XSF Discussion - 2018-07-18

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  339. vanitasvitae lnj: is there a rendered version of your ProtoXEP for file sharing notifications available somewhere?
  340. Ge0rG vanitasvitae: I think it was just a rough idea so far
  341. vanitasvitae Ge0rG, I found https://git.kaidan.im/snippets/3 and the author wrote in a mail, that he submitted the proposal to the editor, even though I cannot find an openend PR in xsf/xeps
  342. Zash You can submit something to the editor without github
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  344. vanitasvitae Zash, ah 😀
  345. jonasw vanitasvitae, it was submitted via email
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  347. jonasw will merge tomorrow pending IPR Policy agreement.
  348. vanitasvitae great 🙂
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  350. jonasw vanitasvitae, inofficial render: https://sotecware.net/files/noindex/xeps/fsn.html
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  353. vanitasvitae jonasw, thanks 🙂
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  611. 404.city Edit rejected? https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/454
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  614. 404.city I suggest to remove superfluous servers and to construct strict criteria in the given list
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  616. 404.city Or remove all servers. It is unfair that XMPP loses a server of poor quality, and the rest throws out
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  619. 404.city This hurts the development of xmpp
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  621. 404.city In most of these servers, there is no registration via the xmpp client. In one of them there is no registration on the site. XEP support on all these servers is lousy.
  622. 404.city You kill hmpp by consulting these servers. I propose to remove everything and leave a link to the list of servers.
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  624. 404.city We kill XMPP by consulting these servers. I propose to remove everything and leave a link to the list of servers.
  625. 404.city We kill XMPP by recommending these servers. I propose to remove everything and leave a link to the list of servers.
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  628. moparisthebest it does seem insane to have a partial list of servers with no criteria to remove or add them
  629. moparisthebest ha so it links jabber.at to https://jabber.at/account/register/ which says "Registration deactivated Registration is currently deactivated. Please see the start page if there is any more information."
  630. moparisthebest should that stay on there? does that help people get started with XMPP does it?
  631. moparisthebest looks like registration has been closed since Jan 6th 2018
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  633. 404.city xmpp.jp - no support omemo http upload xmpp client registrations. Jabber.ru no support xmpp client registrations, http upload. jwchat.org - small server 900 user vs 740 - 404.city. jabber.at - no support all regisracion! cooooooll yaxim.org - small server 1200 user online , support web-regisrations!
  634. moparisthebest it should probably just not recommend servers at all, certainly that's less harmful than linking a bunch of dead ones?
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  637. 404.city moparisthebest, I agree. It's not fair that people think that my server is bad, because it's no recommending on xmpp.org!
  638. moparisthebest I'm not saying your server is good or bad actually
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  640. moparisthebest most servers aren't listed on xmpp.org, and obviously some that are are worthless because registration has been closed for half a year
  641. moparisthebest we should:
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  643. moparisthebest 1. have a criteria to add/remove servers
  644. moparisthebest 2. not list any servers
  645. moparisthebest pick one
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  651. 404.city moparisthebest, I'm talking about the fact that there is no declarative criterion for selecting this list, so it must be deleted. My server will be more visited than two servers from this list, in half a year.
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  654. pep. 404.city, help define the criteria
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  658. Ge0rG - server should have a well-known admin 😁
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  660. pep. hah
  661. moparisthebest Ge0rG, what a stupid criteria...
  662. moparisthebest decentralized messaging!
  663. moparisthebest as long as a tiny group of XSF members knows you personally!
  664. 404.city pep., I believe that there should not be any limited list. Free choice.
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  667. pep. 404.city, might as well not put any list on that page then
  668. pep. I don't see how we can fit an unlimited list
  669. Ge0rG The list on the "getting started" page can't and shouldn't be the authoritative list of all public servers.
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  671. moparisthebest should it be a list of servers that don't support registration?
  672. Ge0rG It might be replaced by a link to such a list, but truth is that nobody has shown to be able to maintain it for long times. Also a list with thousands of entries doesn't make any sense
  673. 404.city Ge0rG, You use this list for advertising. Your server is small.
