XSF Discussion - 2018-10-13

  1. Yagiza


  2. Yagiza

    Is possibility Publishing Stream Initiation Requests (XEP-0137) implied?

  3. Yagiza

    I mean via PEP

  4. flow

    Yagiza, like https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0358.html ?

  5. Yagiza

    flow, i'll implement it once I implement JFT in my client.

  6. Yagiza

    flow, unlike XEP-0137 in XEP-0358 publishing via PEP stated explicitly.

  7. Yagiza

    flow, so, I wonder if it's implied in XEP-0137.

  8. flow

    Yagiza, I'm not aware of an client or library supporting this, but this doesn't mean that such a thing does not exist nor that it is not implied by xep137

  9. Yagiza


  10. Yagiza

    So, I'll implement it.

  11. Yagiza

    'cause unlike PEP, pure pub-sub is almost unused.

  12. flow

    We may want to consider stating this more explictily in the according xep(s) if it turns out to be a good idea

  13. Yagiza

    flow, yeah. No matter XEP-0137 is deprecated now, I think we should update this section.

  14. pep.

    Interesting stats from tedd about the usage of 2119

  15. flow

    some zlib compression stats for a connect/send-message/disconnect case you may find interesting:

  16. flow

    with compression and with tls recv: 9843 send: 4717 recv-aft-filter: 21615 send-bef-filter: 5677 without compression and with tls recv: 26403 send: 7806 recv-aft-filter: 20940 send-bef-filter: 5394

  17. marc

    We should enable compression then? :)

  18. dedekin

    flow: How big is your statistics? What is the variance? What would be the tradeoff?