XSF Discussion - 2018-11-26

  1. jonas’

    igoose, been with hetzner for several years now, too, can’t complain.

  2. jonas’

    support is quick when something is not going well, too

  3. daniel

    Has anyone experience with flying to fosdem/summit but not into Brussels? Looking for an airport I can use that has a good connection to Brussels but that isn't Brussel (since I have no direct flights)

  4. daniel

    AMS comes to mind obviously

  5. daniel

    But maybe there are other regional airports close ish

  6. Guus

    daniel: Antwerp has an airport

  7. Guus

    Eindhoven has one too, but the connection from Amsterdam will be better, I guestimate.

  8. ralphm


  9. Guus

    I never used Antwerp airport though

  10. Guus

    I'm not even sure if it has a train station

  11. ralphm

    Eindhoven -> Brussel is around 2.5h, not counting the 20 min bus from the airport to the train station

  12. ralphm

    (and transfer)

  13. daniel

    Guus, k. thanks. yeah there are no flights to antwerp anyway

  14. Guus

    Amsterdam -> Brussels can be done without transfers, train-wise

  15. Zash

    Do trains work down south?

  16. daniel

    probably best for me to fly via CGN. - if i chose to fly that is

  17. ralphm

    If you take a Thalys from Schiphol, it is 1:44

  18. ralphm

    I think from CGN it a longer than that

  19. daniel

    yeah it is a bit longer. but not that much in % - and there are budget airlines to cgn

  20. daniel

    but thanks. just wanted to make sure there is no secret ryan air airport somewhere that i overlooked

  21. Guus

    DE / NL / BE really should get the east/west bound high speed trains working properly

  22. ralphm

    I'd never suggest Ryanair to anyone, though.

  23. daniel

    that's true

  24. Guus

    I'd suggest to avoid Ryanair like you'd avoid the plague, though.

  25. ralphm

    Guus: there's some movement on getting DUS->EHV worked out (trains)

  26. Guus

    Ralphm: I know, but it's slow going, and although DUS is nice - what about Berlin? 🙂

  27. daniel

    yeah no ryanair sucks. i just took that as a placeholder for $budgetairline

  28. daniel

    on the other hand there is a 10+ hour train ride if i decide to do it by train only

  29. Guus


  30. Guus

    can you do that overnight?

  31. Guus

    or are you loosing a day?

  32. daniel

    ,oO(in china they build 4000 km of new high speed rail line every year)

  33. Ge0rG

    4000km of high speed rail to nowhere.

  34. Guus

    Daniel, is using good old automobile an option?

  35. Guus

    maybe carpool with locals?

  36. daniel

    hey jonas’ wanna carpool? :-)

  37. daniel

    but driving is annoying as well. and takes for ever. because the east-west autobahn has a gap in there for no reason

  38. ralphm

    Yes, but https://lez.brussels/en

  39. Guus

    "You must register, using an electronic form, before your visit. This registration application is free of charge." <--

  40. daniel

    i have friends and family in cologne and aachen. so i’ll probably combining it with a visit to them. so 'loosing a day' aint that bad

  41. Guus

    but, good to know 🙂

  42. Guus

    Daniel, well, serves you right for living in a country that's so big! Us Dutchies can circle our country in a day. Twice.

  43. daniel

    serves me right for moving to a city that has an airport with literally 4 connections a day

  44. ralphm

    How does that qualify as an airport?

  45. daniel

    they even have plans to outsource air traffic control to a neighboring airport. and just do cameras and vr and stuff

  46. daniel

    what could possibly go wrong

  47. SamWhited

    We have the same thing in Austin… our's is growing, but it's still really hard to get anywhere without lots of connections

  48. SamWhited

    Although we're actually a legit international airport now, which is good progress!

  49. ta

    daniel, Leipzig --> Brussels via Munic, yeah...