  674. Ge0rG I'd probably go with a list of medium size servers with good uptime and IBR enabled.
  675. 404.city Ge0rG, Your server should not be on this list.
  676. pep. 404.city, we're not fighting for who's got the biggest
  677. Zash 404.city: Yours should?
  678. Ge0rG 404.city: most of the users on my server come from the yaxim client.
  679. pep. we're not fighting at all
  680. Ge0rG 404.city: do you want to say that yaxim is just a way to advertise my server?
  681. 404.city A good uptime means that there are no system updates. System updates require a reboot.
  682. pep. 404.city, a good uptime doesn't mean no reboot at all
  683. Ge0rG Okay, let's fill the list with servers that have no uptime then.
  684. pep. It is a percentage, not a duration
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  688. moparisthebest I think we can all agree "supports registration" should be *a* criteria, can someone remove jabber.at ?
  689. pep. I think that's up to the board to agree
  690. Seve/SouL What I would do is have an external site saying something like `Community list of servers` or `Unofficial list of servers` where you accept all kind of servers with a minimum of uptime and maybe IBR enabled (free of spammers/admins that care about the server) and you find a form with, Country, most common language of the server and then get a list of the ones available.
  691. 404.city I think you need to leave only one link https://list.jabber.at/
  692. pep. Also users will certainly prefer servers closest to them, for latency
  693. labdsf has left
  694. moparisthebest does that matter in xmpp ? :/
  695. pep. latency?
  696. moparisthebest I don't think it does, it's not a first person shooter
  697. pep. I live with 300ms to my server, it does somewhat
  698. Seve/SouL 404.city, I didn't know about that list, thank you.
  699. 404.city pep yes
  700. pep. 404.city, so this fact alone kind of dismisses the idea of having a list on that page
  701. pep. Or maybe we should have per continent list :/
  702. jjrh has left
  703. jjrh has left
  704. Zash Or maybe the XSF shouldn't do this at all
  705. 404.city You need an honest list with all the servers and free choice.
  706. pep. Zash, I mostly agree with that
  707. moparisthebest yea I'm leaning that way Zash
  708. pep. JSF would do!
  709. peter ;-)
  710. pep. Jabber Sans Frontières
  711. moparisthebest a list of people that were buddies with XSF members 5 years ago seems like the absolute worst thing to do
  712. Zash IIRC someone said these kinds of lists eventually just attract people trying to use it for marketing
  713. Zash Including "XEP support" lists
  714. Seve/SouL I think is good to have a list, but it is clear that not like we have it now.
  715. marc has left
  716. moparisthebest who is jwchat.org / Mathias Ertl ?
  717. pep. I think it is pretty clear we should kill the list on this page
  718. Guus has left
  719. Zash Let other people make their own unofficial lists. Maybe we can have a list of lists.
  720. moparisthebest yea that would make more sense imho
  721. marc has joined
  722. 404.city pep., I support this idea, because people think that all the servers that are not on this list are bad.
  723. Guus has joined
  724. Seve/SouL First time I hear that, though.
  725. moparisthebest 404.city, I'm not so sure that's true, I've never even seen that list
  726. ThibG has joined
  727. pep. moparisthebest, I have seen it used multiple times in the past
  728. daniel Shit that history locks like I should grab some 🍿
  729. pep. daniel: I guess people are usually skewed towards conversations' list nowadays anyway ;p
  730. Guus has left
  731. Guus has joined
  732. pep. daniel: I guess people are mostly skewed towards conversations' list nowadays anyway ;p
  733. daniel Yeah that history was a bit more boring than I hoped
  734. Zash Prosodys list: 1. Run your own! ;)
  735. daniel I'm not really comfortable with being the list. I rather create the tools so other people can create lists
  736. kasper.dement has joined
  737. Zash daniel: Too late
  738. pep. yeah it's a bit late now
  739. daniel But yeah I guess my list is more useful in some ways than the one on xmpp.org
  740. dos has left
  741. rishiraj22 has left
  742. marc has left
  743. 404.city has left
  744. Ge0rG > Maybe we can have a list of lists. This is the opposite of the intention behind "getting started"
  745. Ge0rG Also the list of lists needs criteria on which to rate and compare the lists.
  746. pep. I'd prefer to having clients support IBR/PARS/whatever stuff and have users use that. Or have somebody invite them with the invite app thingy
  747. pep. I'd prefer to have clients support IBR/PARS/whatever stuff and have users use that. Or have somebody invite them with the invite app thingy
  748. Ge0rG pep.: me too. But people landing on the "getting started" page might need some help.
  749. Ge0rG maybe each client should have its own recommended server, so the user ends up with whatever is the default value
  750. Ge0rG ...and has to pay after 6 months.
  751. pep. :D
  752. pep. eyes around
  753. pep. Ge0rG, well tbh, that depends on the service.
