XSF Discussion - 2018-08-23

  1. flow

    SamWhited, wouldn't it be better if the client could optionally send its aggregate token when requesting his roster via xep366 (the client request in example 3), instead of sending each and every roster item and its xep366 version? Assuming that the roster doesn't usually change between logins

  2. SamWhited

    I really should rework that xep. I feel like there was a reason for that particular thing, but I'm too tired to remember it right now

  3. nyco


  4. Guus

    nyco, what client are you using? It surprises me that you need to 'test' most of the time.

  5. Guus

    XMPP aught to be more reliable 🙂

  6. nyco

    it's not

  7. nyco

    I use doubtful software ;-)

  8. nyco

    in doubtful version

  9. nyco

    are we having the meeting?

  10. MattJ


  11. Guus


  12. Guus

    hi Matt

  13. nyco


  14. Guus

    ralphm, you here?

  15. Guus

    Martin, not the Martin that's usually here these days, here?

  16. MattJ

    I guess it's just us

  17. Guus

    nyco, do you want to do the honours?

  18. nyco

    what are the honours?

  19. Guus

    lead the meeting 🙂

  20. nyco


  21. nyco sonne la cloche

  22. nyco

    does it work? 😉

  23. nyco


  24. Guus

    auch... :_

  25. nyco


  26. nyco

    we have no topic for decision

  27. nyco

    Draft a membership survey on priorities.

  28. nyco

    Create plan for online shop selling XSF swag

  29. nyco

    Collect information on the role and responsibilities of the executive officer.

  30. nyco

    Fundraising and financing

  31. nyco

    Search for a Executive Director replacement

  32. nyco

    these are in the trello board, which ones do we want/need to discuss?

  33. MattJ

    Let's tackle them one at a time

  34. nyco

    then all 5 for today? sure

  35. Link Mauve

    There is also one PR which needs board approval, fyi: https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/695

  36. MattJ

    The survey is done, though not officially reviewed

  37. Link Mauve

    Nothing pressing though.

  38. nyco

    who's the minute taker? MattJ? Guus? anyone?

  39. MattJ

    My laptop froze so I'm currently on my phone

  40. nyco


  41. Guus

    I shall minute

  42. nyco


  43. nyco

    1. Draft a membership survey on priorities.

  44. nyco

    the survey has run, we have the results

  45. nyco

    no shared analysis afaik, we should discuss and make a plan?

  46. Guus

    well, we did this to find out what our priorities were going to be, right?

  47. MattJ


  48. MattJ

    It's a bit late for that this year I think, though hopefully the next board will find it useful

  49. nyco

    that's also what I understand

  50. Guus

    our tenure is almost over - so maybe we should aim to gather what priorities next board could set 🙂

  51. MattJ

    Sure, I think we can still act on the data in other ways we see fit

  52. nyco

    next board to be elected on November, we may be able to produce some work for them though

  53. Guus

    MattJ, sure.

  54. Guus

    I must admit i've not looked at this further.

  55. nyco

    so we draft a proposed set of prios for the next board?

  56. Guus

    I think we should condense the findings, and come up with a handful of proposed priorities?

  57. MattJ

    Could work, yes

  58. nyco

    I believe there is no big surprise

  59. nyco

    ok, who's taking the task?

  60. Guus

    as you were unsurprised, you? 🙂

  61. nyco

    most of the things in the survey have been quite discussed

  62. nyco

    created the card, please review: https://trello.com/c/Al4GHsYy/311-proposed-prios-for-the-2018-2019-board-based-on-survey

  63. nyco

    ok, I take it

  64. MattJ

    lgtm, thanks

  65. nyco

    2. Create plan for online shop selling XSF swag

  66. nyco

    I understand there is no online shop that fully satisfies us

  67. nyco

    we still wish to sell online with minimal effort

  68. nyco

    the markup is of concern

  69. Guus

    although I'm still not opposed to this, I'm starting to wonder if it's more trouble than its worth.

