ

    Isn't that already done?

  18. edhelas

    no, or I didn't saw the change

  19. edhelas

    but it could be really useful for me to know that in advance, then I can show it in the UI

  20. MattJ

    "If meta-data is provided, it SHOULD include values for all configured options as well as "automatic" information such as the node creation date, a list of publishers, and the like."

  21. edhelas

    ok I'll tell that to the ejabberd guys :p

  22. jonasw

    now’s one of the rare occasions where I wish that resource locking was still en vogue :)

  23. Zash


  24. jonasw

    writing a component which proxies several JIDs behind a single one

  25. ralphm

    Why wouldn't the component be able to map this to fixed resources?

  26. ralphm

    Oh, you mean for keeping conversations locked

  27. jonasw

    ralphm, yeah

  28. jonasw

    but messages aren’t important for my use-case anyways

  29. ralphm

    What is the use case?

  30. ralphm

    Not something like customer support agents

  31. jonasw

    nah. it’s a service which runs as a client

  32. jonasw

    which answers IQ requests

  33. jonasw

    but to know the resource to send to, users would normally need to subscribe to presence from the service, which I don’t want (useless overhead, because the resource doesn’t really matter)

  34. jonasw

    so I’m building a component which proxies that client and translates IQs sent to its bare JID to any of the currently online client resources

  35. edhelas

    is https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0312.html deprecated by MAM ?

  36. ralphm

    Possibly, yes

  37. edhelas

    okay :)

  38. flow

    jonasw, why not stuff the functionality into the component and get rid of the proxying?

  39. jonasw

    flow, aioxmpp can’t into components and I don’t want to do that in lua

  40. jonasw

    also, bonus for possible load balancing

  41. Zash


  42. Zash

    Or like s2s-level load balancing

  43. flow

    jonasw, and using a fixed resource?

  44. Zash

    A round-robin bare-jid forking mode would have been kinda useful

  45. jonasw

    flow, can’t rely on that

  46. flow

    jonasw, why not?

  47. jonasw

    servers may override and such ;-

  48. flow

    Zash, like xep354?

  49. Zash

    flow: Yeah

  50. flow

    jonasw, I wouldn't consider that a practical problem

  51. Zash

    When you have room locking in MUC, what's sensible behaviour if it remains locked?

  52. jonasw

    hmm, timeout?

  53. Zash

    The current stable branch of Prosody has room locking (disabled by default) where rooms are destroyed if they remain locked for 5 minutes.

  54. Zash

    The development version simply unlocks them.

  55. jonasw

    that (unlocking) sounds better

  56. Zash


  57. Zash

    Hm, maybe it should send a "privacy related config change" status code at that point.

  58. jonasw

    seems good

  59. jonasw

    goffi, since you asked: https://muclumbus.jabbercat.org/docs/api#xmpp

  60. Guus

    A question to the French speaking occupants of this room: when a French person writes me in English: "I'm in the show this week", can we deduce what the original meaning was? The person attempted to convey that they were indisposed - but no actual show (theater, circus, etc) was involved, as far as I can tell.

  61. Guus

    I'm wondering if this is a literal translation of a French proverb.

  62. edhelas

    looks like a bad translation to me, for me it's saying "I'm trendy this week" but I'm maybe wrong