  754. daniel > pep.: me too. But people landing on the "getting started" page might need some help. Is this is a relevant amount of people?
  755. pep. I'm paying for my own service
  756. daniel Is this a problem worth fixing
  757. Ge0rG daniel: ask iteam for web server stats?
  758. marc has joined
  759. daniel I certainly didn't go to xmpp.org when I started using jabber
  760. pep. I don't even remember
  761. daniel That website is pretty crappy for end users anyway
  762. daniel I don't think it shows up on Google very high
  763. Zash The purpose of the XSF is to govern the standards. Does this include things directed at end-users?
  764. daniel People just hear about jabber somewhere and that place usually just sends them to a client
  765. daniel Or anywhere but not to xmpp.org
  766. 404.city has joined
  767. Ge0rG because xmpp.org isn't even jabber.
  768. daniel Or people go to xmpp.org learn about how awesome it is being used to kill people and leave very confused
  769. Ge0rG Speaking of neutrality. My #2 google hit for "getting started with xmpp" is this: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Getting_Started > Welcome to the Getting Started Guide for the Tagarela Jabber Library
  770. alacer has left
  771. Ge0rG And I haven't ever heard of tagarela.
  772. Ge0rG > This page was last modified on 29 August 2005, at 04:01.
  773. Ge0rG I think this is an accurate representation of our situation.
  774. daniel > Open Macromedia Director
  775. daniel Ok
  776. Ge0rG it links to https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Shockwave_Lingo_Library
  777. pep. nice wiki page
  778. 404.city I suggest replacing the entire list with a link with a large number of servers https://list.jabber.at/ XMPP.org should be free, not a place to advertise individual servers.
  779. Ge0rG If nobody cries loudly, right now, I'll delete both those pages.
  780. daniel Well the good news is if you were to start an organization gear towards end users with same recommendations on how to get started you could probably Google bomb that existing wiki page out of existence very quickly
  781. pep. Ge0rG, please go ahead
  782. marmistrz has left
  783. Guus has left
  784. marmistrz has left
  785. Ge0rG 404.city: we try to put a square peg into a round hole: allow new users to quickly choose a server without overwhelming them with a full list, while maintaining neutrality
  786. Ge0rG and "plenty of choices" links to the jabber.at list
  787. Zash Ge0rG: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curve_of_constant_width
  788. kasper.dement has joined
  789. Ge0rG Zash: now please complete the parable.
  790. 404.city Ge0rG, In fact, this page is advertised by individual servers. Big does not mean good. The page is misleading new users. They wrote to me that my dermo server, because it is not on this list.
  791. 404.city Ge0rG, In fact, this page is advertised by individual servers. Big does not mean good. The page is misleading new users. They wrote to me that my shit server, because it is not on this list.
  792. Ge0rG 404.city: your users obviously can't read.
  793. marc has left
  794. 404.city Ge0rG, New users go to XMPP and select the server from this list. They will never come to other servers. This page advertises individual servers. This is an unreleased server list
  795. Ge0rG 404.city: "As with e-mail, you'll need an account with a service provider. Again, there are plenty of choices, from which these are only a couple of the more popular ones:"
  796. Ge0rG 404.city: translate that for your users
  797. j.r has joined
  798. 404.city Ge0rG, Stop advertising your server yax.im and prevent others from adding.
  799. 404.city Your server is not popular. This list does not help new users.
