XSF Discussion - 2018-06-28

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  97. flow Steve Kille, My concern is the user-id encoded in the localpart and not into the resourcepart: basically user#channel@mix.service/resource vs channel@mix.service/user/resource
  98. flow How would a query to your own MAM archive for a particular MIX channel look like with the first style?
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  125. Steve Kille Note that this format is NOT used for messages thru the channel. These user channel@domain/user
  126. Steve Kille This choice was made to make things right for MAM
  127. Steve Kille user#channel@mix.service/resource primary use is for presence. Anyone using MAM for MIX presence is going to need to have quite specialized knowledge.
  128. Steve Kille user#channel@mix.service/resource is also used for private messages being sent through the channel. You will have to use this with MIX-ANON. You may also choose to use this when direct messages are blocked (knowing a user's JID does not mean you have permission to send them messages)
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  130. Kev How does that help if direct messages are blocked?
  131. Kev Oh, you mean 1:1s to the real JID.
  132. Steve Kille If direct messages are blocked, you need to send PMs through the channel.
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  134. Kev DM/PM are synonymous.
  135. Steve Kille I thought that DM meant a message going directly to the user and not through the channel
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  137. Kev DM isn't a term used in XMPP, but elsewhere it is largely used to mean the same as PM in XMPP.
  138. Steve Kille OK - sorry to confuse things
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  141. Steve Kille MAM for PMs in MIX is a bit awkward. My immediate thought is extended MAM, so that you can query to find all PMs thru a channel, and for sender JID (so you can find PMs for a user across all channels). This is not optimal.
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  143. Kev Why do you want all PMs through a channel?
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  145. Steve Kille Not sure - on reflection not particularly useful
  146. Steve Kille Another option is to have MIX-PAM work on the message as it arrives, and put the PM into the user's archive in a way that is subsequently easy to search for.
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  148. Steve Kille This would shift some message process work from MIX client to server.
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  151. Kev Does using this JID format not already do exactly that?
  152. Kev Without any extra work?
  153. Steve Kille how would I find PMs from user#channel@mix.service/resource in a MAM archive?
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  155. Steve Kille I can use participant node to derive this JID from user's JID
  156. Steve Kille So, I can ask about PMs from a specific user thru a specific channel
  157. Kev You don't need it from /resource, you just need user#channel@mix.service
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  159. Steve Kille how do you work out #user?
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  161. Kev I don't understand the question.
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  168. flow Luckily you two could probably just go next door to the others office to clarify things. So do we have to extend MAM to query a participants archive for all messages of a particular MIX channel?
  169. flow With the user#channel@... approach
  170. jonasw flow, no, to get messages sent in the channel, you ask for channel@
  171. flow So my server gets incoming MIX messages with from set to 'channel@...' ?
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  173. flow jonasw, note that I'm not asking about the MAM archive of the MIX channel
  174. jonasw flow, I know, and yes
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  176. Kev If you're asking for all PMs from a channel, you can't do that without extending MAM. If you're asking about all channel messages, you can do that, and if you're asking for all PMs with a particular user, you can do that.
  177. flow got it thanks
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  179. flow but maybe one more to lazy to lookup question: querying all channel messages would also include PMs or not?
  180. Kev It would very much not.
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  232. Ge0rG The nice thing is that you'll even get PMs if you just asked for the backlog, and there is no way to discriminate them from regular direct messages.
  233. Kev No you won't.
  234. Ge0rG Oh, wait. This is about MIX.
  235. Kev Isn't everything?
  236. Ge0rG Is anything?
  237. Zash I thought this was xsf@, not mix@
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  242. Ge0rG it's even xsf@muc.
