XSF Discussion - 2018-09-26

  1. bear

    hey folks, is something up with https://xmpp.org - a lot of 404's are being delivered for non-main page links

  2. jonas’

    for example?

  3. bear

    https://xmpp.org/about/standards-process.html for example gives an nginx 404

  4. jonas’

    oh yes

  5. bear

    as does every link in the footer

  6. jonas’

    the build broke

  7. jonas’

    the menu is missing too

  8. jonas’

    there should be a menu in the top bar

  9. jonas’

    it’s entirely missing

  10. jonas’

    I know that symptom from my local builds, but never bothered tracking it down

  11. bear

    k, i'll let the person know it is a temp thing

  12. jonas’


  13. jonas’

    it’s a temp thing, but it probably won’t go away if nobody works on it

  14. jonas’

    the blog is empty, too

  15. jonas’

    Failed loading extension "codehilite(css_class=highlight)".

  16. jonas’

    that looks like the cause

  17. jonas’

    yeah, the previous build does not have that issue

  18. jonas’

    looking if a rebuild fixes it

  19. bear

    thanks for looking into this - my hiatus from things xmpp make me not want to jump in to look at this

  20. SamWhited

    Does the site deploy even if the build failed? That seems like a problem

  21. jonas’

    SamWhited, the build "succeeded"

  22. jonas’

    apparently, that extension thing is only a warning in the version of pelican we’re using

  23. jonas’

    even though it fails to parse 90% of the files :(

  24. SamWhited

    Of course it is…

  25. SamWhited

    Thanks for looking into it

  26. jonas’

    having a few minutes to kill, can’t promise anything

  27. jonas’

    ooh, so my monitoring actually alarmed me of this, but I didn’t realize which file it was talking about -- the one I checked to see if it was a temproary network issue was actually there (xeplist.xml), but the check is for https://xmpp.org/extensions/ which is a 404

  28. jonas’


  29. jonas’

    rebuilding did *not* fix it

  30. jonas’

    something has changed somewhere and it breaks our build

  31. jonas’


  32. jonas’

    gotta go, afk