  800. Ge0rG 404.city: how do you define "popular"?
  801. Ge0rG 404.city: all the things I'm talking about are generic, not related to yax.im or to your server.
  802. Ge0rG 404.city: you seem to be enraged because you think that page is advertising, and because your users complain you can't afford a placement :P
  803. Zash The list needs to be small to not be overwhelming for new users. What if it was managed like the client list, and then a random set of ~5 or so was picked when rendering?
  804. marc has joined
  805. Ge0rG Zash: please do so!
  806. marmistrz has left
  807. Zash Then the "list" can grow without anyone feeling excluded and without overwhelming readers
  808. 404.city Ge0rG, Then why is your server on this list?
  809. moparisthebest because of what he said before :)
  810. moparisthebest he knows XSF people with 'merge' powers
  811. Ge0rG moparisthebest: it's the other way around. Those people know me.
  812. jjrh has left
  813. Seve/SouL Guus stated that in the previous logs (the ones mentioned in the pull request).
  814. daniel #klüngel
  815. Ge0rG As was already mentioned by an editor, I'm a person known in the community for some years.
  816. 404.city Ge0rG, I do not know you. This is a non-indicative criterion. The List of servers is preconceived advertising
  817. Ge0rG daniel: bless you!
  818. MattJ 404.city, but you are not maintaining the list
  819. Ge0rG 404.city: nobody knows you. You didn't even provide your full name when signing my jabber spam fighting manifesto, which is a public letter of intent.
  820. 404.city Ge0rG, You place in this list hidden advertising of your server, forbidding you to add others.
  821. MattJ 404.city, now you're getting personal, and Ge0rG doesn't even maintain the list
  822. pep. Ge0rG, you are the source of all evil
  823. kasper.dement has joined
  824. moparisthebest MattJ, no one is maintaining the list, or jabber.at which hasn't supported registration for over 6 months wouldn't be on there, right?
  825. Ge0rG I tried to bribe an editor with beverages once, but had no success!
  826. Ge0rG moparisthebest: the list is maintained by sending PRs to github and convincing an editor.
  827. MattJ moparisthebest, for the record I'm not really keen on the XSF maintaining (or attempting to maintain) such a list
  828. Dave Cridland has left
  829. pep. I like Zash's idea
  830. pep. But I'm not saying that should be maintained bythe XSF
  831. Ge0rG moparisthebest: depending on the tone of the request and the author's reputation, changes get merged fast or never.
  832. moparisthebest MattJ, yep I agree, without a good criteria for maintaining which we clearly don't have, we shouldn't have *any* list
  833. Ge0rG I think that having a biased short list of working servers is better than having none
  834. 404.city I consider it necessary to redirect to a full list of servers, rather than recommend individual servers.
  835. daniel A full list?
  836. Ge0rG 404.city: There. Is. A. Link. To. A. Full. List!
  837. MattJ There have been many attempts at maintaining lists of servers before, and always they had problems (list.jabber.at was started because of dissatisfaction with the existing "official" list)
  838. daniel The last time I tried to create a full list of xmpp servers my ISP got mad
  839. pep. your ISP?
  840. Andrew Nenakhov has left
  841. 404.city Ge0rG, If your server were not on this list, you did not protect this server list.
  842. Andrew Nenakhov has joined
  843. Ge0rG daniel: did you try to scan the internet?
  844. jjrh has left
  845. daniel Ge0rG: yah. Some isps don't like tagt
  846. daniel That
  847. pep. Isn't there a service for that already
  848. pep. scanning random ports on the internet
  849. pep. every so often
  850. Zash Shodan(?)?
  851. pep. maybe
  852. daniel Yeah. I wanted to learn
  853. 404.city Any list where anyone can add their server
  854. daniel And then tell a random anecdote
  855. Ge0rG 404.city: I got my server added a month ago, together with some other changes to the list. I wouldn't die immediately if it got removed again.
  856. Ge0rG 404.city: but it seems you would.
  857. Ge0rG 404.city: you are behaving like a little kid. Like that little kid with the yellow hair that's travelling the world and insulting everyone.
  858. 404.city Ge0rG, You are interested in this list, otherwise you would not have added your server there. It is pointless to deny the obvious.
  859. MattJ Ge0rG, now you're getting personal, please don't
  860. Ge0rG 404.city: I've had reasons to add my server to the list. One of the reasons is that I believe that my server is actually well-maintained.