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  401. nyco test
  402. Ge0rG test failed
  403. nyco argh
  404. Zash +++CARRIER LOST
  405. Guus who is this and why are you talking through my microwave?
  406. nyco time
  407. MattJ waves
  408. Guus phonecall, afk
  409. nyco I will start with this:
  410. jere has left
  411. nyco I am confused, I miss last meeting, and did excuse
  412. nyco I am sorry
  413. Ge0rG Is it Bored Meeting day?
  414. MattJ It is
  415. MattJ nyco, oh, did I forget to send minutes? :/
  416. MattJ I definitely started typing them, but I don't recall finishing/sending, so if you don't see them I probably have something around here
  417. nyco possibly 😉
  418. MattJ The previous week we didn't meet
  419. nyco oh
  420. MattJ ralphm, ?
  421. Guus I'm back, yet kind of distracted as a result of the phone call 🙂
  422. Guus anyways
  423. Guus I count three of us
  424. Guus let's get started?
  425. MattJ Yeah, we can go ahead
  426. Guus bangs the imaginary gavel
  427. Guus I've seen nyco, mattj and me. Martin, ralphm not here I think?
  428. MattJ Looks like it
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  430. Guus Would someone be so kind to volunteer for the minutes for this meeting?
  431. MattJ I can
  432. Guus Thanks
  433. Guus Agenda - what do you want to discuss?
  434. Guus Trello has been unmodified for a while now: https://trello.com/b/Dn6IQOu0/board-meetings
  435. Guus MattJ, any progress on that spreadsheet you were working on?
  436. MattJ I think it's a mixture of things stalled on Peter and things stalled on me
  437. MattJ It's in progress, but nothing much to show yet
  438. MattJ I can give a summary of the ratings-based questions
  439. MattJ or we can just wait until I've compiled it all and dedicate a meeting to discussing it
  440. Guus I'd be ok to simply wait for you to finish, to be honest
  441. Guus do it all in one go.
  442. MattJ wfm
  443. Guus let's table that (in the sense of postponing it for now, not to bring it up for discussion, just in case Dave is watching)
  444. Guus Since we have Nyco:
  445. MattJ :)
  446. Guus Where do we stand with the online Swag store?
  447. Guus I don't recall where we left off.
  448. Guus Were you going to compare alternatives, and/or set up a demo store?
  449. Guus nyco?
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  451. nyco correct, and I failed to find time to do it
  452. nyco sorry
  453. Guus okay, no worries
  454. Guus will you have some time in the forseable future?
  455. nyco I felt there was not a great appetite for this, but I may be wrong, anyway I will still do it
  456. nyco yes, I'll dedicate time
  457. Guus as I recall, no-one was opposed. At the very least, i'm interested to see if it'd take off.
  458. Guus ok, thanks
  459. MattJ Same
  460. nyco ok
  461. Guus As to the fundraising / financials: I'll try to gently poke Peter again, or ask if we can help out if he has timing conflicts.
  462. Guus that, in record time, was us going through the trello board.
  463. Guus is there any other business that anyone wants to bring up?
  464. MattJ I'm not sure I'm clear on the status of the GDPR stuff
  465. MattJ The next action item in my mind was to formalize the team, but I think we failed to do that last week
  466. MattJ It doesn't make much difference though, I think the initial work would be done by me and I haven't had time anyway
  467. Guus I think you're right - I forgot about that one.
  468. Guus did you hear back from each of the suggested team members?
  469. Syndace has joined
  470. Guus I think we're waiting for feedback from Alex, last I heard?
  471. MattJ That's true, I need to poke him again
  472. Guus Okay. To formalize, I think we need a mission statement, and a member list for the work team.
  473. MattJ I'll draft something up for the next meeting, and hopefully receive something back from Alex
  474. Guus It would be nice for individuals to be aware that they're a member before we vote them in 😉
  475. Guus sounds good. I can help with the mission statement if you want?
  476. Guus I think we even discussed one, earlier.
  477. MattJ Sure
  478. Guus Ok, if you could ping me anytime, but next Monday - I'll have some time to work on this.
  479. Guus Does this conclude this topic, for now?
  480. andy has left
  481. MattJ I think so, yes, thanks
  482. Guus Any other business?
  483. MattJ None here
  484. nyco I'm good
  485. Guus Date/time of next
  486. Guus +1w?
  487. nyco +1
  488. Guus ok!
  489. Guus bangs gavel
  490. Guus thank you!
  491. MattJ Thanks :)
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