XSF Discussion - 2018-10-08

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  16. ksenia What do people here think of Matrix?
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  22. ksenia MattJ: yes, I know
  23. jonas’ that’s a feature!!k
  24. jonas’ it runs everywhere!
  25. j.r The electron app is a feature?
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  27. jonas’ of course /sarcasm
  28. jonas’ ksenia, essentially, the Chrome browser engine + a web application bundled in a single application
  29. jonas’ Electron is the name of the framework which allows to do that
  30. jonas’ that, too
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  33. ksenia Well, let me put another way: What would be reasons to set up a chatroom as a replacement for their Discord in XMPP or in Matrix?
  34. jonas’ why do they want to quit discord?
  35. jonas’ why would you want them to do that?
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  37. jonas’ forcing people over to something else is rarely turning out well
  38. jonas’ point is, they have to come up with reasons why they wanna switch, not you
  39. ksenia I think that avoiding dependency on a commercial company is a good enough reason.
  40. MattJ Many of us are with you on that one, but doesn't make it any easier sadly
  41. jonas’ yeah, I don’t believe that many people follow that opinion, ksenia
  42. ksenia I know
  43. jonas’ I do, personally, and many in the XMPP and Matrix communities will, but not the general public
  44. ksenia Hence that I want to make it easier to them.
  45. jonas’ so, that’s not a reason *they* will come up with
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  47. mightyBroccoli ksenia: https://disroot.org/en/blog/matrix-closure
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