  861. Ge0rG And I care about it working properly. And about fighting spam.
  862. pep. daniel, now you can get back to popcorn
  863. flow Ge0rG, yellow hair kid?
  864. pep. Ge0rG, admit it you had hidden motives when adding your server in the list!!
  865. Ge0rG flow: https://media4.s-nbcnews.com/j/newscms/2018_29/2500386/180717-trump-blimp-london-njs-1025_ee8740bbf368ada52718e72af972a52e.fit-2000w.jpg
  866. flow I'd assume 404.city also believes that his server is well-maintained…
  867. mimi89999 has joined
  868. daniel But my server is weller maintained
  869. flow Ahh, if you had said "something something orange skin"…
  870. Ge0rG flow: I even believe that there are other people out here who believe that my server is well-maintained.
  871. pep. Believe all you want
  872. flow I want to belive
  873. 404.city daniel, You have the best support)
  874. Ge0rG I don't know how, but c.im always ends up with a 100% Conversations compliance rating
  875. Ge0rG nobody can compete with their cabal to make all xmpp users pay for c.im!
  876. 404.city Ge0rG, I also have
  877. daniel Our. Kerbal?
  878. Seve/SouL I'm with MattJ, just let's not continue this way and discuss about the list. A decision has to be taken and continue forward.
  879. Ge0rG can we just get the broken servers removed from that list please?
  880. Ge0rG daniel: you are biased as well! Your paid!1!$! client is on the getting-started client list!
  881. daniel It's not tho
  882. daniel I think
  883. Ge0rG daniel: #1 on https://xmpp.org/getting-started/
  884. Tobias has joined
  885. daniel Oh. It wasn't on that other list
  886. daniel Thank God for many lists
  887. 404.city I think all servers should be removed from this list and give only a link to a large list of servers.
  888. Zash That is not good
  889. Zash Choosing gets harder the longer the list is
  890. Zash Especially for a beginner who doesn't know what criteria to look for
  891. Ge0rG 404.city: people disagree with you.
  892. Dave Cridland has left
  893. 404.city Zash, But this is honest. XMPP.org is not a place for advertising. (Let's leave one server)
  894. pep. Zash, let's make that random thingy. One server per continent choosen among a long list of servers by a fair dice roll (<xkcd reference>)
  895. pep. Zash, let's make that random thingy. One server per continent choosen among a long list of servers by a fair dice roll ({xkcd 221})
  896. Bunneh https://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/random_number.png
    Random Number
    Random Number
  897. daniel Ge0rG just wants to maintain the status quo. But the status is not quo
  898. Dave Cridland has left
  899. pep. The status is quoi
  900. Ge0rG daniel: I don't want to maintain a squaw!
  901. pep. The status quoi
  902. dos has joined
  903. moparisthebest I want to submit my server for xmpp.org too, it doesn't support registration either but it'll be in good company :) (joking)
  904. Zash xmpp.net tho
  905. 404.city There are unconditional server leaders in the number of users, but they are not always the best. Need a free list or explicit criteria
  906. Ge0rG 404.city: make your own list! with blackjack! and hookers!
  907. kasper.dement has joined
  908. pep. 404.city, make something with search criteria then? publish that on your website, and propose it for the XSF or whatever
  909. 404.city Ge0rG, XMPP.org is a cool organization that tells everyone that it's cool.
  910. Zash Is it now?
  911. Ge0rG 404.city: first time I hear that.
  912. Ge0rG Are we speaking of the same org?
  913. MattJ Yeah, I don't think anyone has ever said *that* before
  914. Ge0rG it's great how 404.city has switched from bashing to praising now.
  915. 404.city It is problematic to create criteria, because the number of users can be faked. Different servers consider different the correctness of anything.
  916. Ge0rG 404.city: how is "number of users" a useful measure?
  917. 404.city Ge0rG, The server can be bad with a large number of users. The counter can be made fake.
