XSF Discussion - 2018-10-25

  1. nyco

    Board meeting? ralphm MattJ Guus

  2. Guus

    I'm here

  3. nyco

    ok ;-)

  4. Guus

    seems it's just you and me today ๐Ÿ˜•

  5. nyco


  6. nyco

    who writes the minutes? ;-)

  7. Guus

    on a side-note: I've seen some client devs use 'hats' to put in the name of the client software. I'm not a big fan of that - it kind of reminds me of those "this email was sent from my phone" kind of signatures.

  8. Guus

    No meeting, no minutes ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. nyco

    hats? can you please explain more?

  10. Guus

    There's 'Nayego' next to your name in my client. If I'm not mistaken, that is caused by https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0317.html

  11. Guus

    If it's there, because you're a Nayego-associated person - great. But I'm hoping that the Nayego app doesn't put that in for everyone using the client.

  12. nyco

    I'm in Converse right now

  13. Guus

    in that case, my concern was not valid ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. ralphm

    (in a work meeting, sorry)

  15. nyco

    also Movim

  16. MattJ

    Hey, sorry... my laptop battery died at an inconvenient time. Here now...

  17. nyco

    Akso Conversations

  18. Guus

    Hi MattJ

  19. nyco

    so we're 4, should we start the meeting?

  20. Guus

    yup. Three, I think, as RalphM probably isn't joining in

  21. Guus bangs gavel

  22. Guus

    We've established who's here. Apart from what's on Trello, does someone want to add to todays agenda?

  23. MattJ

    Nothing from me

  24. nyco


  25. Guus

    1. Fundraising and financing (combined with meeting scheduling commitment)

  26. Guus

    The meeting was not scheduled yet.

  27. nyco


  28. Guus

    I don't have anything else on this subject at this time.

  29. Guus


  30. nyco


  31. MattJ

    Nothing here

  32. Guus

    2. Search for a Executive Director replacement

  33. Guus

    That old thing.

  34. Guus

    From the top of my head, I'm unsure if we had any commitments related to this?

  35. MattJ

    Again, nothing to report from me

  36. Guus

    How do we get this in gear?

  37. nyco

    asj while meeting with Peter?

  38. nyco

    ask while meeting with Peter?

  39. Guus

    I've added that in the subject line of that commitment

  40. Guus

    at the very least I'd like to see what his thoughts are on what we need for this.

  41. MattJ

    He said in the past that he did very little in that role

  42. Guus

    I'd like to get a definition of what the role entails, to be honest.

  43. MattJ

    From who?

  44. Guus

    Anyone - but as Peter is acting as one... he seems like a good candidate.

  45. Guus

    (to ask for that information)

  46. MattJ

    Well there's no harm in asking, but my guess is the response will be much the same as last time

  47. MattJ

    I see two sources for this info: The current ED (Peter) and the Bylaws

  48. MattJ

    and a potential third source: us (i.e. what we think the role needs to entail)

  49. Zash

    and Wikipedia

  50. nyco

    indeed, we might have to change the bylaws, do you know the procedure? the board edits the text, we validate the change by a lawyer, we send to the bylaws to the administration (which one?)

  51. Guus

    section 6.6 contains most of the definition that we have in our bylaws

  52. Guus

    I think the process of changing / amending the bylaws is defined in the bylaws (last section seems to describe that, but I can't read fast enough to be certain, during this meeting)

  53. MattJ

    Yes, it does

  54. MattJ

    Summary: board + members vote

  55. nyco


  56. MattJ

    Not sure what we want to change though

  57. Guus

    But, as the role of ED is mentioned all over the text, changing it / removing it might be a daunting task

  58. MattJ


  59. Guus

    I realize that this is embarrassingly late, but I need to read up on that exact role. After I do, I'd like to see if I can put together some kind of non-lawyerspeak job description.

  60. MattJ

    I think that's along the lines of what Martin was going to do

  61. Guus

    Lacking any other progress, that might be a way to discuss specifics, and hopefully, eventually find a candidate?

  62. MattJ

    Sounds good, thanks

  63. Guus

    right, anything else on this subject, anyone?

  64. Guus

    I take that as a "no"

  65. Guus

    3. Any Other Business

  66. MattJ

    No, thanks

  67. nyco


  68. Guus

    I like to express joy that the number of people that announced candidacy for the Board election doubled!

  69. Guus

    (it's Ralph and me now)

  70. nyco

    actually tripled

  71. MattJ


  72. nyco

    but hey https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/index.php?title=Board_and_Council_Elections_2018&type=revision&diff=10388&oldid=10386

  73. nyco


  74. Guus

    https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Board_and_Council_Elections_2018 <-- lists 2?

  75. Guus


  76. nyco

    someone removed someone else! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  77. Guus

    you're being sabotaged!

  78. nyco

    that's the point, conspiracy!

  79. Guus

    well, good to have you too ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. MattJ

    Tough fight, this election

  81. jonasโ€™

    dirty fight even

  82. Guus

    I'm planning to reach out to someone, but my shortlist is short

  83. Guus

    if you have someone in mind, please.

  84. Guus

    If you have yourself in mind, please.

  85. Guus

    Any other any other business?

  86. MattJ

    None here

  87. Guus

    4. Date of next

  88. nyco


  89. Guus

    I suggest +1, as usual

  90. nyco


  91. Guus

    5. Joyful disbanding of meeting

  92. Guus bangs gavel

  93. MattJ

    Thanks Guus :)

  94. jonasโ€™


  95. jonasโ€™

    reminder about DST switch

  96. Guus

    jonas, thanks

  97. MattJ

    We're all in the EU, so I think we agreed we're fine

  98. MattJ

    We're currently all in the EU, so I think we agreed we're fine

  99. jonasโ€™

    make sure you are on the same page on which timezone the meeting is anchored in

  100. Guus

    what he said

  101. Guus

    We'll use the same local time for all board members (as it is listed on the shared calendar)

  102. Guus

    anchored on London (or Paris, or Amsterdam) time, if you will

  103. Guus

    Thanks for the reminder though - these things typically go wrong, a source of much personal annoyance

  104. Guus

    I'm out! ttyl!