XSF Discussion - 2018-09-08

  1. goffi


  2. Yagiza just implemented Jingle ICE-UDP transport in eyeCU!

  3. Yagiza

    Now Jingle RTP sessions thru NAT should work.

  4. flow

    Yagiza, congrats :)

  5. !XSF_Martin

    Yagiza: That's a lib?

  6. flow

    I fear it is a client

  7. Yagiza

    flow, thanx

  8. flow

    We should consider to factor out more stuff into libs, so that other projects could benefit from that functionality too

  9. !XSF_Martin

    Ah, I was hoping it is a lib enabling voice calls for a a lot of clients.

  10. Yagiza

    flow, yes, it's a client. But Jingle ICE-UDP XEP is implemented in a separate plugin, and ICE itself is implemented in QpICE (a part of QtPurple framework).

  11. Yagiza

    !XSF_Martin, QtPurple has QpFFMpeg library - a wrapper for conveniend using FFMpeg in Qt applications and QpICE library - a Qt-based implementation of ICE technology.

  12. Yagiza

    eyeCU uses QpFFMpeg in Jingle RTP Sessions plugin and QpICE in Jingle ICE-UDP Transport Method plugin.

  13. Yagiza

    Also, Jingle itself implemented as a separate plugin.

  14. Yagiza

    eyeCU is a fork of Vacuum-IM, so it's jut a large set of plugins and a simple loader to load and start them.

  15. !XSF_Martin

    Never heard of eyeCU, will have a look 😃

  16. Yagiza

    !XSF_Martin, please, try it. http://eyecu.ru.

  17. Martin

    Yagiza, you don't have 64bit debs?

  18. Yagiza

    Martin, even 32bit debs are too old and I guess won't work.

  19. Yagiza

    Martin, unfortunately I don't have time last few years for Linux builds.

  20. Martin


  21. Link Mauve

    Yagiza, how far are you from WebRTC compatibility?

  22. Yagiza

    Link Mauve, I don't know what WebRTC is.

  23. Link Mauve

    A set of protocols allowed by web browsers for audio/video conferencing.

  24. Link Mauve

    If you are compatible with them, it means you can communicate with web clients, most of them do support audio/video already.

  25. Link Mauve

    For instance JSXC, Movim or Jitsi Meet.

  26. Yagiza

    Link Mauve, I implement XEPs and I think only about correct implementation of XEPs. I don't think about compatibility with libraries or other implementations.

  27. Yagiza

    Link Mauve, if those clients have correct implementation of Jingle stack, my client should be compatible with them.

  28. Link Mauve

    Yagiza, this isn’t about libraries, it is about usage of ICE (good), DTLS-SRTP for encryption (do you do that?), and a few more.

  29. Link Mauve

    Yagiza, btw I saw you have a Utena avatar when reviewing the new XSF members, I love this series! <3

  30. Yagiza

    Link Mauve, I didn't implement SRTP yet, but I guess it won't be a problem, 'cause FFMpeg should support it.

  31. Link Mauve

    Ok, great. :)

  32. Yagiza

    Link Mauve, that Utena image from Four Days in Ohtori (Sega Saturn game). I just replaced background with self-made gradient.

  33. Yagiza

    Link Mauve, in the series Utena never wore a mask.

  34. Link Mauve

    Heh, I thought you added the mask. ^^

  35. Yagiza

    Link Mauve, I'm using this avatar for long years, 'cause my nickname "Yagiza" means "Capricorn" and Utena is Capricorn by Zodiac.

  36. Link Mauve

    I would never have made that link!

  37. Yagiza

    Link Mauve, also my nickname is "Yagiza" not only because I'm also Capricorn.

  38. Yagiza

    Link Mauve, "Capricorn" means "Goat" and my family name "Козлов" (reads "Kazloff") means "of Goats".

  39. Link Mauve

    Yagiza, if I want to compile eyecu for ArchLinux, where can I get the sources?

  40. Yagiza

    Link Mauve, https://gitlab.com/rwsoftware/eyecu-qt

  41. Link Mauve

    Oh, this is only for X11? :/

  42. Link Mauve

    You should eventually make the libX11, libXss and such optional.

  43. Yagiza

    Link Mauve, no. It's just a rudiment from old Vacuum-IM. I will fix it once I have time to work on Linux builds.

  44. Link Mauve


  45. Link Mauve

    What should QT_USE_FILE point to?

  46. Link Mauve

    I’m trying to build against Qt5.

  47. Yagiza

    Link Mauve, I don't know. Never heard about that variable.

  48. Link Mauve

    You use it in src/loader/CMakeLists.txt:18 as an include.

  49. Link Mauve

    And a few other places.

  50. Yagiza

    Link Mauve, don't try cmake. It is not supported by eyeCU. All cmake files are also rudimental from Vacuum-IM.

  51. Link Mauve


  52. Link Mauve

    I should have read INSTALL first, it says to use qmake.

  53. Yagiza

    Link Mauve, yes

  54. Link Mauve


  55. Yagiza

    Link Mauve, thanx!