  918. Ge0rG 404.city: so you want to say it's a *bad* metric?
  919. 404.city I'm not praising. I say that XMPP.ORG is the center of XMPP
  920. Ge0rG Maybe it's not?
  921. blabla has joined
  922. daniel I'm the center of xmpp
  923. Dave Cridland has left
  924. Dave Cridland has left
  925. pep. MattJ, can we hand in the keys to daniel, now that he fully assumes it
  926. 404.city Ge0rG, I can not find out how many users you have. You can say a million, but it's hard to verify. This is a non-indicative criterion. On many large servers, twist the IoT devices, it's not people at all.
  927. Zash Let's rename XMPP to the Conversation Protocol or somesuch.
  928. Ge0rG 404.city: what's your point?
  929. Ge0rG Zash: and sell the Conversations™ trademark to Cisco.
  930. Zash YES!
  931. la|r|ma has left
  932. kasper.dement has joined
  933. 404.city Ge0rG, I already talked about this in a personal conversation two weeks ago. The list should be free or it should not be. XMPP.org is not a place for advertising.
  934. labdsf has left
  935. Ge0rG 404.city: you are misunderstanding the reason of existence of that page.
  936. Ge0rG 404.city: it's not advertising, it's to help new users get to speed quickly.
  937. Dave Cridland has left
  938. labdsf has left
  939. 404.city Ge0rG, Helps to get new users to your server
  940. daniel Don't ask what xmpp.org can do for you. Ask what you can do for xmpp.org
  941. Yagiza has left
  942. Ge0rG daniel: that's a good one.
  943. 404.city Ge0rG, Your server is small, it does not even have 5000 users. He should not be on the big server list.
  944. MattJ It's not a "big server" list
  945. moparisthebest we've already established it's not a "big server list"
  946. moparisthebest it's an "arbitrary server list"
  947. moparisthebest that should probably be removed all together
  948. Zash If anything, it should be an "easy to get started with" list
  949. MattJ 404.city, people do not have to pay to be on the list, if that is what you mean by "free". If the XSF-involved volunteers who manage the website and this list agree to list something, it gets listed. It was not agreed to list your server (for now), so there is nothing to discuss about that, it was already raised to the Board, who agreed not to list it
  950. MattJ I think the only valid question at this point is whether there should be a list at all
  951. Tobias has joined
  952. MattJ and if the Board has to make a decision on that too, so be it
  953. Seve/SouL Agree.
  954. rishiraj22 has left
  955. MattJ The Board meeting probably won't happen tomorrow, as at least 2, probably 3, members won't be there
  956. Zash Isn't there a working group that manages the website?
  957. Zash Separate from Board and Editor
  958. SamWhited has left
  959. Ge0rG Zash: do you mean iteam?
  960. la|r|ma has left
  961. waqas has left
  962. kasper.dement has joined
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  964. anjan has joined
  965. 404.city MattJ, I'm talking about this. I hope XMPP.org will be an unbiased Do not advertise individual servers.
  966. Ge0rG MattJ: in case there is a board meeting and the question is brought up, I suggest going with Zash's random-choise-of-servers proposal, and to keep the list, minus disabled servers, until then.
  967. jubalh has left
  968. 404.city By "free" I meant "open, freedome"
  969. pep. 404.city, what does that mean in this case
  970. anjan has left
  971. j.r has joined
  972. Dave Cridland has left
  973. Ge0rG in the last month, I had 410 visitors from the xmpp.org clients list and 56 visitors from the getting-started page.
  974. 404.city Ge0rG, Why in this list should be your server, but should not be mine server. I also have many arguments, the worse, each of these servers of my server. You're interested in the list. You suggested not to add my server. You benefit from the fact that there were few servers on this list.
  975. pep. 404.city, stop it already
  976. Ge0rG 404.city: I did not suggest not to add your server.
  977. daniel Because Ge0rG knows the right people. That's not fair. But nothing in life is
  978. daniel Deal with it
  979. Ge0rG 404.city: you are overestimating the impact of that page.
  980. Dave Cridland has left
  981. Ge0rG 404.city: and your tone in this discussion (and in the last one, some weeks ago) does not instill confidence
  982. 404.city Ge0rG, You suggested this, you say that you have 400 people more. It was in a discussion on which my server was not added. If I have more people than yours, you will agree to replace it with yours. I try to explain to everyone why this list is not needed.
