XSF Discussion - 2018-10-05

  1. nyco

    Matrix is blindly attacking XMPP again https://twitter.com/matrixdotorg/status/1048103304402808832 I've answered if you wanna do so as well, I suggest with facts and politely

  2. daniel

    50k concurrent? That sound like they are bashing themselves 😂

  3. Ge0rG

    My server doesn't have 50k concurrent users.

  4. Holger

    nyco: I think he means their server "does a lot more" per user than an XMPP server. So what he's trying to say is that not only Synapse is scaling badly but the protocol as well. I'll cite that next time someone tells me that Go will fix everything 😉

  5. nyco

    yeah, and XMPP federation just works, and has been proven at large scale (with Google and Facebook, probably tens of millions of users, I wouldn't bet hundreds of millions)

  6. Maranda

    50k with what? 2-3 TiBs of RAM? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. daniel

    It scales very well. Just add more ram. Ram is cheao

  8. Ge0rG

    nyco: I'm not sure Facebook ever had federation. And the Google one was quirky all the way

  9. nyco

    I don't wanna brag or bash... but the Matrix ecosystem has tried hard to develop a "homeserver" (the name says a lot... but it may only be related to the beginnings, the ambition having changed meanwhile) for years now: Synapse (under active development), Dendron (abandoned), Dendrite (Dendron done Right, a re-write, seems quite stalled), and the very new servers that are all in their infancy Ruma, The Construct, Plasma, jeon let them mature at their own pace

  10. nyco

    Ge0rG oh right, I remember it was just C2S connectivity, right?

  11. Ge0rG

    nyco: exactly

  12. Maranda

    Microsoft at one point too for Live Messenger

  13. nyco

    Ge0rG thx for correcting

  14. nyco

    Maranda ah maybe, that may come from a long forgotten memory... well, for sure, Microsoft did XMPP (and SIP) federation with OCS (Office Communications Servers) or Lync

  15. Ge0rG

    I still wonder if I can get XMPP federation with my o365 business account.

  16. nyco


  17. nyco

    Ge0rG well, my bet is, now that IM has greatly evolved with Team Chat (or EIM, Enterprise Instant Messaging), having lots of mini-features, the many players are uneven in terms of how these mini-features behave so that would be a nightmare, basic features would work

  18. Ge0rG

    nyco: I actually tried Teams out for some days, and even its integration with Lync was horrible

  19. edhelas

    I have an issue regarding the changes that I'm doing to the MUC Avatar XEP (that is currently in Inbox) https://github.com/edhelas/xeps/commit/a776a6b3600305067400f52cc2f9a059f9139338#diff-5f89805e586ecd845ea99f0c89f337bcR142 (see https://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/standards/2018-September/035361.html for more info)

  20. edhelas

    I'm wondering how a vcard could be published to a Pubsub node

  21. moparisthebest

    Ge0rG: we tried out Microsoft teams, so fancy but basic chat was so bad it was essentially unusable

  22. moparisthebest

    Like each message can be a thread, but if you reply to an older one, it pulls it out of its former place in history

  23. moparisthebest

    Then scrolling back and reading makes no sense

  24. moparisthebest

    Among other things

  25. lovetox

    what do companys use for videochat if they dont have skype?

  26. MattJ

    Anything from Jitsi to Zoom, WebEx... I was in a GoToMeeting today

  27. MattJ

    and of course Google Hangouts/Meet

  28. lovetox

    my company has probably a some 6 figures in video conferencing hardware that is based on skype

  29. MattJ

    I'm sorry to hear that

  30. lovetox

    dont be, i mean it works decent, i never saw something else though

  31. lovetox

    im just wondering, if there are really hardware solutions out there that support all these messengers

  32. lovetox

    i mean such a video conferencing system is probably 10.000 euro+

  33. lovetox

    if i buy something like that it needs to work with most of my customers

  34. Zash

    Have you ever been to FOSDEM and the Cisco-hosted XMPP Summit?

  35. lovetox


  36. lovetox

    we have cicso systems, still running skype though

  37. lovetox

    also when i think about messing, you have email in the company, thats not going away, now you add something like slack because you know IM, then you still have skype thats for video chat and also has IM (bad but still), now you conversations spread over 3 systems

  38. Zash


  39. lovetox

    then you have some kind of wiki, where everyone can leave comments, then you have JIRA for your workflows where everyone comments on the issues

  40. Zash

    "Unified Messaging" was some big hyped buzzword for a while there

  41. lovetox

    its a fucking mess :D

  42. Zash

    It keeps going back to a mess, yeah.

  43. Zash

    Being good at all those different parts at the same time is much harder than building something good at only one thing.

  44. MattJ

    All of the tools grow until they do everything badly

  45. Zash

    *All* the tools