XSF Discussion - 2018-06-29

  1. 404.city

    https://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/Kommentar-Offene-Schnittstellen-fuer-alle-wirklich-alle-4094149.html Offene Schnittstellen sind Klasse! Ich wäre froh, wenn ich statt fünf Messengern nur noch einen auf dem Handy hätte. "Das kann ja nicht so schwer sein!" denkt man sich. Die Realität dürfte aber fürs erste anders aussehen: Wenn man sich auf einen Standard einigt, dann wird es vermutlich der kleinste gemeinsame Nenner. Womöglich etwas wie XMPP.

  2. fippo

    we'll end up with RCS thanks to DTAG

  3. moparisthebest

    yea I'd even be against them mandating XMPP meh

  4. 404.city

    This is good news for XMPP.org

  5. 404.city

    Why by the way the mail goes through the mail. Through XMPP it would be better. https://xmpp.org/newsletter.html

  6. SamWhited

    Instant messaging doesn't seem like a great fit for long form things like newsletters. Email and IM are for different things.

  7. waqas

    SamWhited: What is your reasoning?

  8. SamWhited

    Client UIs are primarily designed for short form messages that are meant to be read right away. Email clients tend to be designed for long form things that aren't necessarily read right away.

  9. SamWhited

    That's not to say that it couldn't be done, I know there's been some work towards an "inbox" concept in Mongoose IM, but it's not the way most clients are designed today or the way most people use XMPP today.

  10. waqas

    SamWhited: Ah, you object to UIs, but not to protocol. I was mainly thinking about protocol.

  11. Zash

    Protocols don't matter (but XMPP is the best!)