  983. pep. This was fun until a few minutes ago
  984. Valerian has joined
  985. Ge0rG 404.city: how many new users register on your server per day?
  986. jubalh has left
  987. 404.city Ge0rG, ~10 - 50
  988. Dave Cridland has left
  989. Ge0rG 404.city: as I said above, I had 56 page *visits* from the getting-started page. over a *month*
  990. Ge0rG 404.city: you wouldn't even notice
  991. Dave Cridland has left
  992. Ge0rG 404.city: tell your users who complained that they need to learn reading
  993. 404.city Ge0rG, Even one person is important to me
  994. rishiraj22 has left
  995. Ge0rG 404.city: go on the street and convince people!
  996. Dave Cridland has left
  997. Ge0rG 404.city: you are making a huge fuss about it. The time you've burned with this discussion could have been spent on fixing client and server bugs.
  998. 404.city Ge0rG, This does not apply to the essence of the discussion.
  999. vanitasvitae We really need a way for servers to discover other servers, so that every server can present its own list to the user
  1000. Ge0rG 404.city: turn it into a productive one. Provide a PR that pulls a JSON/XML from jabber.at and renders five randomly chosen servers.
  1001. Dave Cridland has left
  1002. 404.city Ge0rG, I can not do it. If I could, I would.
  1003. Ge0rG 404.city: then find somebody.
  1004. Tobias has joined
  1005. Ge0rG I'm leaving now. BBL
  1006. Dave Cridland has left
  1007. 404.city Ge0rG, Have a nice day. Let the council decide what to do with this list, but I think that this list is not correct.
  1008. pep. vanitasvitae, where would you use that?
  1009. kasper.dement has joined
  1010. kasper.dement has joined
  1011. Zash https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0309.html
  1012. Zash vanitasvitae, pep. ↑
  1013. pep. And there is already a way to do that, keep track of all s2s connections. Though one small deployment that reveals more or less contacts of your users
  1014. pep. Zash, ah, the buddy thing?
  1015. Valerian has left
  1016. Valerian has joined
  1017. pep. Ah no that's just using it
  1018. Guus has joined
  1019. pep. So yeah, "just" need an implementation
  1020. Guus has left
  1021. Valerian has left
  1022. Valerian has joined
  1023. daniel Yeah I don't think getting a random list of domains and posting 5 of them on xmpp.org will do anyone any good
  1024. Dave Cridland has left
  1025. pep. daniel, you'd remove the list?
  1026. daniel I can see an argument for not having the list at all. But if we have one it should be a curated list
  1027. Valerian has left
  1028. Valerian has joined
  1029. daniel Which I recognize is hard to do
  1030. pep. that's the thing, then you get the "It's biased!!" people screaming
  1031. goffi has joined
  1032. Valerian has left
  1033. daniel Right. That's part of why it is 'hard to do'
  1034. 404.city You need a list of clients. No server list
  1035. 404.city We need a list of clients. No server list
  1036. daniel But you could have some hard criteria. Reasonable high uptime in the last 6 month, compliance, support contact available
  1037. daniel And so forth
  1038. daniel But that's obviously a lot of work
  1039. Guus has joined
  1040. 404.city daniel, It's too much work, I agree. These criteria exist, but xmpp.org does not have a purpose to make server lists.
  1041. Seve/SouL But anyway, if the XMPP public servers deployment scalated a lot, having a list would not be viable, I think. At list one that is somehow official. Most probably client developers could keep a list of well-known public servers themselves and use it on their clients.
  1042. daniel 404.city: then why do you care so much about being on it?
  1043. kasper.dement has joined
  1044. MattJ Because they work for the NSA
  1045. Dave Cridland has left
  1046. MattJ </random-theory>
  1047. daniel I had the some thought
  1048. daniel So it must be true
  1049. rishiraj22 has left
  1050. Valerian has joined
  1051. blabla has joined
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  1053. 404.city daniel, I have a goal to provide a server of the highest level. Not to be listed as a recommended XMPP server is disgraceful
  1054. 404.city daniel, I have a goal to provide a server of the highest level. Not to be listed as a recommended xmpp.org server is disgraceful
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