  70. nyco

    as well as the fact that those platforms are fully proprietary

  71. nyco

    I share the feeling

  72. nyco

    my "pro" is the ease of setup: just upload a logo, and boom you got mugs for sale

  73. nyco

    there is still a need for T-shorts, polo, sweaters for FOSDEM and the likes

  74. Guus

    SCAM takes care of those

  75. nyco

    there is still a need for T-shirts, polos, sweaters for FOSDEM and the likes

  76. nyco


  77. MattJ

    We had an offer from... was it Martin? For assistance with this too

  78. Guus

    Martin has been awol for quite a while

  79. MattJ

    It was muppeth

  80. MattJ

    I meant non-XSF Martin :) (but I was wrong anyway)

  81. MattJ

    Just knew it was m*

  82. Guus


  83. Guus

    you lost me

  84. Guus

    thank you !XSF_Martin 🙂

  85. MattJ

    <muppeth>  nyco: about swag. I started a project called aptgetshirt.com while back where we produce (print) shirts and donate 50% of profit to proje cts. We use water based inks and fair trade (organic) garment as oppose to slave labor zazzle and alike. We thought of running xmpp shirt campaign somewhere around november, since you guys are looking for something we could work together on that. We also start slowly with stickers too.

  86. nyco

    his completion got the wrong nick

  87. MattJ

    From a meeting some weeks back

  88. nyco

    ooooh right, I forgot

  89. Guus

    either we move on this, or we don't

  90. Guus

    but lets make up our minds, at least for now.

  91. nyco

    we could have more info, to take a decision on

  92. Guus

    That'll drag on. I motion that we abandon the effort to create an online shop for now, until someone comes up with a clear plan that we can vote on directly.

  93. nyco

    why not, we can ask muppeth?

  94. Guus

    we've been at this since April. It is unlikely that things progress, at least not in the context of Board.

  95. MattJ

    I'm fine either way

  96. Guus

    +1 or -1 guys.

  97. MattJ

    To what exactly?

  98. Guus

    I motion that we abandon the effort to create an online shop for now, until someone comes up with a clear plan that we can vote on directly.

  99. MattJ

    Oh, sorry

  100. nyco


  101. MattJ

    Well, +1... but I thought that's kinda where we were at anyway :)

  102. nyco

    so, we reach the middle of the agenda, but it is already 53...

  103. nyco

    should we stop here?

  104. Guus

    I can't stay much longer than 16:00

  105. nyco

    so, AOB?

  106. MattJ

    None here

  107. Guus

    not from me

  108. nyco

    Time / date of next meeting?

  109. nyco


  110. nyco


  111. Guus


  112. MattJ


  113. nyco sonne la cloche

  114. nyco


  115. nyco

    thx! 😉

  116. Guus

    gsynk yoou!

  117. Guus

    ooh, lefthandshiftleft.

  118. Guus

    thank you

  119. ralphm

    Sorry, I was dragged into a work meeting

  120. ralphm

    Thanks nyco

  121. peter


  122. MattJ

    Hi peter

  123. peter

    It seems that /var/ on atlas (mail server) ran out of space. Jonathan Siegle and I are cleaning things up.

  124. peter

    I noticed we have some large mailing list archives from 2002-2004 for a cvslog@ list that was used by JabberStudio: https://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/cvslog/ Although they might be of historical interest, I suggest that we delete the archives.

  125. peter

    BTW, as a result of /var/ running out of space, mail hasn't been delivered for some undefined period of time.

  126. MattJ

    Do we still have the CVS somewhere?

  127. peter

    I kind of doubt that we do.

  128. peter

    I don't know which machine was running JabberStudio CVS - the machine is probably long gone. :-)

  129. MattJ

    I doubt it would hold that much for us, just sometimes I like to go digging for historical artefacts :)

  130. MattJ

    Oh, I see, it was for all jabberstudio projects... fun

  131. peter


  132. peter

    Let's not kill these off unless we have to.

  133. peter

    I like the historical stuff, and it can be useful for patent defense purposes at times.

  134. MattJ

    How large is it?

  135. peter

    Not huge - 300MB?? Maybe /var/ needs to be expanded. And we had various logs which could be deleted (e.g., apache and we're not using that anymore) so I think we're good for now.

  136. Zash

    Back it up somewhere?

  137. ralphm

    (this seams like a discussion for iteam@)

  138. ralphm


  139. peter

    Yes, I raised it in that room. Removing list archives and lists is something I've always checked with the membership about.

  140. ralphm

    good point

  141. peter

    Anyway, I think we can defer this decision.

  142. ralphm

    I don't like deleting stuff. It is a problem.

  143. ralphm

    (Hi, I'm ralphm)

  144. peter

    I'm deleting some apache2 logs though. Justifying it through GDRP. ;-)

  145. peter goes back to his W3C meeting in progress

  146. ralphm


  147. MattJ

    Ha, Jogger

  148. peter

    nice :)

  149. vanitasvitae

    Is planet.jabber.org having a bug? I'm constantly receiving my GSoC posts as updates :/