XSF Discussion - 2018-08-12

  1. perflyst

    If anyone has an account and write access to the wiki, there is "yax.im" instead of "{{ domain }}" under "Rectification and Erasure" on https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/GDPR/Privacy_Policy_Template listed

  2. pep.

    Oops my bad, I must have forgotten that one

  3. perflyst

    no problem, thanks for the template. at the bottom there is "{{ Data_Protection_Authority }}". do we really need this sentence for gdpr compatible project or can i remove it?

  4. pep.

    I assume you do, people should know under what authority you are, if they ever want to make a claim, but then IANAL

  5. Ge0rG

    It's required, but not made clear whether you need to enter your responsible authority or the one from the user's region